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Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner's break-up. True or False?

Is it really time to move on? Check out what Swift said in her facebook account:

"I've never been the kind of girl who needs a boyfriend. Plus, guys don't ask me out because they know I'll write songs about them."

"In life and love, you learn that there comes a time to let go and move on. It's a lesson I learned recently."

So it really is over. There will be no two Taylor Lautners anymore. Read on.................

Will… Continue

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Check out these Blingees!

So I came across these cool blingees and thought I'd share them....Try to look at this first blingee......I made it! I hope you'll love it :D :) ;)

New Moon Rocks!

Add Glitter to your Photos…


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Rob and Kristen Still in Control!

You may be seeing less and less Robsten lately, but those behind the Twilight scenes sure aren't. One of our very in-the-know sources dished to us that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are hardly being nonchalant about their feelings with each other.

"Everyone who wasn't directly involved in the whole situation obviously speculated about what was going on between them, but lately it's become clear to anyone who works with them—Rob… Continue

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Blab Blab Blab: Catherine Hardwicke Makes a Match!

"You want me to try to set you up? I'll work on it. How 'bout just a short, you know...fling?"

—Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke, trying to set me up with a date at a recent event in Hollywood

Yes, you read correctly. For real, Catherine—who is the best kind of crackers—was gushing when she and I talked about her being my personal matchmaker. She definitely caught me off guard, but insisted that she would hook me up… Continue

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Kristen and Taylor Talk About Their Break-up

Thanks to, we have a brand new interview with Kristen & Taylor! Be sure and check it out below...

MTV: He is very huggable. Tell us about one scene that you read either in Stephenie Meyer’s book or in Melissa Rosenberg’s screenplay that you were like, “Man, that’s going to be tough to pull off,” and tell us how you were able to figure it out.

Stewart: “New Moon” is riddled with all of that. I think… Continue

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Rumor Roundup: Are AnnaLynne and Kellan Back Together? Robsten Engaged?

First up, is AnnaLynne McCord having dumper's remorse? Kellan Lutz recently flew down to Las Vegas to spend the weekend with Miss McCord, sparking rumors that the on-off couple is back on.

"He has been really trying hard to win her back," says a close friend of the kinda-couple. "He's been stepping it up."

After making a major dating faux pas by neglecting to get AnnaLynne a B-day gift, Kellan tried to make it up to her by… Continue

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Back to School Madness! Who’s Got the Best Hair?

Some people are envied for their good looks, some for their good grades and even others for their talents (whether on the football field, the stage or in the closet during a raunchy game of Truth or Dare). But one thing that's universally envied?

It's the hair, kids!

Celebs spend hours on their perfectly crafted coifs. Combing, brushing, curling, moussing! Even if they're trying to pull off the… Continue

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Want to be a vampire? New Moon gets a virtual world

"It was just a matter of time before we’d get to become vampires and werewolves in a virtual world a la “World of Warcraft.”

Habbo, a teen-oriented virtual world site, is teaming up with Summit Entertainment for a “Twilight” world, where users can create customized online characters and connect with other users in a virtual environment.

The site will also include activities, items and polls, and is set for a fall release,… Continue

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Robert Pattinson reveals his Twilight fears.

MELBOURNE - British actor Robert Pattinson has confessed his fears of an uncertain future after the Twilight series ends.

Pattinson has played Edward Cullen in both the movies of the series, titled Twilight (2008) and New Moon (2009) respectively.

The success of the film and his character have made him a hit, but the… Continue

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Jackson Rathbone in Big Stan.

He did a quite funny job here. It killed me. He's still handsome as always.


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Rob Pattinson: Is New Guy Trying to Eclipse Him?

Shades? Check. Gray shirt? Right. Artfully touseled hair? Yes!

Has Eclipse fresh face Xavier Samuel fallen under the spell of a charismatic vampire?

Sure, his character Riley gets drawn into Victoria's crusade against Bella, but judging from his casually sexy look here, the Aussie actor could be channeling the fashion choices of Robert Pattinson, aka Edward Cullen.

Not a bad choice, considering R.Pattz's… Continue

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Almost Edward auditioners Ben Barnes, Jackson Rathbone and Shiloh Fernandez and Twilight cast fun facts.

The Lex has shared some interesting news with us from the Pheonix TwiTour that is going on right now! Apparently Jackson Rathbone was one of the contenders for the role of Edward Cullen, along with Ben Barnes and Shiloh Fernandez (Too bad for them though). If you don't know the two near to be Edward celebs here's some cool facts about them. (I'm 100% sure that you already know Jackson Rathbone).

Ben Barnes:

1. He was starred in the movie "Narnia: Prince… Continue

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New moon trailer #2 in english! In front of Bandslam...Did Jacob really kiss Bella in New Moon?

I found the video! Thanks to brielarsonadore Spread the word. English Version is better...It's the full trailer I still Love Edward and Bella :D

Here's the link to it:


Did they kiss? Did they????

You could see it longer in here...I love the last line...where Jake says "Don't get me… Continue

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Didn't watch the whole Teen Choice 09? Well here's the show Part 1 and Part 2, Plus New Moon 14-second preview of new trailer

Did you miss it? I did becuase I'm on the other side of USA. I was searching for Teen Choice Awards 2009 and found all of these. Enjoy! I will be giving you the rest later.....

Part 1:


Part 2:




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Edward and Bella's Promotional Photoshoot

Here's a Promotional Photoshoot of Bella Swan for New moon:

And Edward's Promotional Photoshoot:

Thanks to stewartjkristen again

Follow her on Twitter for New Moon updates I know that she's a fake too.…


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New!! New Moon Promotional Still

It's the latest still from New moon. Jacob and Bella at the Beach hangin' out but talkin' seriously.
Here's the link from where the original still is

Thanks to stewartjkristen!

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Will The Jonas Brothers be in the new moon soundtrack because of this?

Here is a song perfect for New moon. I have listened to it a hundred times. Well this is actually a song for Edward and Bella this was sang by Nick jonas and her ex Miley cyrus.

Nick Jonas:>

Miley Cyrus:>



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