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Are Taylor and Taylor Dating Again?

Tay Squared may have come full circle!

According to E! Online, Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift were spotted at the Elephant Bar in Valencia, California on a lunch date Tuesday, even posing for pics with fans.

A few months back, the match made in…


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No Ashley Or Kellan In "Breaking Dawn?"

Now this really bites!

As plans for Breaking Dawn move forward (they already have a director in Bill Condon), Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene are holding out for more money. "We may have a situation where one of them is thrown out on the street to make a point," one inside source told…


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Robsten Finally Admit Their Dating!

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have made it official: They've registered their love with Oprah!

The Twilight on-screen lovers and long-rumored (and pretty obviously) off-screen pair have managed to dodge questions about their relationship up until

now. But, according to…


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K-Stew: I Will NEVER Talk About Rob!

Why the long face, Kristen Stewart? Well, let her tell you!

"People say that I'm miserable all the time. It's not that I'm miserable, it's just that somebody's yelling at me," the Twilight star told Elle magazine about having to deal with tons of photographers chasing her all the time. "I…


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Eclipse Director: There's No Drama On Set!

You can breathe easy, Twihards — there's no blood being drawn on the set of Eclipse!

Even though the cast had to go back to Vancouver to reshoot some scenes (prompting rumors that Summit wasn't happy with the flick), director David Slade took to the ol' Twitter this weekend to…


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Selena, Taylor and Dakota Up For Same Part!

How will they ever pick?!

Usually, when you're casting a part for a teenage girl, you'd be lucky to get one established star to audition. But getting to choose between Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift and Dakota Fanning? That's unheard of — and super difficult!

That's the opportunity (and problem) facing the people producing the upcoming flick…


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Wear Bella's Engagement Ring!

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Taylor and Miley: Costars?

Twihard minds are about to explode.

According to a report in the Examiner, reps for both Taylor Lautner and Miley Cyrus are trying to get those two crazy kids to work on a movie together.

Hmm. Hannah trying to steal some heat from…


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5 OMG Moments Of The "Eclipse" Trailer

Twilight class is officially in session. Listen up, people! (And please no gum chewing.)

Today's lesson includes an in-depth look at the biggest "OMG! Did that just happen?!" moments from the new trailer for Eclipse, which premiered


Our guest teacher is MTV, which spotted these five revelations in the clip:

1. Riley Becomes a Vamp!Poor guy never stood a chance.



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RobSten's Blue Jacket. Is it one and the same?

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Robert Pattinson Gettin' Buff?!

Looks like Robert Pattinson might be stealing Taylor Lautner's style!

Rob's worn that emo skinny-chic look so well for so long, but word is that the people at Summit want a buffed-up Edward for Breaking Dawn.

The gals over at Clevvertv.com have all the deets, including the rumor that he's been gulping down protein shakes to bulk up. Oh, and if you're in

London, they'll tell you where he's been seen eating,…


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Kellan's Deathly New Role!

Kellan Lutz is gonna be fightin for his life once again, and it ain't got nothin to do with Volturi!

The roles keep pouring in for the Twilight vampire, and today word is that he's been cast alongside Samuel L. Jackson in an action thriller called Deathgame. Sure, a game like that doesn't sound very fun, but the movie sounds exciting!

It's about a crazy evil mastermind that kidnaps…


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Taylor "Abducted" By A New Lady!

Forget Renesmee — Taylor Lautner has a new love interest. And she's human!

Actress Lily Collins has just been announced as Tay's costar in the upcoming action flick Abduction (that's her in the shot below).

The film, which is perfectly titled for the ab-alicious Taylor, is about a kid who sees his baby picture on a missing person's website. And when

he goes to try and find his real…


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Reading Twilight: It's Dangerous?

Looks like parents really just don't get Twilight!

While you're reading the vampire love story and escaping to Forks in your fantasies, there's a good chance that some dumb adult you know is

complaining about it. And, you're not alone!

The first book in the Twilight Saga has won lots of awards, but the newest one ain't such a great one — it placed fifth on the…


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