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R-Patz Spotted in LA

Robert Pattinson was spotted out in LA Friday (Sept. 3rd). I don't know of many people that would be following Jessi considering she was on Canadian MTV, and just moved to LA. She saw him at a restaurant, and obviously some Twihards took the information the wrong…

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Robert Pattinson Hates What?

This is a video of my favorite youtube sensation WhatTheBuck. In the video (near the end) he talks about Robert Pattinson's Details magazine interview. I'm not sure if this is embellished or not, because it doesn't sound like something Rob would say, but a few comments are rather graphic. Watch near the end if you don't want to listen to the rest. Let me know what you think.…


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HILARIOUS New Moon Review! A Must Watch!!

I love What The Buck, i watch all of his videos, i think hes hilarious! His New Moon review i've been waiting for, for a long time and its here and hilarious!

I'm not sure if anyone else has seen his videos, but SUBSCRIBE! he will put a smile on your face!

Let me know what you think of the… Continue

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Robsten spent a week together in NYC?

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson felt like celebrating — by touring NYC the way that lovers would do.

The twosome had five dates in five nights, starting at Italian eatery Gemma on Friday, November 18th, where Rob made sure to keep next to Kristen. During the rest of the week, Kris and Rob dined at Del Posto, mexican restaurant La Esquina, the aquatic themed Dive Bar and Japanese eatery Megu.

They held hands at Avenue,… Continue

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Jessi of MTV Canada Interviews Taylor Lautner - HILARIOUS!

Jessi of MTV Canada interviews Taylor Lautner and attempts to stay "professional" throughout the whole thing. HILARIOUS! comment and let me know if you find it funny as well :)

P.S there is a part two where Taylor talks briefly about Megan Fox and Calvin Klein. When i find it i'll post it… Continue

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Summit Addresses Breaking Dawn Rumors (again)

Summit Entertainment put out this official statement in response to all those persistent Breaking Dawn rumors.

Summit Entertainment looks forward to bringing Breaking Dawn to the big screen but at this point any additional information is premature.


I hope that Summit makes/confirms Breaking Dawn soon! I can't wait to see all of them! They have to make Breaking Dawn! what do… Continue

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20 New Moon Diversions from Book to Film

Way more shirtless boys!

We all hoped to get a glimpse of Edward's alabaster chest in Volterra, but who knew we'd get to see so much hot werewolf skin? Thankfully, the Wolf Pack run such high temperatures and explode away their clothes so frequently that cut-off jeans and no shirt are their shared ensemble of choice.

We get more fights, including an awesome Volturi throw down.

New Moon the book is infamous for… Continue

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Another Robsten Spotting!

They certainly have a lot to celebrate, since their movie is now the third biggest box office smash EVER!

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart enjoyed some downtime this weekend by sticking around NYC. The duo were seen having dinner together at Megu Japanese restaurant on Sunday in Manhattan.

Though they tried to stay inconspicuous, photogs caught a glimpse of R-Patz leaving the restaurant dressed beanie to boot in… Continue

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Kristen & Taylor in Mexico! More New Moon Promotion!

They both look absolutely fantastic! can't wait for November… Continue

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Ashely & Kellan host a Halloween Party!

They both look amazing!

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New Moon Cast: Late Night Appearances

Gossip Cop revealed that Kristen Stewart, Rob Pattinson, Taylor Lautner & Ashley Greene will be making appearances on the late night talk show circuit.

So the schedule for the late night shows is:

Kristen Stewart – The Tonight Show (Conan O’Brien), November 16

Rob Pattinson – The Late Show with David Letterman, November 18

Ashley Greene – The Late Show with David Letterman, November 23

Kristen Stewart, Taylor… Continue

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One Reason to Like Perez Hilton!

Am I the only person who likes this couple? if your like me Taylor Lautner should not be with anyone, but i LOVE Taylor Swift, and I think they would make the cutest couple ever! WAY BETTER THEN SELENA GOMEZ! I'm just saying.


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Rob Pattinson on The Ellen Degeneres Show Nov. 20th!

Gossip Cop is reporting that Robert Pattinson is confirmed to be appearing on the Ellen Show in a new episode airing November 20. The episode is scheduled to be taped on November 17!

Twilight” fans asked, and we got the answer.

Gossip Cop has learned that Robert Pattinson will be a guest on “Ellen” in a new episode airing November 20, the day “New Moon” hits theaters. A highly, highly placed source confirmed Pattinson’s… Continue

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I don't know how many people agree with me, but i think that Summit is releasing WAY TO MANY clips of the movie. I think i speak for every Twihard when I say that we've been waiting almost a year for this movie, now there were in the home stretch Summit is releasing so many clips. I personally am trying as hard as i can not to watch the clips that are coming out. The breakup scene came out today, and i won't watch it because that is like a… Continue

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Kristen, Robert & Taylor on Live! With Regis & Kelly Nov. 17, 18, & 19th!

Reallly REALLLLLLLLY sucks that i'm going to be at school during the interviews but atleast i have TwiFans who will deffs post up the link!

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Taylor Lautner GQ Photo Shoot! [9 HQ pics]

New HQ pics of Taylor Lautners GQ photo shoot. is it just me or is he ADOREABLE? and maybe overly… Continue

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Amazing Werewolf Novel! Sure to tide you over until New Moon!

If your like me, after reading the Twilight Saga over and over you try to find another to tide you over. It took me a really long time to find a romance novel that even compared to Twilight. I was on another Twilight blog site, and found someone posted a review on this book, so i went on and read the reviews then went out and bought it.

This novel (Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater) is about a girl named Grace who was attacked by… Continue

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It may just be me, because Eclipse is my favorite book of the Twilight Saga, but this still looks AMAZING. This is a still from the meadow scene with Rob and Kristen. If you notice it is the same flowers in the grass that Eclipse director David Slade posted a Twitpic of! This must be the Epilogue from the end of the book where Edward and Bella make their engagement official, and decide that its time to go and tell Charlie the good news! I… Continue

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With the premiere of New Moon just a month away, the kids are gearing up for what’s expected to be a massive publicity campaign that will launch into overdrive as soon as Eclipse wraps at the end of October. Enjoy it while it lasts Vancouver. Because if things continue to roll the way they’ve been rolling, Twilight might not be coming back here.

The first movie was shot in Oregon. Oregon desperately wants Twilight to return for the…

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Rob & Kristen Fighting?

Are Rob & Kristen fighting? I just finished watching TMZ and on today's episode they had footage of last weeks dinner out, and when they got back to the hotel TMZ had footage of Rob and Kristen running into their hotel, and caught some audio of Rob saying sorry, then Kristen cutting him off. As soon as TMZ uploads the video online, or it goes on YouTube ill upload it. Hope everything is alright. I'm totally team ROBSTEN!

I posted… Continue

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