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Did anyone else choke up when they saw Stephanie Meyer when Bella walks down the aisle? And my review =)

So I saw the movie last night at 8 with my sweet husband.  I knew I was already emotional because I got choked up when I saw the SWATH trailer!  Kstew looks like a badass!  

So, I didn't love her dress, it looked too much like a slip and I hated the front, but the back was gorgeous! When Bella was…


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I'm going to Portland Or! Need to know where to go for the filming locations!

So I'm hoping to see the filming sites for Twilight.  I know a couple of you have gone so I'm looking for a map or some direction!  Thanks!  I'm super excited and my husbands it too (but he won't admit it!)… Continue

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Kstew look-a-like, what do you think?


I was watching TV and saw the trailer for "Take Me Home Tonight" and thought I had missed something, when did…


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Look what I found!

I know this is a manip but this is the most convincing picture of Bella as a bride that I've seen! I think of Alice saying the lace is vintage and the satin making wavelets!  I'm sooo excited to see… Continue

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Bella's dress! My best search yet. You vote!

Ok Well all know that the dress has lace and satin and is inspired by Jane Austin. We also know that Alice helped design it and as a gown obsessed bride myself I think I have a good idea of what Alice would have chosen. For one, Satin is cheap and you know Alice chose the most expensive fabric...I'm guessing instead of satin it would be silk. My own wedding dress was all silk and silk tulle (the netted stuff) and it looks way more exquisit than satin.…


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This girl could be a Bella double!

Her name is Emily and she a Teen Mom from MTV's 16 and Pregnant show. As I was watching her episode I kept thinking of what a good Bella she would make. What do you think? SHe looks like a mix between KStew and Ellen Page.…


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Poll: Would you pay extra money to see Breaking Dawn if it were 2.5 or 3 hours and included everything?

I've been thinking that I would totally pay extra money and time to watch Breaking Dawn the way it was written. I understand that time does not move as fast while reading it and they need to speed things up and make more action for a movie to keep the story moving.

I know that most of you would also love nothing more than if Breaking Dawn (each part) was 2.5 or 3 hours and didn't leave out scenes. I…

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You MUST hear this! Song that didn't make the Eclipse soundtrack

Listen here Bruno Mars- On the other side

This song had to have been made for Twilight Saga Eclipse. The lyrics are perrrrrrfect and Cee low Green's even on it. I really wish this would have made it. I'm not positive it was summited or made for it but I'm pretty sure it's…

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I'm listening to Breaking Dawn with my husband! It's a great listening experience!

I wasn't a fan of the audio books before. I just didn't care for the readers voice. She sounded a little too pathetic. However, My husband read Eclipse before we saw it together which just made me giddy! I was glad for him to understand why I get into Twilight so much. There are so many similarities for how our relationship has gone!

We've gone on a couple of long trips this summer, so we got Breaking Dawn to listen to. It makes driving so calm and relaxing and makes the…

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Why is JAsper a Hale?

Ok, so I must have missed this one and never figured it out. I know Rosalie's "maiden" name is Hale but Jaspers is Whitlock, right? Why isn't he Jasper Cullen, instead he's Jasper Hale???

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Bella's wedding dress! My opinion.

Like many of you, when bordom get's the best of me, I've done a few wedding dress searches for what I invision Bella's wedding Gown to look like. I'm new here and this is my first post, so, I'm hoping everything turns out right. How many of you have typed in the designer's url in hopes to find a real designer? Let me know what you think.…


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