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Breaking Dawn youtube character list

I found this really cool character list (not real obviously) on youtube whilst looking around, i know these will probably not be the real actors picked but it gives another dimension to how many extra cast members they are going to need and start thinking about who are going to play them, i did chuckle at the Tyra banks one though !!!… Continue

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NEW MOON combination Trailer fanmade

Hi there, i was working on my own little project to see if i could put as much as possible in chronological order and after adjusting the volumes, cutting pasting i think ive done an ok job so please be gentle with the comments, i know it crudly done and the music might seem jumpy but i have never done this before and i hope you like it. i do not technically own any of the footage it belongs to summit but what the hell.

cheers comment… Continue

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Some Funny images

I love this one

If this happens to me at the cinema i might just go all volturi on them!!

you may have seen some before but i still think they are Continue

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thought this was funny


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Character lists NOMAD update

Hi everyone, ive updated my Nomad list to include the "flashback character" sorry couldnt think of better name at time, hope u all like, Twilight guide are showing my lists each day this week.

Added by Becky on September 7, 2009 at 11:42am — 2 Comments

Upcoming british talent

I just had to post this, ive seen people comment on how hot Robert Pattinson is and i agree but the UK have another rising star by the way of Alex Pettyfar, he was in Stormbreaker and Wild Child (with Emma Roberts) I have added two video clips to my profile from wild child so you can see what i mean, i love his accent and his adorable looks, no Edward by any means. BTW can anyone from US tell me if Wild Child has been released there yet or St Trinians as they are both hilarious films. I think… Continue

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Xavier Samuel's Twitter account

Hi everyone, Cameron Bright has just tweeted a link to Xavier Samuels twitter see below

Sorry im not as clever as others to copy he picture over from twitter LOL, Cameron's account is widely known so i believe him :)

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NEW MOON footage at VMA's 13th sept

i was sent a link on facebook to this site which has the news on MTV's VMA awards on 13th Sept 09

It states that a NEW EXTENDED trailer will be shown. Whoa. i cannot wait to see it. Please also remember (as i keep putting it on here) to vote for Paramore on MT's website for best Rock video at the same… Continue

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don't forget to vote for paramore for the MTV VMA's up for best Rock video you can vote on MTV's website the show live on 13th september in US.

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The humans tidied up from last time

i have redone the humans with some higher res pictures, please find all character lists on my previous blogs and soon in my pictures

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Better Character lists

Hi i have updated the lists with some better (higher resolution) pictures and crammed seth and leah onto one page with the wolves. I have also picked up photos of Royce and Vera's actors so will add them somewhere soon.

thanks for… Continue

Added by Becky on August 30, 2009 at 1:05pm — 7 Comments

OMG the LUCKIEST GIRL ON EARTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You have seen lots of pics recently of the cast leaving the restaurant, well i stumbled across this on Twitter. Shis girl has met almost every major cast member including Kristen, Rob, Kellan and many more.......check out this link for all her photos of the cast she has been really busy. Hope you all like… Continue

Added by Becky on August 30, 2009 at 3:59am — 7 Comments

Character lists

I have been experimenting and putting together some simple character lists as such, hope you like them. i have seth and leah too but i havent uploaded yet to my pictures…


Added by Becky on August 24, 2009 at 2:00pm — 26 Comments


Has everyone seen the "meet jacob black" trailer on the official New moon website
You can download them for your iphone and they are the best quality.

Added by Becky on August 21, 2009 at 11:31am — 3 Comments

MTV VMA's sept 13th NYC

Hi im new to this but dont forget to vote or PARAMORE and the DECODE track from TWILIGHT on MTV's website, it has tough competition with green day, kings of leon and coldplay but i m a TWILIGHT fan through and through so PARAMORE has my vote, go Hayley and the guys

Added by Becky on August 12, 2009 at 4:29pm — No Comments



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