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Rob Pattz and K-Stew videos


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Wuthering Heights a Bestseller Again Due to Eclipse

It says "Bella and Edwards favorite book"

Awhile back we reported that the covers of the Emily Bronte novel were being redone to give them a more modern feel. Additionally references to Eclipse were on the cover, pointing out that the novel was one read by Bella.

Stephenie Meyer has made no secret of the fact that she was a voracious reader. She used to go through a book a week. When asked on The Host Tour what were some of the negatives she was… Continue

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Jacksper graduates?

This is meant to be Jasper but I'm not sure...

Now, I know Jacksper was on set pre-graduation scene... but I don't remember him graduating in Eclipse.

Wasn't he meant to be one of the "older" Cullens - since Jasper is meant to be Rosealie's twin, and she's already away at college with Emmett...?

I know they kinda of bypassed that whole deal in Twilight but I'm sure that only Alice and Edward graduted the same year as… Continue

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The richest women in Hollywood

Guess who got the list of richest brent 2008?

Neither more nor less than the Stephenie Meyer!

Yes, thanks to the success of the four books in the Twilight Saga Stephenie Meyer ended so suddenly, the fortunes of the club. In 2008 alone received 50 million dollars, thus in 14th place among the forty outstanding… Continue

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</ Coincidence or not is a bit strange the concept of the cover is so like you know, because the book Abstinence was only launched this year and it seems that once again inspired by the Twilight saga…


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Boo Boo photo shoot

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Taylor Lautner Interview!!

Twilighters Anonymous has shared Twilight Fan Site Fridays interview with Taylor Lautner from their set visit. In case you don’t know, Fan Site Fridays is when some of your favorite fan sites share information form their New Moon set visit which happened back in April. Here’s an excerpt:

So is the wig better this year?

Taylor: You… Continue

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Article on the Volturi

MTV has an article up where they give brief descriptions and bios of the Volturi Vampires.

You can check it out here.

Here is what they said about Aro:

Aro (Michael Sheen)

The founder of the coven and its de facto leader, Aro… Continue

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Luisana Lopilato for Tanya?

Singer Michael Bublé and girlfriend Luisana Lopilato were seen touching down at the Vancouver International airport where rumor has it his girlfriend, Luisana is going to meet with Eclipse director David Slade for a possible role in the Twilight Saga. She is rumored to be tapped to play Tanya, the leader of the Denali coven and harbors romantic feelings for Edward… Continue

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Anna Kendrick & Kiowa Gordon Go Horror

Anna Kendrick has had an interesting acting career that ranges from being the second youngest person ever to be Tony nominated to Twilight to upcoming projects. One that includes George Clooney. However, you guessed it. Anna has also done the “horror thing”.

Anna was in the little known TV show, Fear Itself. It was a show that aired on NBC if you’re not familiar with it, but FEARnet got exclusively 5 episodes that were never aired. FEARnet will… Continue

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Vintage KStew: Zathura Extras

I honestly thought it was mostly really Kristen!

Whatever happened to frozen Lisa - she's got to be in storage… Continue

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"Twilight In Forks" documentary

MTV has just announced a partnership arrangement (weekly Tuesday releases) with the creators of the documentary film entitled Twilight In Forks.

The film's creators York Baur and Jason Brown spoke with MTV about the project, discussing their intimate association with the town and all of its unique qualities, and discussed the intention of the documentary.

Said Baur, "It's a documentary about the town and the impact of the 'Twilight'… Continue

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The Taylor Lautner Album

Robert Pattinson is not the only sexy "Twilight" hunk to have his own full-color picture book. Our hottie Taylor Lautner will have one, too! A true Taylor fan will want to own a copy of "The Taylor Lautner Album" by Amy Carpenter. This illustrated 96 page book is now available for pre-order on Amazon.com

Description of "The Taylor Lautner Album"

Thanks to his performance as lovelorn werewolf Jacob Black in The Twilight Saga and his… Continue

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