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My Surprise Twilight Birthday Party

My partner threw me a surprise birthday party with a Twilight theme.  I was amazed at the detail she remembered...from the exact replica of Bella's cake (with the same font cake topper!!), stand-up Edward, chess piece bookmarks, Eclipse birthday plates/napkins/cups/tablecloth, Sweetheart's Twilight candy heart, red apples in a vase, red licorice (because, if you recall, in Twilight there were several scenes where the cast was eating licorice), little cut-outs of quotes from the book…


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NM Valentine's Day Stickers

Ran across these at Walgreens. Think I might take the Edward sticker and stick it on my chest heart....just sayin'....

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Great Christmas Idea!

I found this jewelry set at FYE last night. This will make a great gift for a twi-friend. My only gripe is that the moonstone ring is not adjustable.…


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3 a.m. New Moon showings!

As I suspected, they are having midnight AND 3 a.m. showings of New Moon! We have Cinemark theaters here. Not sure what AMC and others do. So check your local theaters if you are interested in a double feature (of sorts) Who would go to both showings?? I know I am....although....this is going to take some logisitcal planning to get good seats at both showings.....

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Victoria Costume

Looking for an affordable way complete your Victoria Halloween costume?? My coworker's daughter is attending a Twilight costume party tomorrow, and she found this fur vest at Target for only $19.99. Besides the bright orange hair (LoL) this was the hardest part of the costume to find without spending a bundle. Best part is...its fashionable enough to re-wear. Good luck and happy haunting!!…


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Torrid Gets Bella's Dress! And other New Moon Merchandise

I nearly started crying today when I saw that Torrid was carrying Bella's dress and jacket! I rushed over and bought them both! They are priced slightly higher than Hot Topic's, but they at least have offered us full-figured women a chance to have the same stuff. Definitely the highlight of my day :)…


Added by Irrevocably Edward on October 1, 2009 at 12:33pm — 2 Comments

Hot Topic Stores Open Early Tomorrow for New Moon Merchandise Sale

I called my HT and got the scoop on tomorrow. As previously mentioned, lips are sealed about what is in the boxes and boxes and boxes of NM merchandise that hit HT earlier this month. BUT one thing I did find out is that the stores are opening 1 hour early for the launch!! Woo Woo! I will be there and ready to shop!

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Limited Edition "New Moon" tone Female Force Stephanie Meyer Comic Book


Female Force: Stephenie Meyer Comic Book - 32 pages

Exclusive features

Cover Art by Artist Vinnie Tartamella

Limited Edition and Numbered

Foil Art Cover

Pre-Order - Available 11/20/09

This exclusive version of the "Female Force: Stephenie Meyer" comic book is only available through Dazzled By Twilight™. The exclusive cover features Meyer's in a "New Moon" tone. Just in time for the theatrical release of The Twilight Saga:… Continue

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New Moon....New Trailer...New Volvo...

Don't freak out about the color of Edward's car in the new trailer. Its a different car in the new movies. Search "volvo" under blogs or copy this link

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Cinemark selling New Moon tickets

Cinemark is selling New Moon tickets! I have mine!! Only one of our 3 Cinemark theaters has them on presale today, so look around in your city to see which of the theaters in your area has them available.

High of the day? Definitely.

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Bella's Purse

So I finally received my purse from Stitch and Swash! It was a long wait ...but soooo worth it! I had to share this with people who understand :) I had it shipped to my office, and my squeels and smiles at work when it came in were underappreciated and misunderstood....but I know everyone here will understand. I left work and went on early lunch so I could move everything over to my new purse. (shame, shame...)

Here is her Etsy site if you want more info on the bag. But I absolutely… Continue

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Cool New Stuff from Barnes and Noble!!

Look at these cool new gifts you can buy at Barnes and Noble: A wooden desk calendar/pencil holder and a rubber stamp set!…


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Breaking Dawn Special Edition

Whats the deal with the new BD special edition that went on sale today? Is it worth it?

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New Moon trailer on the big screen

So I went to see Transformers last night and they had the NM trailer! I think I heard every woman in the audience stop breathing the minute we saw the Summit sign. It look absolutely great on the big screen. It was the same trailer they showed at the MTV movie awards...but to see it up close on that screen was unbelievable! I am crossing my fingers that they make a new trailer for the HP release next month.

Added by Irrevocably Edward on June 24, 2009 at 8:22am — 10 Comments

New Merchandise at FYE

So a few weeks ago, I made a promise to myself that I would not purchase anymore Twilight merchandise. Fast forward three weeks......I cracked under the pressure. I was running my weekend errands and thought "I will just stop in to FYE and look around. You can do this"

But there it was....a Twilight umbrella....with the meadow scene...need I say more??....It was mine. And I need an umbrella for the spring anyways, right? Yes, I live in the desert...don't judge me...who can… Continue

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Twilight movie script available online

My partner is taking a screenwriting class and while doing some research she ran across a shooting draft of the Twilight movie script. It is available to view at

A shooting draft is the draft they use while filming but is not the final draft and does not include any line or scene changes. I haven't read the whole thing, but the few scenes I did read through seem to be pretty close to the final draft. Anyhoo...I got a kick out of it and… Continue

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New Merchandise at Hot Topic

Hot had some new stuff this are a couple of the items...a new necklace and a slap bracelet.…


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Details on Hot Topic DVD Release Party

So I called HT today and this is how they are answering, "Thank you for calling HT. Pre-order you Twilight DVD and receive an exclusive invitation to our DVD release party. How can I help you?"

You can preorder your DVD in the HT stores starting tomorrow. According to the gentleman I spoke to, when you preorder in the store, you get your invitation to the release party. He said the party is limited to those who have preordered their video, and you need an invitation to come in. The… Continue

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Twilight Bookmarks at

I found these bookmarks at They are made by TrendsInternational (the company who manufacturers the 2010 Twilight Oversized Calendar I mentioned in a previous blog). TrendsInternational also has a standard sized wall calendar and 2 mini wall calendars pictured on their site; however, you cannot purchase directly. You have to contact their customer service to find a retailer for your area. They also sell their merchandise on, but I could only find the bookmark on that… Continue

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2010 Twilight Calendar Available Now at FYE

I picked up a 2010 Oversized Twilight Calendar tonight at FYE. It includes a 2009 Date Card, 2010 Calendar with character pics featured for each month, and 13 images from the film. The cost is $17.99. The guy at FYE said they received them today. We have 4 stores here and only 1 received them today, so I imagine the other stores will be getting them in soon. So start calling around to get 'em before they're gone.…


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