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The reason why i am Nonsten

I know that i m one of the minority that agrees with me, and in light of the recent pics that are going around the net i just wanted to give my humble opinion on the matter.

I'm pretty sure i'm gonna get flamed for posting this,but like i said is just my opinion.

The way i see it with RPatz and KStew the lines are very blurred, a lot of people (not everybody) are stuck in the fantasy of them being Edward and Bella. News flash!! They are NOT E & B those are…


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Kellan Lutz graces the pages of Cosmo magazine feb issues in spanish and english

What a nice surprise to find Kellan Lutz featured in Cosmopolitan magazine febueary isuue in english and spanish too.

Here are the scans,he's looking as hot as ever,

Enjoy ladies....

Here is from Cosmo en español

Kellan cosmo spanish 1.JPG…


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GQ magazine outtakes

Good afternoon u guys!!!!! Here are some outtake pics of GQ magazine that didint make the cut on the edition of the issue(i dont know who did it must be crazy this are awesome)thought i might share.Although i dont know if they have been posted yet,if so i apologize although i dont think u ladies would mind a bit a little of rob on a tuesday afternoon...enjoy!!!!

I love his lips...

I love his eyes on this one…


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Redo of:Rob Pattinson = James Dean reicarnated!! check out this video.

Due to technical dificulties(the video didint upload)i will post the link so u can see it in youtube and let me know what u think ok ;-)

Do you belive in reincarnation???? i surely do!!! specially after watching this video.See for your self.

And let me know what u think.

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Twilight Soundtrac song lyrics

Just wanted to post some of the videos and the song lyrics for those who dont know them(not many i'm sure) or just to sing along!!!

I will try to post one every day or every other day,if you have any requests let me know.

And for the first one here is my ultimate fav

Supermassive black h*** by muse enjoy!!!!

Oh baby, don't you know I suffer?

Oh baby, can you hear me moan?

You caught me under false pretenses

How long before you let me go?

You… Continue

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Twilight DVD release party @ Borders PR

Well here i am reporting my experience of the release party last night:

Well i got there about 8:30 pm and got my wristband securing my special edition dvd (btw i was #174),

Upon registry they gave me a ballot to vote for the Twilight movie award

And here are the winers of such:

Best quote: "You are my life now" (Edward)

Funniest moment: Edward reads minds in… Continue

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Link to Hana Pestle's song Need

It didint come out on my previous post lets try again
a href="">">

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Support Hana Pestle's song "Need" for New Moon

She is a very talented young lady called Hana Pestle and she is promoting her song Need for the upcoming 2nd instalment on the Twilighrt saga New Moon.

She has a page in myspace and also on facebook so check it out!!!!

U can listen to the song on myspace and if u have myspace u can add it to your playlist,personally i think is perfect for the movie,it fits the mood of when Edward is leaving Bella in the forest :-(.

Her… Continue

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Funny Twilight re-writes

I actually didin't write these,i found them on another site and i was LMFAO so hard i thought i share w u guys!!!Enjoy and leave comments!!!!


Edward- Say it....Out loud.

Bella- COOKIES!!

Edward- Do you want one?

Bella- YES!!!


My stomach gurgled.

Edward- Need another human moment?

Bella- Yeah.

Edward- What do you want to eat?

Bella- COOKIES!!!

Edward-… Continue

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Ok,ok,i confess... I'M A TWILIGHT MOM!!!!!! LOL!!!!

Say it,out loud... say it!!" I AM A TWILIGHT MOM!!!!!! LOL!!

Well i confess i am adicted to twilight!! ,i have to thank my 15 year old daughter for that.I love to read almost anything,and i try to keep up w my kids( i have 3 girls,but my oldest is the goth one) i like to read what they read,but in the begining when she started talking about it i didint really found it interesting although when i saw the movie trailers i found it quite interesting,so i got her the first book,she was… Continue

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