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Kristen reads a mean tweet about herself on Jimmy Kimmel

I've never seen this and it's pretty funny! I love that Kristen can make fun of herself.

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Did anyone notice this detail in the new pics?

I don't know if anyone else noticed but it appears the Denali clan has their own jewelry to join then much like the cullen clan.

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2012 Hallmark Twilight Ornament

The Hallmark 2012 Ornament Dream book came into my work yesterday and I lucked out cause today was my last day at work and as a parting gift I got my own copy of the dream book. We also get a preview of the 2012 Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Christmas ornament featuring Edward and Bella in their wedding attire. The detail looks fantastic.

For more info click…


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Target Midnight Release Party at Bellis Fair in Washington and a missing disk

I took my sister and her best friend with me to the midnight release party at Target, because I wanted the special edition that came with the prop flowers,(They are beautifully displayed by the way) so we left Vancouver Canada after work and headed across the boarder for some dinner before heading to get the ticket that would give us the dvd when we came back at midnight. We met some great Twilight fans and the people around me were also from Canada. We had tons of time to kill so we did…


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Merry Christmas Twilight Style


Look what arrived at my work last week. We put out our christmas cards and this was waiting on the counter for me. My boss knows how much I love Twilight so anything that arrives is always sitting on the counter for me. It's a Christmas card for a teen



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The first photo of Bear, Rob and Kristen's dog

So Punkd images managed to get a pic of Bear and Kristen's assistant John.



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This is getting out of hand!

This has just gotten way out of control. I stumbled on to this Twitter account while reading Ashley's Tweets. The…


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Ashley's got a new puppy


It looks like Ashley maybe got and early birthday present.


Marlo's a big sister now. This is Theodore Ashley's new puppy.


She tweeted this picture of him and marlo in the make up trailer.…


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Papa Swan at the Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2010

Check out papa swan at the Victoria Secret Fashion show.

It's at about 8:48

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Papa Swan on his way to Baton Rouge!!

It appears papa swan is on his way to baton rouge.

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So I have never actually bought the tonner dolls. I prefer the cheaper Mattel Barbie Dolls but for those who are interested I just got this email in my inbox. Tonnor Direct has new dolls avaliable for preorder. They include Alice Cullen, Bella in her green birthday party dress from New Moon and Edward in his party outfit from New Moon. They are pricey at $130 each. If anyone is looking for the Alice and Victoria dolls from Mattel they are avaliable in September. I'm…


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April 29 2010 Rob has lunch in Vancouver Solo

Looks like Kristen and Taylor were busy on the set and couldn't join Rob for lunch this afternoon. What amazes me is that he left his hotel room to have lunch in a public place in the daytime. I guess they trust us Canadians up here not to go all Hollywood Photographer crazy.

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Demand Welcome to the Riley's in your theatre

The people behind welcome to the riley's would like to show the people with the money just how many people actually want to see Kristen's film welcome to the riley's. If you want to see it in your theatre check out the link and demand it, it is super easy to do u just have to fill in your email and city and hit demand. We want to see the film and it won't get funding with out a demand! So far almost 5,000 want to see Stripper Stew lets get more!…


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Pre Order your copy of the Twilight Graphic novel

I just got an email this morning from about the Twilight Graphic novel, It is avaliable for preorder. It is a hardcopy edition for a speical price of 10.99. I preordered mine, it was the cheapest I saw it for including shipping and duty than ordering it from my local bookstore.…


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More Alice Costume test photos

Found two more alice costume test photos.

Looks like they were planning of using the famous alice dress as just a dress without anything else., She looks cute, so glad they changed the necklace

Source Team Alice… Continue

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Poor Rachelle!

With the premier tonight lets not forget who wasn't there. She wasn't there on a sad note.

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New New Moon Stills

These are new to me

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New Moon Book Cover Reference?

Does anyone else wonder if Chris is going to stick with the trend and put a reference to the book cover of New Moon in the movie and where do you think it should go and who do you think should get to do the reference this time. Edward was the lucky one in Twilight, perhaps Jacob will be lucky enough this time. I was thinking that maybe Jacob could give Bella the flower as a gift? What do you think?

And what about Eclipse with the Ribbon maybe they will make it a trend. I… Continue

Added by Krista on October 28, 2009 at 10:33pm — 3 Comments



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