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The Used's New Moon Song: "For You I Would"

My favorite song by them:

*The interview is Australian or something, that is why it says Nov. 19th*

"Publicity for the Twilight sequel New Moon is heating up as the film's release date, November 19, creeps closer. *squeals excitedly* reported this morning that Death Cab For Cutie will have the lead single for the New Moon soundtrack, a song titled 'Meet Me On The… Continue

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I Can't Find A FanFic...HELP!

Hi, a few months ago I was reading this amazing fanfic and now I can not find it. I am searching my memories on what it is about:

*the number 32 has something to do with it. It might be how many chapters there are?


*a war (ww1? ww2?)

*a motorcycle

*a chick named Elizabeth

*a piano is in it (a new one from that era)

*Elizabeth can mimic gifts

*a red dress

*alice,… Continue

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Tonight A New Vampire Comes To Town!

The Vampire Diaries, a new TV show on the CW, has jumped onto the Twilight bandwagon. Yes, these vampires are much older in the publishing sense and they were "changed" in the same era as Carlisle. This was changed for the TV series so that the brothers are from the Cilvil War era like Jasper. Especially with the popularity of The Twilight Saga this new show was quickly in production after the success of Twilight and was given a signal to… Continue

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The Twilight Guide Release Date: 12/30/2010

Finally the Twilight Saga: Official Guide by Stephenie Meyer is going to come out....after waiting a year.


"This must-have edition is the definitive encyclopedic reference to the "New York Times"-bestselling Twilight Saga with its exclusive new material, character profiles, genealogical charts, maps, extensive cross-references, and more."

If you can't see the picture it says the book will have 256 pages… Continue

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Taking Manip Requests!:

Just send me a link, comment it. Whatever I don't care. I need practice.

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The Actress that plays Maria, Vampire manip

I picked this photo to use because I loved the shirt, it's so Civil War-y. Gone With Vampire Wind anyone?

Please use the tag Melissaisatwilightlover. I would make my freaking year. I highly doubt anyone would like to use this crappy picture, but who cares? It's bad, but I've been playing around with some computer editing softwares. Slowly getting better. My goal is to create really good manips. So far, I have the basics down. More to… Continue

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I NEED help!

I have been reading this great fanfic and I book marked it. Well, my laptop deleted it. There are over 100,000 stories on and I lost it. It's a pretty popular story so let e give you a summary. It would be greatly appreciated if you could help.

Nessie is all grown up now and her and Jakes relationship is getting stronger. They... did IT. They took it to the next level. She has a special spot like Edward's meadow. She was there and Caius showed up. Um, The Volturi were… Continue

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A Breaking Dawn Movie Poster.

This isn't really that creative, but I'm practicing. So hang in there. Of course, credit. It would be nice. Just use the tag: Melissaisatwilightlover. It's usually my username for everything. Thanks, I guess.

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A New Nessie Picture:

I made a picture of her. I edited her hair and eyes on the original picture. I really tried to make her hair more bronze, but I think I failed. Whatya think?

This picture was taken by Jeff Land

Credit the editing please! :]]

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A Perfect song for New Moon:

These lyrics blow me away when I hear this, The Piano Song by A Cursive Memory:

Welcome to my dreamiest nightmare,

Where you're so close but you never get there,

There's still some things you need to say to me

Because my love, you're my farthest destiny.

I never thought, I'd say this again,

The three words that you never said,

The one phrase that breaks a heart in two,

Because angel, I love you.

If I could turn the clock…

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We all heard about the proposed plagiarism claims, so I did some research...

I personally think that this whole claim is a complete scam, I decided to look into it. Maybe Stephenie's lawyers are reading this, I thought I should help them out and clear your confusion:

I am a fan of Breaking Dawn, so it was to my knowledge that Forever Dawn, the unpublished sequel to Twilight, was switched around to make the final book. Since I am obsessive I went to her site and found… Continue

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