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Watch Edward - Always!

Look - now you can see Edward Everywhere!

All you need to do is stare at the picture for approximately 30 seconds!

--Enjoy! :D

Added by Martine on April 9, 2010 at 5:24am — 21 Comments

Are there any "Deleted Scenes" you're glad they cut?!

Yeah, the question is quite easy..

Are there any Deleted scenes/extended scenes you're glad they cut?

I've got one!

In the deleted scene: Bella's dream. When there are bugs on her computer and she is (kinda) talking to herself. I am so glad they cut that one out! I mean; I honestly got the creeps while watching it, and New Moon isn't a horror movie! (duh!)

Do you…


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Gingerbread Jacob..

I was making gingerbread cookies with my family today and I decided I wanted to show which team I'm on...

Introducing... Gingerbread Jacob!

I also made a paw. Cute huh?!

What do you think of… Continue

Added by Martine on December 13, 2009 at 9:00am — 2 Comments

New Twifans theme. Love it or hate it?

Did you like the old one better? :o

I for one think it's really cool that Twifans has a new theme. It looks so thorough and well done. I also really like the green that goes with it, because it makes the whole theme a bit more mysterious. And the whole Twilight Saga and its characters are a little mysterious.

But the one thing about the drawings, is that that, yes, they look really similar to the real deal, but it looks as if the artist… Continue

Added by Martine on November 24, 2009 at 12:32am — 84 Comments

Scandinavians - look over here!

Hi guys. Have you been in one of the Gina Tricot stores lately? They have launched a new T- shirt line, with vampire/twilight theme!
I found three pretty cool Tee's while I was over there. My favoutite one says "I (apple) vampires." Cool, huh?!
Their website is
Sorry I couldn't get you a picture, but they've got some kind of block/protection on it...

- Martine

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Sad Vampire

I was prepared. On Monday morning, 8 am. I was gonna be ready at the computer and order my ticket for the New Moon premiére. I was so excited, finnaly seing New Moon!

But then I started thinking. Friday, November 20? Isn't that weekend I'm going away at camp? Well, yes, it is. I was soo sad, I even started crying. (yes, I know, very dramatic!...)

So, now I can't see it before monday, and it just seems so long - too long!

Why does my plans always have to crash?…


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Kanye And Taylor at the vma's

I know this is like really non twilight, but it just p***** me of so hard!

How can Kanye Wast have the nerve to be so rude to Taylor Swift?! She is like really sweet, and she really deserved that award, and he's like 'Beyoncés better?!' He is not the center of the world, just a person, who thinks he is something. I pitty him. What a low -life...

Anyways, Taylor, Kristen and Robert looked awsome (as always) I love KStews new haircut,… Continue

Added by Martine on September 14, 2009 at 12:19pm — 3 Comments

The Ex List with Elizabeth Reaser

Hi guys!

My favourite Tv - show at the moment is the The Ex List starring Elizabeth Reaser. Elizabeth playes Bella (what a coincidence :p) who has to find her true love within a year, or else, she'll never get married. But, her true love is someone she has already been dating before, so now she has to go trough all her ex - boyfriends, which is quite many.

I love this show, cuz, well, it has an interesting plot, with a lot of talented… Continue

Added by Martine on September 5, 2009 at 1:32pm — 1 Comment

Kellan at Moods of norway opening!

Earlier this week it was time for the grand opening of Moods of Norways new store in Beverly Hills, CA. A lot of celebrities was on the list, including the one and only Kellan Lutz.

Looks like he had a great time with the Moods guys!

Simen Staalnacke, Kellan Lutz, Stefan Dahlkvist.

Other celebreities who also rocked the… Continue

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Beautiful People

Hey guys.

Have you ever heared about a TV show called 'Beautiful People?' It's starring Jackson Rathbone!! He is so charming. (And of course super HOT) :D

The show is so addicting, but sadly it was cancelled after only 16 episodes. :(

Check it… Continue

Added by Martine on July 3, 2009 at 2:30am — 3 Comments

Well... Looks like I have to buy a new copy New Moon

I was out in the sun yesterday, and I was reading New Moon. It was really hot outside, and since the book cover is black, it also got really hot. I have the pocket copy of New Moon, since thats the only one available in my local bookstore...

