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Saying my Peace!

Ok I know I am probably going to get some s*** for this because supposedly everyone wants Rob and Kristen to hook up. And after the recent interviews of it being Denied, I am glad. And this is not because of my crush on Rob either, I really don't think they belong to each other, and everyone is just blind sided by Edward and Bella and brining on to Rob and Kristen. It's just the Twilight hype, and that if they did get together they wouldn't last long after the Twilight movies are done. Couples… Continue

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OMG!!!!!!!!! ROB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I can see why there is a Team Edward, and a Team Jacob...

Because Jacob is absolutely adorable when he is not being arrogant, at first I was like why is there a team Jacob because you know up until the beginning of this month I was obliterated from what the story was.

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I am getting so SAD!!!!!

Literally want to cry when I look at Breaking Dawn, and see how much I have left to read which is like 8-9 chapters left. But still just knowing that I am almost to the conclusion to the Twilight Saga, and Edward and Bella's adventures it depresses me. Which is pathetic I know, but still. I wish there was more, I know that Stephenie Meyer has/had been working on "Midnight Sun." which you all know that it is Edward's version of the story, and I am waiting anxiously for that, but the last time I… Continue

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Edward is such a tease!

OK people, I know that most of you have read the books over and over again. But remember this is my first time, and I am reading Eclipse just got past the bed scene with Edward and Bella and OMG he is such a tease. If I was Bella I would be pissed with how much he teases her. But even though he is a major tease, it intrigues me even more. OK Just needed to vent this morning! :) MUAH LOVE YOU ALL!

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I am now a little over half way through New Moon!

OK now that I have gotten past the depressing parts and more into the action parts I feel much much better about New Moon, it's getting way intriguing, but Damn it! I am going to have to go to the library tomorrow, and I just started this book a few days ago. Man I am whipping through these books like they are going out of style. I wish I had the money to buy the series straight out. Because then I can read them over and over and over.....I may wait until Monday to go get Eclipse so I can… Continue

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There is one lucky woman out there who is going to win Robs heart one day!

I sometimes wonder who the lucky woman is going to be that wins Robs heart is? She is going to be one lucky lady, and she is going to break the hearts of women all over the world. Since he's only had what one girlfriend, and he claims that he doesn't want a girlfriend right now, because he doesn't want to put her into this environment (how noble). That ONE single girl, that one day he claims her man yeah kind of depresses me to even think about it, unless it's me HA HA HA HA HA lol just… Continue

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Jackson Rathbone on Criminal Minds

Ok so watching Criminal Minds and Jackson Rathbone is on it, as most of you already know. But man he looks more dead on here than he did in Twilight. This is one crazy episode!

However he does make one pretty woman, DAMN HIM! lol!

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How depressing!

Ok I just started New Moon last night about 11- 11:30, and got 106 pages read by 1am. This book is depressing, I couldn't get to sleep fully because I kept thinking about, how lame is that? SO SAD! Now remember I am a first time reader here. lol.

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