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The End of the Year, NOT the end of the World!

I know most of you are young, probably not much older than say 40, but that still gives me years ( 30 to be exact ) on you, as well as a great deal of Life experience.  Granted I’ve never been hooked on drugs, beaten, raped, or in prison.  But I have been married 4 times ( some of us just take longer to learn than others ), given birth ( once was enough ) and have grand children.  I’ve had individuals very close to me raped, robed and beaten.  I’ve moved across…


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Day 2 Breaking Dawn Adventure!

Day 2 November 15


Day 2 of our Breaking Dawn Week started out very over cast and windy. It rained on us all day yesterday, after we got on I – 65 and misted once we hit Tennessee.…


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BD Week Monday 11/14

Well here we are our first night of our Breaking Dawn week mini vacation and we are in a Holiday Inn Express room in Knoxville TN. A thankfully uneventful trip thus far. No pictures today, just driving.


I met up with Judy in Pensacola, FL this morning and transferred my stuff – actually it looked kinda like I was moving in with her – from my car into her Van. Kissed my husband goodby and off…


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Having Issues

Now that I'm in the, ahem, older generation, I'm finding that the view those who are young enough to be my grandchildren are really snobs!

You may wonder just what has precipitated my ire, and I'll be happy to tell you. LOL. Myself, and 3 other very good friends of mine - who just happen to be Twilight Saga fans, and over 40, are planning a Breaking Dawn weekend -…

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Why Hate?

I know there are a great many people out there who think they “hate” someone or some thing. I wonder if they really understand what it means to “hate”?

First of all, let's see what Webster has to say the work “hate” means:

Firstly, it is either used as a noun or verb.

Then the meaning of the word.

a. An intense hostility usually deriving from fear,…

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Kristen Stewart at the Met Gala in NYC

In case you missed these.  She looks, as always, amazing, in formal wear sporting 3 inch heels,  or skinny jeans and sneakers as she was dressed in photos of her leaving the even last night.

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Robert Pattinson shoots down studio fabrication

The below remark from Robert Pattinson has moved this young man's stock with me way up.  Plus the fact it's adding more to the validy of relation ship between Kristen Stewart and himself.   


This extract from an interview recently given while Rpatz was traveling with the Water for Elephants promotional tour.


The interviewer asked if the romance bewteen the two TwiHeartThrobs was a ploy the Studio came up with in order to sell more tickets and interest in the…


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OK. I Surrender!

Robsten Lives

OK. I surrender. Robsten is real. Not a studio ploy to sell tickets, though I believe that they do make use of it.

I have to surrender when hard assed Gossipsters such as Ted Casablanca and Lainey of Lainey Gossips are convinced, why should I hold out?

This young couple is unlike any other Hollywood…

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Life? After the Twilight Saga

Is there Life after the Twilight Saga comes to a total end in 2012? Well, one doesn't live to reach my age with developing some good coping skills. To wit, I am now the proud owner of “The Panic Room”, “The Messengers”, “Speak”, “The Cake Eaters”, “Welcome to the Riley” and “Adventure land” is back ordered for some reason. I know Out of the Wilderness is supposed be one of Kristen's best, but I just can't get through the…


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Twlight's not just for the young

I recently made a new Friend who said she loved the fact that I was a grandmother and I didn't seem to care or think that the Twilight Saga was just for the young. 
Hell no! Let's face it. Carlise is 300 something. Edward is 100+, so, need I say more?…

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Frankly, I got a little pissed...

I had a little time this morning, so I did a little extra roaming around the internet looking for something I might have missed about Kstew ( it could happen ) and ran across this ( Link to article from SciFi Mifia )…

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Breaking Dawn a Wrap, how about Robsten ?

Now that the last scenes of both parts of Breaking Dawn have been wrapped – except for some re-shoots – and all the actors go on with other jobs, what will become of Robsten? Will that duo also become a “wrap”?
The true test of any relationship is it's ability to deal with adversity, and…

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Happy 21st Birthday Kristen

   Today is, as everyone here is most aware, Kristen Stewart's 21st birthday. 
   Most people my age get a wistful look in their eyes and wish to be 21 again.

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The Draw of the Twilight Saga


What was the draw that got you going with the Twilight Saga??


Let's take them book by book...


New Moon: Honestly, it was my God Son who got me to read my first book, New Moon, and I really didn't like it. Too much whining for my tastes. You…


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Is PG 13 possible?

PG 13 possible?

Much speculation has been put forth as to weather Breaking Dawn, Parts 1 and 2 will be able to maintain their PG 13 rating. That rating is below so you can…

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Much to do about nothing??

I'm sure I'll get all kinds of hate mail for the below, but isn't that what bloggs are for?  So, just know, yes, I really do think this way.


So, with this said...…


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I miss seeing her face

Where is Kristen Stewart?
I miss seeing her face. There doesn't seem to be anyone interested in Kristen?
The last I heard of her was when she was chosen to be…

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The Twilight Saga vs The Hunger Games???

Now that it's positive that the Suzanne Collins Trilogy, The Hunger Games, is going to be made into a movie, the "buzz" seems to be comparing of them with Stephenie Meyer's, the Twilight Saga.

My first question is, have they even read them?

They both have a main female character who have 2 male characters in love with them. IMHO, the comparison stops there. For instance, both male characters in Twilight Saga are mythological in nature; one…

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How do they compare??? Twilight vs Red Riding Hood ( IMHO )

Twilight vs Red Riding Hood

I have been reading how Red Ridding Hood and The Twilight Saga compare. Huh??? Sure Twilight was directed by Ms. Hardwick as well as Red Ridding Hood, and sure there was one female lead ( in each ) and two male leads ( in each ) that were in love with the girl - but that's where ( IMHO ) the similarities end!

I have to say too, that…

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