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Happy Birthday KristenPerfectStewart!!!!

Happy Birthday Kristen Stewart!! You are my biggest and Best inspiration in my Life and are the person I look up to most in this world! YOu are honeslty my World and I couldnt imagine it without you!

I hope you get to spend some time with the people you love most! (Robert) lol but Thank You God for April 9th 1990! For the Best Person EVER Kristen Stewart!!!!~…


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I miss Kristen/Robsten!

Ok, soo i am seriosly depressed!! First off because i saw the video of Rob out on Dec 4th, and i FEEL SOOOO BAD FOR HIM!!!!The paps are soo horrible!! The man just wanst to go out and they are in his face like no other!! I love him soo much and my heart literally goes out to him!

Then we get to Kristen< I feel like i havent seen the girl in ages!! Even though it was like 2 weeks, it feels like forever!! Its making me Soo sad, i swear i have seperation anxiety!!! IM happy beyond belierf… Continue

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Eclipse, cant wait, but a little worried!!

I honestly cant wait for Eclipse, but i have to say i am a little worried about how im going to handle this love triangle crap!!! I mean i totally understand Bella's feelings and her reasons for those feelings but i feel like seeing it on screen and for me being so invested in Rob and Kristen i feel like it might be a tad difficult to actually see her actually in love with Jacob! IDK Im reall excited for it now after seeing new moon and ready for it to come out right now, but im still scared! i… Continue

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I just loveeeee Robsten!!!

These two people are literally my reason for being!! Theyy are just two of the most unique people that oddly enough are perfect for eachother!! They are both amazing actors and are such passionate about the things they care most about! I love Kristen to the core! She is just such a differnt kind of person that I literally would love to be best friends with! She is amazing at what she does and I love that she doesnt give a F**K what people think or say about her!! She is such a strong person and… Continue

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Rob and Kristen Amazing!!

Saw New Moon for the second time yesterday and on my way to my third viewing out of whats probably going to be 150, and it literally is the best movie i'v evrer seen!! Besides the fact that Edward is absent, which is very difficult to sit through, it is all worth it in the end!!

Kristen's performance to me was absolutly perfection! i never thought she could make me love her even more then i already do BUT she did!! She was just perfect! She definatly stole the show!!!

Rob, there are… Continue

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Did anyone else notice Victoria in the backround in a lot of scenes in New Moon?

After seeing New Moon the first time i was on my second viewing of whats probably going to be about 150 times and I noticed something!

Victoria is in the backround ver out of focus in a lot of the shots.

The first i noticed when Jacob and Bella are walking on the beach when she finds out hes a wearwolf, and when they are walking i notice Victoria on the rocks behind them!!

The second was at the very end when Jacob Bella and Edward are in the forest and Victoria is in the… Continue

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Robsten Romance Denied...I think Not!

Ok number 1: This Vanity Fair interview was done while he was in San diego for the comic con... which means that he said these things 4 months ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A Lot changes in 4 months and yes he deflected the question by turing it to the tabloids because thats what they always do and I believe that from this and the way they were acting at the comic con that at that point their feelings for eachother were just starting to become more.... and… Continue

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