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Little Ashes Special Screening in Sydney, Australia!

Hi Guys,

I know its late notice but there has only been 44 tickets sold and i DO NOT think that is enough support for OUR ROBERT PATTINSON! or @RPAustralia on Twitter has organised a Special Showing of Little Ashes in Randwick in Sydney. So far only 44 tickets have been sold. It is this Wednesday 9th December at 7.30pm

You can check out more information here… Continue

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Taylors explanation of the Trailer. What scenes belongs where??

Okay i had to join in on the Trailer stuff!!

So there has been some debates about the trailer and some people are saying that the movie isnt living up to the book based on the trailer.

May i remind everyone that the trailer doesnt go in order of how things happen in the movie, although they tend to make it seem like it.

Well here Taylor explains as best as he can as to where the shirtless and transformation scenes belong in the movie..

I hope this hasnt already… Continue

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*UPDATE* Twi Tour - Australia!!

I have an update for all the Australians out there..


Chaske Spencer, who will be playing Sam Uley in New Moon has been announced to appear along side Peter Facinelli at the Twi Tour Conventions in Australia.

Chaske Spencer

Chaske Spencer is a Native American Indian or First Nation descendant of Lakota (Sioux) Nation His first name, Chaske, means "first-born" in the Lakota… Continue

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A Birthday Video for Rob

Find more videos like this on Twifans

Ok so i couldnt help myself. I had to make a video for Rob, and of course i had to be in the spotlight and sing. I cant help it.. Sorry if i hurt your ears. lol.

Happy Birthday Rob, hope you have an amazing day/night, dont party too hard.. We love you! I LOVE… Continue

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Happy Birthday Robert!!

As one of the first countries to see the 13th of May, I must say a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the most handsome man in the world...



I have a present for you, but you have to come all the way to Australia to get it.. So get your nice little butt down here so i can give it to you!!!

xx Sherie… Continue

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**UPDATE** Video of Kellan Lutz at the Geelong Instore while in Australia wearing my bracelet!!

Ok so i know this is getting a little repetative, but you can blame Jacksons Girl for feeding my obsession with finding my bracelet on Kellan.

This video was taken on the 26th of April, 2 days after i gave him my bracelet. (well 2 days after the amazing girls gave it to him from

I am honestly in the biggest shock.. he must really like it or something, but im estatic!!!

Enjoy the video!!

=) Sherie… Continue

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Thinking of having a Pre-New Moon Twifans party in Sydney Australia. Interested?

Hey guys.

So i was thinking about hosting a Pre New Moon Twifans party in Sydney sometime this year, before New Moon gets released (obviously).. But i need to know who will be interested in attending and because i know that theyre arnt alot of Australians here on twifans, i need people to tell their friends.. Okay obviously not yet because this is only in its early stages, but i would be greatful if you could pass this along to your friends, introducing them to and then get… Continue

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*UPDATE* Kellan Lutz wears my Bracelet AGAIN!! but you can see the words.

Ok so i was on Twitter this morning and rockinchick1985 sent me a link saying Kellan was wearning my bracelet.

I open the link to find a close up picture of the bracelets and you can clearly see what it says!!

here is the close up..

I cannot thank rockinchick1985 enough for keeping an eye out for me, and she is obviously a twifans member, so rockinchick1985, let me know who… Continue

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Okay so i was checking out the blog about Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz at the thing and at Kitson and i was looking at the pics.. But some wernt downloading properly.. I was upset coz its been running through my mind whether the girls actually gave him the bracelet..

Well it turns out he DID get it and just happens to be wearing it!! Thats right.. He is wearing the bracelet!!!

Shocked Much??

I… Continue

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SURPRISE!! Sherie gives a Shout Out to on Australian Radio!!

I spoke to the guys at the hot 30 countdown tonight (the radio hosts i blogged about previously) and was talking to them about the instore and the prom.. They read my blog by the way.. anyway at 9.30pm i got a phone call back asking if i wanted to give a shout out to my fellow twilighters and promote the site..

So here it is...

Find more videos like this on Twifans

Alison,… Continue

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My day following Kellan and Edi in Australia Part 2. Pictures!!!

Though there isnt that many, here they are..

My sheet that i got with my DVD to be signed..

Some of the many people infront of me.

If you look closely you can see Kellan and Edi

A screenshot of Kellan holding my card that has a Kangaroo on it and says "G'day Mate" hehe..…


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My day following Kellan and Edi in Australia!

My day with Kellan and Edi..

Woke up at 10am realising that i was running late.. Got ready and wrote out Kellan’s card.

I had to go and buy Edi another one. I was out the door by 11am. Went to go buy Kellan and Edi their presents.. I already knew what i wanted to buy them, but had to go and get it.. Got to the train station at 12pm and had to wait..…


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Add me to Twitter.. im seeing Kellan!

OK.. today i will be meeting Kellan Lutz and Edi Gathegi in Sydney and if you want to know the latest goss about my travels while im there add me to Twitter...

I will update all day from 12pm AEST.. (Australian Eastern Standard Time)

Wish me luck!!

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Twi Tour.. In AUSTRALIA!!!

Yes thats right!! You heard correctly..

Im not sure if anyone else has posted this yet, but i thought i would just incase.

So i was on website because they are organising the Twilight Prom that i sadly cannot attend due to lack of funds when the tickets were on sale..

and i saw a picture of Peter..

Hmm.. i didnt know he was coming for Twilight Prom.. Well it turns out he isnt.. Ashley was supposed to be coming, but sadly cant make it due… Continue

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Alison winning Stephenie Meyers Eclipse Prom Dress Video!!

Alison Winning Stephenie Meyer's Eclipse Prom Dress!!! I have my connections, even if i do live all the way in Australia!! Enjoy and Congratulations Alison!! You beat them GOOD!! And that dress looka AH-MAZ-ING on… Continue

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Wanna Taste Edward?

Well here is your chance!!

Make sure you TURN YOUR VOLUME UP!

Hard on the outside, Soft on the inside and absolutely DELICIOUS!!

Find more videos like this on Twifans

So Yummy.

You should definately go eat a Chocolate Coated Ice Cream right… Continue

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Kristen Stewart address Rob Pattinson Rumours.

I was bored last night and inspired by my new hair (which i tried to copy off Kristen.

It took me a while to write the lyrics and i re-wrote them at least 5 times before they were… Continue

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