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It's Finally Here...

I know everyone is panting and sweating about Eclipse... me toooo. The reviews are coming and I'm not reading them now that I've read Alison's 5 times:)... no reason to mess with perfection. Maybe I'll blog about my reactions once I've been to the second showing...

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TGIF and I couldn't be happier...

This has been a week of weeks... Glad to have my twifans hangouts to spend time in to chill the stress. Looking forward to a few cool ones and some relaxation this weekend. Ciao :)

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Just Catching Up

I'm waaay too far behind on my post here. Sorry, too much work, too little time for fun things that I love to do.

The excitement is building for Eclipse and my own adrenalin is pumping big time. I've seen the trailer in at least 5 different versions and waiting is not getting any easier.

I know this is going to be the biggest ever and new fans are growing from every showing... how cool is that:)

Ciao till next time...

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So Who Really Believes All of This Is Really Real?

My friends were talking the other day about how many conversations they have overheard that involve New Moonies. They ask me weird questions about whether or not those of us who adore all things Twilight are becoming a cult or something.

My advice to them is to expand their world view. While there may be a problem in loosing yourself totally inside a fantasy world to an extent that you can't tell reality from fantasy, there is absolutely every reason to look deeply at the… Continue

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Twihard Delights

It's becoming easier to feel positive, even on weekends following challenging weeks. During the day I'm meeting people both in person and on the phone. Most of them are nice because I'm calling on behalf of a very great cause, the support of cancer research and information services.

However, even when though it is not expected, sometimes I run into a butthead. My New Moon tweeple make my days much easier, even when I'm just reading through the tweets without jumping into the… Continue

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The Saga Continues....Now It's Merging With My Life

I am beginning to realize how much New Moon and the lives of the new moonies has become part of my life. I would have to look through my tweets and my sticky notes at work to accurately track how long ago I began to include daily chats and postings about New Moon and all things Twilight into my lifestyle.

I tend to be conservative when it comes to mainstream things. My favorite books are mystery novels, in fact I'm writing my first one and plan to publish it by next summer. My… Continue

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Black Friday am Was A Blast...A Dangerous Blast

Maybe 10,000 people joined me early this morning at the mall. I know for sure that 500 of them pushed and shoved me at Macys.

If I had known it was going to be that physical I would have dressed more New Moonie style for the occasion and worn my fangs:)

Be Well,

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