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As im sure everyone is aware of the picture that was taken last night of robert pattinson in west hollywood. this picture is an examle that things must have started to pile up on robert as he is seen covering his face and hiding away from the many paparazzi. look at him. he just looks exhausted, worn out and it looks like he just wants to give up. ive read an awful lot of comments on this from fans, and everyone was the same. everyone said "poor rob" or "leave him alone" or like me "i wish i… Continue

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Rob & Kristen Dreading New Moon Promos ??

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart will travel the world in November to promote Twilight sequel New Moon – and they’re dreading it!

The couple — currently filming the third Twi flick, Eclipse, in Vancouver, Canada — are apparently not looking forward to being quizzed about their romance.

“Rob and Kristen love the acting; but they hate everything else — the publicity and hype — that goes with the Twilight franchise,” a source… Continue

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Amazing New Moon Video

This Video Is Made By Raggdollish.. Posted On Youtube.. I Think Its Amazing. What Do You Think ?

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Listen To The New Moon Sountrack !!
Listen to the new moon soundtrack preview.. and tell me what you think :D
who are your fav's ?
click the link to listen !!

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New Moon Soundtrack Update Thom Yorke Preview

watch?v=RdO5pK9oWw4below is thom yorkes "hearing damage" that will be used in new moon. This is just a preview. so what do you think ?? i love it.. i think its going to be used in the nightmare.

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New Billy & Jane Character Profile Stills :D

I Have To Say Im Rockin' Billys Longer Hair :D But As Vicous And Scary And Jane Perfect As Dakota Fnning Is Pulling Off...Is Her Hair Wrong ??.. I Thought It Was Short & Brown.. Tell Me What You Think Of The New Pictures In The Comments… Continue

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New Calender Stills :)

Well Im Sure You'd Agree With Me If I Said they Look AMAZMING !!
:D i think weve seen the Jacob/Bella one before...But Id thought id add it anyway Continue

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Robert Pattinson Tweets (:

Peter Facinelli gave Rob to tweet to us and he said :
Thanks a million. Here's Rob... Hi, it's Rob... My first and last tweet. My dad made me do it.

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Funny Twilight Story.

This is just one of 20 BRILLANT funny stories from the fanfiction author TheTwilightPixie on fanfiction. Have a Read Of the 1st Chapter of Rosalie Cullens Wedding,

I think there great.

Here is Chapter 1 of 11

Rosalie And Emmett’s Wedding

Intro : Ooh from now on my intro’s or little mid comments will be in bold. Ok this story is set in the 1900’s before Bella and all the trouble she caused.… Continue

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Anna Kendrick - Up In The Air Trailer
just click the link and see (:

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How To Not Get Tan - By Peter Facinelli

Today peter facinelli uploaded a picture of him Keeping carlisles pale look lol

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peterfacinelliI am now MR. WORLD TWITTERNELLI. Thanks to all the fans who voted. Still awaiting my prize. The little blue bird. about 3 hours ago from web
remeber to follow peter facinelli at @peterfacinelli on twitter. so he can hit 1000000 followers (:

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2 New Moon Stills.. And Laurent !!! IN WEBSITE FORM lol

these are some of the stills i seen today. im sure alot of you have already seen them. put i just thought for my first blog post ill post :) so here you go Continue

Added by Alex :) on September 4, 2009 at 3:57pm — 1 Comment



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