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isn't that beautiful?


Our Cullen men all together in the kitchen! They're awsome... but...have the colours of the house been changed? I don't remember all this blue/black on the walls... but it's perfect anyway, even if Carlisle seems a bit a doll...And well, Edward is…


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Eclipse still!

bella's ring

Here there is the ring!! did you expect it like that? it's actually very big, but still beautiful... and there's also Jake's bracelet, but...

What about the scar on Bella's wrist?

it's silver gray and very pronounced... doesn't seem real to me! seems more a piece of jewelry...

let me know!



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Let's talk clothes...

I wanna talk about Edward's clothes in Eclipse...

In Twilight we saw him with that beautiful grey jacket and his rayban and we all felt in love with him! Than New Moon came... and Edward's clothes went tragic! He was wearing that suit... he seemed to be a grandpa! Even Carlisle looked younger than him! He's 109, but he pretends to be 17, don't forget about that.

Now Eclipse trailer gives me some hope...


His look is fresh and young again! Unfortunately…


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A lot of twifans in Rome! All of us is waiting for Eclipse...


A lot of twifans in Rome!

All of us is waiting for Eclipse...


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Here we are, again!


Do you remember Rob's aunt, Diane Nutley?

Last year she revealed he had introduced his girlfriend Kristen, to his family and she stated to be worried about this SERIOUS RELATIONSHIP , because they were too young.

New year, new aunt's statement.

Now Diane told Star Magazine that stardom has affected her nephew and she accuses him of turning his back on relatives because of his fame!

Now... this poor guy has…


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Carlisle Cullen, the richest man in fiction!


According to Forbes, our beautiful doc owns a $34.1 billion fortune. Yes man, this is Carlisle on the top of fictional 15, thanks to his long-term investments made on the advice of Alice and centuries of compound interest! He's more rich than Scrooge ( his fortune is just $ 33.5 billion) and poor Mr Burns is just 12, with $1.3 billion.

He has powerful, vengeful enemies, but he's also rich, beautiful and immortal... isn't that the right…


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Remember Me

Hey Guys! Today i've a question for those of you that saw Remember Me.

I haven't any expectation before seeing it, having known nothing about the movie (ok, except for the presence of my "dreamy" Rob...), but i actually came out very impressed...

Then I read a lot of critics, all very bad... "disrespectful and cheap ending"

Why? I mean, the movie explores important experiences, like young love, family dramas, bullying, until it reaches it's most dramatic point in…


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Ok, this is a bit crazy, but...

edward_cullen_everywhere works! Do you want to see Ed in your bedroom? I know you've thought about that, at least once!

Now you can! Just look at the red cross for like 30 secs and then look a white wall near you...can you see him?!

Yeah, i'm completely crazy!! ;-)…


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This is a picture of "Twilight Saga: Eclipse" near that of "The Vampire Diaries"...

Have a look at colours, characters position, love triangles... are really similar, don't you think?!

Plus, isn't it weird that our beautiful Edward and Damon share the same position??

xoxo let me…


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have you heard about Casey Ray?

She's the woman who found the script of Remember Me. She gave it back and the Summit gave her the premiere tickets, that she sold immediately on an auction.

Now she's back. Appearently she found Anna Kendrick's New Moon script and, again she wants to sell the script and the after- party tickets Summit gave her, for 10000 bucks.

I think this woman is totally crazy. And, i mean, what is her main job? To ransack in the rubbish?

What do u think? Is this even possible?!

Added by denise on April 9, 2010 at 10:30am — 3 Comments



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