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My BreakingDawn2 moments

BreakingDawn2. Oh, wow. What can I say?! Well, thumbs up to Bill Condon, Melissa Rosenberg, Stephenie Meyer, the whole cast, Summit… you indeed made twilight one of the best things that happened in our lives.

Just came out from the theater and I just want to get these all out, all these emotions… So, now I’m thinking over which of the scenes that got to me in this film.


(Be warned for SPOILERS)…



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The Vampire that is afraid of light no more, out and about in NYC


We salute our beloved vampire, for his professionalism (for one thing), as we've seen Robert Pattinson braving the lights, and attention, during the Cosmopolis premiere on Monday in NYC. And now, visited the New York Stock Exchange,…


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Nikki Reed and Peter Facinelli from vampires to superhero wannabes!! Funny vid!


The purple crazy tights, make up and the singing... Hell, i didn't expect the two - Nikki and Peter- can look and be this funny... (well, we know Peter can be funny. we know that in his tweets). ;)


"They got together with CollegeHumor.com to film the two minute clip in which Nikki plays Jayna and Peter plays her “identical” twin brother Zan. Together they are the Wondertwins!"


Okay, maybe I am just used to see them as brooding…


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The perfect time to be 25! Happy Birthday Robert!

Robert Pattinson turns 25 today, and there's truly a lot to be thankful for.

Well, for us, his fans, we are simply…


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Did Robert say what?

I don't want to post this but am a bit surprise seeing this, sad even...

OMG released excerpts of EW's interview with Robert Pattinson quoting him "he's over Twilight", and that he's "bored". Hmmm, they might just have misunderstood him, or  they just blew (the whole interview) out of proportion.



I knew RPattz is always…

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Jackson Rathbone on Rob and Kristen's honeymoon scene: "sizzles like bacon!"

Jackson Rathbone is good to point out the chemistry between our beloved Rob and KStew while doing the honeymoon scene, more so, acknowledging the ROBSTEN. 


"It's definitely sexy," Jackson Rathbone said in an interview at Dare2Care Pre-Oscar Cocktail party…


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R-PANT, anyone? Robert and his Marks and Spencer (i might go insane!)

As if Kellan Lutz's Calvin Klein ads isn't enough to keep our imaginations running, but speculations/reports are sending out that --- British retailer Marks and Spencer has announced that they are creating a men’s underwear inspired by our oh-so sexy Robert Pattinson!!!

"Aptly called the R-Pant, the vampire-inspired slim-fit underwear collection of low-rise briefs and trunks is meant to be… Continue

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Uh-oh! no Twilight for Comic Con this year...(?!)

Well, they've been there since Twilight came out, alright... so might as well, uhm, be there!

Eonline's Awful Truth had just reported that sightings for any of our favorite vamps or wolf pack for Comic Con 2010 will be…

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Taylor Lautner: better as Superhero or Prince Charming?

Taylor Lautner, from having a hot bod, down to the tough-guy look, and coupled with some boyish charm, is every bit the look of a hero. He may be suited up for Stretch Armstrong, but is our boy Taylor ready to gain some real powers to join the mutants?

Well, Awful Truth, reported that Taylor,… Continue

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Standing Kisses with Rob: Which do You Think is the Hottest so Far?

IMO Any intimate scenes with Robert Pattinson is always hotter whichever movie he may be in. ;D

But after seeing a new Water for Elephants still of Rob and Reese Witherspoon... I started to recall other standing kisses Robert had with his co-stars...

Now, which do you think is probably the hottest?

This still…


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Xavier and GF's his and hers white tank

Here's a picture of Xavier Samuel taking a stroll around Soho with his model girlfriend Shermine Shahrivar. Samuel, who was wearing a white tank top and dark blue jeans, carried a Ralph Lauren shopping bag while talking with his girlfriend.

Doesn't he look good in that sexy white top? :D…


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Poll: Team Bella or Team Hermione

It is not all about you Edward and Jacob... As twilight fans either more loving Edward or lusting for more Jacob as we watched and re-watched Eclipse, another battle is set around the corner for the best-est heroine...

E! asks: Are you Team Bella or Team Hermione? …


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Dakota is Marie Claire pretty

Dakota Fanning isn't falling behind from other gorgeous Twilight ladies in covering magazines. She again surprises us with this funky look...

isn't she lovely on this cover? she totally looks mature..…


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Jacob: "Let's face it, I am hotter than you" elicit most screams (warning:spoilers)

Okay, I am Team Edward, but I would be lying if I will say that Jacob Black (or is it Taylor Lautner?) doesn't exudes so much sexiness in Eclipse!! Girls (i think even men, lol) have gone real gaga every time Jacob/Taylor face shows up on the big screen! Actually, his "Let's face it, I am hotter than you..." line elicits the most screams from moviegoers (hmm, I'll probably be getting that shirtless Jacob doll next time)… Continue

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Photos of Jackson throwing pitch for Phillies game and at locker room with Nicola

Throwing a good pitch like Jasper Hale? Close. lol Here are photos of Jackson Rathbone throwing the first pitch at the Philadelphia Phillies game last June 27, 2010, with co-star Nicola Peltz of the Last Airbender. …


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Twilight: does it really affects people's relationships? NOT really!!

Yes, we opened our computers early in the morning looking for new RPatzz and Taylor photos, checking out more sites for any twilight-related news... at the end of the day, some of us sometimes come home, grinning ear-to-ear, bringing new Twilight loot for our special Twilight section/room in our house...…


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Kris talks about her feet, Eclipse premiere and Welcome to the Rileys

No wonder she loves wearing sneakers (as much as possible)...

Ever noticed how Kristen Stewart paired her dress with her cons and vans? ..going barefoot at after-parties? .. or even immediately changed to casual clothes after premiere (like in the recent Eclipse premiere)??

Well ...

"I feel like my feet are really pissed off at me, just because of the shoes," Stewart told… Continue

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Twitpics of David Slade and some casts autograph-signing @ Eclipse Premiere

Thank God for Twitter. We can now know what's happening right this very minute and seen pics of what's going on from gracious fans who shared these.

@twilightfanptlr, @DianaMelR, @TwilighFB and @OMGCelebNews - David Slade, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Kellan Lutz, Anna Kendrick, Dakota Fanning and Tinsel Korey greets and signs autographs for fans…


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Robert Pattinson's lovely stare *sigh*

Okay, am hyperventilating, catching my breath.... Ohhhh, Robert stop making us faint????

Here are photos of our gorgeous Robert Pattinson in a spread for TV Week.... one can drown in those eyes !!…


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Fans/Twi-campers unite again for Eclipse

Y'know, I just love watching these adoring fans camped out to see our fave Twilight stars and to share information and photos for us, who are left behind (huhuhu).

E! took a trip downtown to the L.A. Live entertainment complex to meet some of the 500 or so fans who started camping out Monday… Continue

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