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happy birthday

dear bella and renessme;

happy birthday to you both. we both share something in common my daughters birthday is 15 days before mine in the same month its awesome!!!!! haaoy bday with love.

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that is what the movie is called the one i wrote about.

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now i heard it all

i checked my email Im neutral just like team edward and jacob i do not want to wind up like vampire sucks and smash pple with shovels which is not real funny well my mom likes the patriots and the red stuff i am so sick of it i am not rooting for no browns or no one to win it would be nice on the other hand but i do not want to bitten and have the blood sucked out of me by angry massachusetts tom grady hot loving girl kissing tom brady enough ergggg!!! team wooden fence that would be me!!!!!!

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got disgusted

We should boycott netflix there is a movie that my daughter and i were going to watch its like twilight and vampires suck together i truned it off@!!!!! what a waste of money that they would make somewthing like that and had my fiftenn year old asking questions when I get back on netflix friday i will type it. i don not have a chancce at all because the kids are usign everything that is why i am not on that often. they broke my laptop but i got a new one so thats fine but that movie the scene… Continue

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okay now i heard it all

my daughter whom is a teentwilight fan heard on the radio that peter faceinelli was going to be in ohio. I called the radio station and asked about that. they said its just rumors and they are not definate about it. my daughter is begging to go but with MONEY and buying school supplies not going to go there. i spoke to my friend who got me the autogrpahs and she suggested maube writing to them or maybe having a friend go on your behlaf. I am having a bad day first my legs are being a pane and… Continue

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first is first

I signed onto this my sister got me into twilight. I just love it. as you read the books you feel like your right there and you cannot put them down. I wish thier was a group for twimoms that would be great and i would not feel alone. I also am waiting for more mail from them, i sent them two months ago and nothing. some people cannot afford regular pics and do not have the the luxury of owning a printer with the kids and cats. but maybe besides what I got i would be lucky. i know i got some… Continue

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