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Breaking Dawn: Part 2 (Possible spoilers; read at own risk)


I mean wow.

I'm in shock. I can't believe it's over. I cried at the end. I didn't want to leave the cinema. I drove home crying.

The cinematography really stuck with me. You guys will understand what I mean when you see it. Especially the opening sequence and the closing sequence.

I'm so impressed with Kristen Stewart. I know I say this every time, but she really gave it her all. I loved the scene where she confronts Jacob over imprinting on Renesmee, just…


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I just came back from Breaking Dawn midnight premiere...

You guys have no idea how amazing it was. We all knew it would be good....but not this good. I took my friend who doesn't really like the movies and she was blown away.

The wedding was so touching and beautiful but also very lighthearted. The wedding speeches from everyone were hilarious!

The honeymoon was fantastic. It was much more graphic than I imagined, much more than the book. But it was done in a very tasteful way.

Let me just say this about pregnant Bella...they…


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"Twilight is about having a boyfriend, Harry Potter is an epic fight between good and evil and the true meaning of love. Deal with it." Blah, Blah, Blah

"This is an incredibly naive thing to say. The only people that say this are people who haven’t read the book, are Harry Potter fanatics or simply…people who hate Twilight. If you read the book, and I mean actually READ it, not just skim over the words or just watch the movie, then you will understand that it is about more than just ’having a boyfriend’. The reason why Twilight is so popular, especially amongst young girls and women, is because it is…


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Mackenzie Foy's Website Is Down

So I guess most of us know that Mackenzie Foy is rumoured to be playing Renesmee Cullen in THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN.

Well guys, check this out...there has been so much hype about this little girl playing Edward and Bella's half human-half vampire daughter that her website is down due to the high amount of visitors checking the site out! How's that for hype?! Go see for…


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My Eclipse Review *SPOILERS!*

It is definitely the best of the three movies.

I thought the beginning was excellent, it set the scene so well. Xavier Samuel was a fantastic choice for Riley. I love that the movie wasn't ALL romance, but it was action packed and VERY funny! Billy Burke as Charlie...they could not have chosen a better actor than him! The sex talk was HILARIOUS! The whole cinema burst out laughing!

The main characters - Kristen, Rob and Taylor were great. I feel that Kristen expecially, really put a lot… Continue

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Eclipse Movie Combo (Australia)

^^ This is the combo I bought when I saw Eclipse. There was Team Edward and Team Jacob.

The bag contained:

- Edward/Jacob collectors cup

- Edward/Jacob Carry Bag

- A3 Collectors Poster

- Edward/Jacob Patch

- Team Edward/Jacob necklace

- Small Popcorn…


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The final Eclipse poster - The Wolfpack!

What does everyone think?

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New/Old Ashley Greene In Music Video!!!

So I don't know if any of you guys know, but Ashley Greene was in T.A.T.U.'s music video for 'Dangerous and Moving'. Here are some stills.

Sorry about the quality. =( I just screencapped these straight from youtube. You can't really tell it's Ashley in 2nd one but definitely the 1st.

Here's the link. Go check it out!…


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Check out this new Eclipse still from the LA times!!

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Keen =)

So is everyong getting excited for Eclipse to hit theaters??!! I am!!

I'm really excited to see how David Slade handled the fight sequence, though from the sneak peeks we've seen it's looking great! I'm also looking forward to seeing the flashback scenes of Jasper and Rosalie. I think they will be fantastic! Also, Ashley Greene recently said in…


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What do you think of the '2011 Eclipse Calendar'?

So what do you think? Hit? Miss?

I personally think they all look good...

Though I'm not too sure what's going on with Jasper's hair...…


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stephenie meyer's new book

Stephenie Meyer has just announced that she is publishing a novella called 'The Short Second Lofe of Bree Tanner'. It will be available on June 5th. The short story is from Bree's perspective; what it's like to be a newborn. Head to Stephenie Meyer's official website for more…


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Dakota Fanning

hey guys. just a random blog about Dakota Fanning.

So i guess you all know her from 'The Cat in the Hat'

I have seen her in 'I am Sam' which she made when she was like 5 or 6. She truly is an amazing actress.

This movie is my favourite Dakota Fanning film because she really shows her acting abilities in this one and it really makes me cry!

Other movies she's been in are like 'War of The Worlds'...and...I'm not too sure what other movies she's been… Continue

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Breaking Dawn - WARNING! SPOILERS!


wat would be the point of making 3 outstanding movies and then stopping there. not even bothering to make the last, most important of the books, into a movie.

There has been talk of the movie being made into 3 different movies. Although this might seem okay we just can't wait that long!! I think they should just make it 1 REALLLLY long movie OR two like, 2 and a 1/2 hr movies.

If they were to make it into 3 movies… Continue

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Kristen Stewart Movies

Hi guys, just some random info about KStew in her early days. I recommend some of these movies!

Kristen's debut was in 'The Thirteenth Year' (1999). She then appeared in 'The Safety of Objects' (2001).

Her first major role was in 'Panic Room' (2002) alongside Jodie Foster.

Her next role was in 'Cold Creek Manor' (2003).

In 2004, Kristen portrayed Melinda Sordino in the inspiring movie 'Speak'. During that year, Kristen also appeared in 'Catch That… Continue

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Who's you're favourite character From Twilight?

My favourite character from Twilight is Alice Cullen. I love her quirky, friendly personality and her nature is just I dunno I just love her she's awesome!!

i guess i can sorta relate to Alice as I love fashion and i love planning events like parties.

Anyways, comment below and let me know who's ur fave Twilight character and why.


BreeCullen… Continue

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New Moon Trailer 1

Trailer 1:

Edward and Bella's passionate kiss. But of course, we all remember this part of the trailer when we finally hear an "I Love You"!!

Edward and Bella talking quietly before the party. Its so cute how she touches his chest and he looks down at her face with loving eyes!! beautiful

Alice leads Bella down the stairs. Ashley Greene does a wonderful job as Alice. Portrays her beautifully. WOW WHAT A CAKE!

Then Bella cuts her finger. Jasper's face as he… Continue

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is anyone else starting to get really excited about the release of new moon? cuz i noe i am. the 1st trailer got me really excited now the 2nd one has blown me away. so hurry up November 20th!! 3 mnths from 2day that it comes out!! whoo!!

keen 2 see jane and alec!! im gonna love seeing dakota fanning as an evil character!! well thats wat im most lookin forward to in New Moon! oh and half naked jacob of course!

Comment below and let me know wat ur most looking forward to in… Continue

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bella too bland

hey guys.

just lettin u noe that, like all of u, im a huge obsessed twilight fan, but i just wanted 2 point out one thing.

in twilight, the movie, i think bella was too 'down in the dumps'. she should have been saving that for new moon.

now its probably gonna look the same except edward's gone. i know in the book that she was like a bit depressed when moving to Forks but when she starts seeing edward she's pretty happy.

i dont think it is kristen stewart's… Continue

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