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Just something for a good laugh!

Found this while going through some explosm comics online!

It's all in good humor, I just had to laugh at it.

And yes, twilight porn does exist... I would not recommend you watch that. HAHA!


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Taking things too far?

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Rob made a slight appearance on FAMILY GUY

I don't know if anyone else caught this but I had a good laugh. Sunday's episode of Family Guy had a scene where Meg's room had posters on the wall and I bust up laughing when I saw she had Robert Pattinson .... it's pretty obvious its him. Too bad they haven't had Rob himself as a character on the show... that would be hilarious! :)…


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How did Taylor do hosting SNL? (Thoughts?)

After watching Taylor Lautner host SNL, we gotta hear the fans thoughts! What did you think of the performance? Funny? Not funny? Interesting that Taylor Swift and the Kanye incident was brought up! He pretty much ALMOST kind of admits his relationship status with Swift. My opinion, pretty funny.My favorite skit was Taylor dressed as a girl and as Team Edward = Classic. But the mall skit was just funny cause Taylor looked like an emo kid... and… Continue

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Don't forget to watch Taylor Lautner on SNL tonight! (New Promos!)

Who's going to tune in to watch? Do you think he'll do well/be funny?


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Don't date a Vampire... (LOL's)

Time for some Twilight LOL's...

There are reasons why we should never in real life date a… Continue

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Twilight ta-tas! Sink your teeth into this.. wait... that's too kinky. (LMAO)

Now who would have seen this product coming? Twilight Vampire Nipple Tassle thingies! LOL! Now you older ladies (youngins, you can ignore this product... this is for big girls lol) .. feel like WOW-ING your man.. try the tassles... haha. I probably would never buy this but for those of you that like the kinky stuff.. and this is twi-kinky... give it a try! The Cheesecake Burlesque Store has this product on sale for $6.50-8.00 depending what country… Continue

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It's moments like these I wonder: What the F%&!K are the Critics thinking?!?

So, it's 4AM here in Southern California.. just got home from watching New Moon at a midnight showing. I'm literally in awe! The movie blew me, and literally everyone in the theater out of the water... we all cheered, screamed, laughed, and cried.

This movie makes me think, how the hell did Chris Weitz NOT direct Twilight? Would have saved us some good time and ... well some not happy fans.

Well, I get home right now, its late..… Continue

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Mr. Facinelli wraps up eclipse!

Just tweeted. Peter Facinelli finishes Eclipse.

Guess this means we'll soon be seeing clips for Eclipse in the nearby future! Eek!

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Representative of Taylor Swift insists Taylor L. & Taylor Swift are "Just friends" ...

Taylor SwiftHAS Taylor Swift been romancing Twilight star Taylor Lautner?

The 17-year-old actor — who plays werewolf Jacob Black in the vampire film franchise — was spotted sitting in the front row at two of Swift’s Chicago shows last week — fueling rumors the pair are dating.

Lautner and Swift — who who are currently working together on new romantic film Valentines Day — were later photographed hugging — which obviously sent the rumor mill into… Continue

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Seems Alex Meraz made a booboo on twitter.

Few hours ago I posted about Alex Meraz' new twitter account. Guess there was some confusion if he was real or not since he said Kiowa's twitter was fake... he finally clears it up and announces he'll be verifying his twitter and that he made a mistake.. Kiowa's twitter is real.. and Booboo has one too.

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I messaged Alex about who are are the real wolfpack members on the twitter world... luckily he did read my message and tweeted this:

Thank you Alex! =] (eek he read my message!)

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It's official ladies! Alex Meraz has joined the Twitter craze! So now that's another real wolf on here.
It is official by his myspace so we know this is the real deal! =]
Now lets hope Taylor comes out with his Twitter soon!

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JAILBAIT: But for how much longer?

This one goes out to all the ladies that are at constant guilt of having a celebrity crush on Taylor! Now, all us older fans like myself know that Taylor is still off limits since he's still not legal. (JAILBAIT! LOL) So here's a little countdown to keep track of the days left till our little Taylor is on the market. LOL. (18 and Legal, baby!)

Thanks to… Continue

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The Wolf Pack takes on Chippendales!

First it was the Cullens doing Chippendales, now its the Wolf Pack!

Try JibJab Sendables® eCards today!

Little vid I edited with the pack's faces... donno why but its just funny to watch serious faces doing sexy moves. LMAO. Enjoy. =]

Go to to make ecards like… Continue

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Edilson Nascimento's body... Taylor Lautner's head...

Finally, I found the real body to this picture. Thanks to my girls at ... I found the body to this photo... which from the start I knew was NOT the real Taylor Lautner body... but we all remember when this photo leaked MANY.. and mean MANY girls thought this was Taylor's bod.. some still think that today.. well ... it's not. LOL. Edilson Nascimento's body was "borrowed" from the photo shoot spread for The Boy last year... lol. Well,… Continue

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Teen Vogue: If this doesn't turn you Team Jacob -- you're nuts!

Doesn't this picture make you want to jump his bones? I know I do! LOL. According to Foforks this seems to be a new photo for Teen Vogue... hope there are more where this came from! Oh and jk for you team Edward fans... I know you girls are all for team Edward but come on! You have to admit this is pretty hot!

Now, Team Jacob fans... enjoy! ;-) Mmm... yummy arms!…


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Don't believe everything Perez Hilton says! "Party 'Till You Puke"

First off, I need to clarify this out before the younger fans start saying stuff and getting disappointed. I just read on .. an article about Kristen, RPatts, and Taylor's dine out in Couver before going to the Kings of Leon concert.. and I just have to say DONT BELIEVE ALL THAT PEREZ PUTS ON THERE... he just likes to stir up drama and I saw some reactions from youngins on there toward Taylor that upset me...

One reaction…

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Taylor Lautner's embarrassing moment at TCA!

Poor guy, they're just going to keep finding ways to make Taylor blush...

Watch this interview, they show Taylor an old picture of him... and his reaction is pure embarrassment... lol

Did I mention they show the picture to Selena Gomez as well? Geez, Access Hollywood is… Continue

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Teen Choice Awards -- Taylor's lookin' good!

His legs look kind of awkward in this photo.. lol.

Anyway, he looks good!

I can't find anymore pics of him at the TCA ...yet.… Continue

Added by Monika Lopez on August 9, 2009 at 6:25pm — 3 Comments



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