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A New Moon Shadows Chapter 3

Then the night fell onto the sky taking the sun away. " Jasper I'm happy you came back to work with me again This is fun here and we shall enjoy it as we can." Maria said. Jasper smiled at her for the first time. " Well Maria If you agree no more violence and problems I would not mind this is better that we both share humans together." He said. Maria smiled and nodded. " Of Course Jazz, Edward can even join us we could get humans anytime we want here Oh Heidi brought us some let's go see if…


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A New Moon Shadows Chapter 1

It Began like this, Jasper was with his family. But he wanted to go out to explore, Jasper went on his own way and didn't want anyone to know where he was going. Anyway He walked away from his family and went for a long hike in the woods and saw a figure ahead of him. He walked over to the figure. " Hello Can I Help You?" He asked the person. " Hello Jasper Whitlock It has been a very long time since we met before." Maria showed herself to him. " Well Maria I am changed thanks too you I am a… Continue

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Moon Shadows Chapter 2

Alice looked at Jasper sadly and with tears springing from her eyes. " How could you do this to me Jasper, I loved you so much, I can't believe you would do this too me this way." She cried out. Jasper smiled. He turned to Felix and Demetri. They also smiled. Alice was hurt. " Kill her Jasper we know you want too." Jasper walked down in front of her. He drained her. Alice blacked out. She did not move anymore. Jane sent a wave of pain to her as well. Jane sent more pain to her dead body for the… Continue

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My First Ever Story called Moon Shadows

it may not be perfect im trying out so i hope your impressed with it it won't be long

Rosalie was hunting in The Woods. When She saw Maria there snickering at her. Rosalie bared her teeth and hissed. She ran all the way to her house. She ran to get Emmett and Jasper. " Jasper, Maria is stalking me, She makes me uneasy to control myself to hunt." Jasper and Emmett went with her. Jasper saw Maria laughing with another Nomad, It was Peter. Peter and Maria were recruiting newborns to… Continue

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