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Bella, Edward and Jacob, Breaking Dawn part 2 posters revealed.


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makenzie foy in breaking dawn part 1?

after having a conversation with my brother about where the songs are going to appear in the film, trying to figure out where a thousand year will feature, i said that it might be something to do with jacob and bella at the wedding, or when renesmee is born. And my brother said if if shows her in the film it will be the newborn but he doesnt think that it will show the baby. and after looking on imdb and similar sites, makenzie foy is listed as being in part 1.. so does that mean that we…


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I Was Broken Marcus Foster/Robert Pattinson

it wierd to me that no one can remember Robert Pattinson singing this song.

after watching the video to see the beautiful Kristen Stewart i realised i was singing along and it only clicked that Rob had done a version of it. at the start of the recording and all the videos on youtube he even says 'this is a song by marcus foster called i was broken'

am i the only person that remembers this or have people forgotten about the breathtaking voice out Rpatz has??



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me as a vampire..before and after

i was bored.. so i decided to a picture edit of me as a vampire.
anyone wants one.. i will do (:
tell me what you think




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were they really holding hands? (rpatz and kstew - november pictures)

are they
arnt they

personally i hope they are.
people allready thought robsten wer and item.. but after the pictures of them 2 landing in the uk holding hands emerged,, more and more people started to believe.
and me looking through old pictures of the couple, whether its a friendship one or more, i realised that there not actually holding hands.
kristen is holding robs baseball cap. and rob gets it off…

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i know what he did to you. 1 of the meanings :)

ive finally pursuaded my brother to watch new moon. and after jacob and bella come out of the cinemas he says. 'i know what he did to you bella' one thing my brother said was rape. i was wondering what he was on about but then he said that sam found bella alone on the forest floor, just as all the cullens disapear. this could be what jacob was on about.

has anyone else noticed this, or any other meanings??

please share : D

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lemony fanfiction or not? :)

Well. im writing my 1st ever fancfictin. but i dont know whether to make it lemony or not .

Why did i have to believe him?!?!

Why did i have to understand him?!?!…


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taylor lautner purple t shirt

hey i was wondering if anyone had the pictures of taylor lautner in a purple t shirt.
not a shirt. i purple t shirt. i i know one of them he is biting his lip. i cnt find them anywere.
plz help

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Micheal sheen on top gear (uk only)

omg my family is watching top gear
and i look up after finish watching a rob interview and he is on the tv !!
and he is talking about how his dad looks like jack nicholson and rob's idol is jack nicholson !

Haha .omg hes talking about twilightt !!!! ahah.

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Poem For Edward Cullen

this is my 1st time posting a blog on here. and my 1st time making a poem
comments are very muchly appreciated

I Cry
I Wait
I Bleed
For You
I Want
I Need
I Love

Added by Kayley Jade on September 2, 2009 at 4:50am — No Comments



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