Anyway... To the point.. When I was really in to the story, I suddenly noticed something horrible; my book was falling apart! A page fell out, and first I thought I had just been a little rough with it, but then more and more pages fell out, I didn't… Continue

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Four Hot Cullens and a Werewolf. <3

I just made this video at

I think it is really funny! ;D

Try JibJab Sendables® eCards…

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Want bellas shirt?

Hi guys! This is really not an important blog post, but I think it is a little fun...

I was shopping the other day, and I saw a familiar shirt hanging on the racks on H&M. 'Hmm,' I thought, were have I seen this shirt before? And then I remembered, it's Bellas shirt! It looked very similar, is it just a coincidence, or have the designers at H&M gotten bitten by the vampire phenomenon?

Anyway, of course I bought the shirt. :)

The shirt cost 198 Norwegian Krones, which… Continue

Added by Martine on June 12, 2009 at 2:10pm — 9 Comments

Jackson Rathbone playes the lead role in upcoming Black Metal movie

I just found out that Jackson Rathbone is coming to Norway! He is gonna play the lead role in the upcoming movie "Lord of Chaos," where he will play Varg Vikernes, a previous Black metal- er. The movie starts shooting in September. I'm super excited, cause Jackson is coming to Norway, where I live, and I love him! <3

The article is in… Continue

Added by Martine on May 23, 2009 at 10:57am — 4 Comments

German mags rocks!

I LOVE German magazines!

Yesterday I spotted a German Twilight mag, In the Magazine rack. I just had to have it! I don't really speak or read or do anything german- ish. But I was convinced by, well, a super- cute Robert Pattinson on the cover. :D Luckily, Norwegian is a little similar to German, so I understand something. Anyway... Now, I have a 1.62 centimeters long poster in my room. It took a lot of time to put it up because, of course it had to be perfect. I had to take it down… Continue

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You belong with me - Taylor Swift

My new favorite song is officially Taylor Swifts, "You belong With Me." It just makes me so happy and cheerfull, pluss, the music video is awesome! :D Do you have any fav. songs right now?

See you guys around:)

- Martine <3

Added by Martine on May 8, 2009 at 1:26pm — 1 Comment

OME! Twilight DVD released in Norway!

FINALY! The Twilight DVD was released yesterday (In Norway), and guess who bought it at her first chance? I have waited so long for it to come out, and finaly the day was here. I took the bus after school to the closest mall. I got there with a friend who was there at an other errand. (She is NOT a twilighter! *Gasp*) I went to the video store, and I caught the sight of a Twilight DVD. My heart jumped! So I watched it at the first moment I got home. (Even though I had like the most important… Continue

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Crazy... ME?

I am starting to think that there is something wrong with me. Almost everytime I'm watching a New Moon trailer (yeah I know. They're all fake) I'm starting to cry. I swear. Especially Tiffanyd 666 trailer. It's AWESOME! For those of you who haven't watched it yet (or pretending that you haven't watched it, so that you can see it one more time), click here.

Oh, yeah, and all my classmates thinks that I'm going crazy. I… Continue

Added by Martine on April 20, 2009 at 10:39am — 2 Comments

Last day of freedom

Hi guys!

Today is the last of vacation, and it's going to be very difficult to get up early again. I stay up till maybe two AM, because I'm reading Eclipse (again:P) and I just can't stop reading it. Anyway... My dad woke me up early today, so that I would get used to it. Thats why I am sooo tired this morning. I try to fool myself and I say that when it's back to school, I won't stay up so long, but we all know thats a joke. Tonight I will proably stay up just as long, until I have… Continue

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So... While I where in Denmark I spotted this tiny poster shop in the street. I saw this HUGE Twilight poster, and I ran across the street to check it out. It was like I had entered heaven (Carlisle was right...XD) In Norway I haven't seen ANY twilight gear or merchendize so I was blown away. I saw this cute twilight T-shirt and I just had to have it! I took the T- shirt (too make sure that no one else would take it.) And I started looking...

There were so many posters in there, I didn't… Continue

Added by Martine on April 9, 2009 at 2:30pm — 2 Comments



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