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Where is everyone?

I am so sad that the only posts are about The Host. I don't see anything on Rob and Kristen nothing about The Rover. And nothing on Taylor on MTV Movie Awards... And Robsten being shut out. Where are you guys???

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Where in the world is Rob?

Rob is in Australia shooting The Rover. Have any of our Aussie Twihards seen him?

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Missing them

I realized this morning that I really miss the occasional sighting of Rob and/or Kristen out and about. What that really means is that they are successfully having private lives and for that I am happy. But... Would it be wrong for me to hope for one little pic to make it's way out to the public?

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Does anyone have a copy of the original Master of the Universe fanfic based on Twilight? I would love to have it. If you do and are willing to share, please email me at LoisLnKent@aol.com

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BEST part of BD Soundtrack - Turning Page

So much has been made about other songs on the soundtrack, but I have to say my favorite song in terms of lyrics is TURNING PAGE by Sleep At Last. Here are the lyrics. They were written from Edward's perspective, and this song plays when Edward and Bella are making love for the first time on their honeymoon night.


You can hear it here.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kbhSymPWFzY 



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New York event week of October 17??

I understand there was some event in New York this week and Rob attended.  Was anyone there and have pictures?

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Kristen's Thumb Injury

Back when Kristen was wearing the wrist brace, I presumed it was from the arm wrestling scene between Emmett and Bella. The interview with Kristen that was in the package of info that Summit provided the media and has been playing everywhere, must have been shot around that time. Check out the thumb splint Kristen is sporting.



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What the heck is that noise?

The last couple days I keep hearing some advertisements playing when I come to Twifans. It's extremely annoying.  Are you guys hearing it?  How do I turn it off?

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Trailer Hit and Misses

Let me start by saying I love love LOVE the new trailer. However, there are some things I want to "talk" about and want your opinion.


I wouldn't be surprised at all if the movie doesn't cover the rejection Edward has for sex after the feathers incident. After all the clips and pics we've seen about the honeymoon where they are kissing and being intimate (waterfalls, beach scenes, etc), and now seeing Edward say that the night before was the best night of his existence, I'm…


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100 Monkeys in St. Louis

Jackson Rathbone and 100 Monkeys were in St. Louis this week. I saw him interviewed on TV and heard the band play. Jackson is so charming!!!  I wasn't able to attend the concert, but here are some pictures from the TV interview.



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Caught this in Ecipse

I was watching Eclipse this morning and I noticed something subtle that I missed all the other times.


Check out the scene where Alice is outside Bella's house telling her she and Edward will have the house alone. Behind Bella on the street is Alice's yellow sports car. Remember in the book that Edward bought Alice that car for "babysitting" Bella. They didn't include any of that in the movie... but subtle to have the car in there. Good job!!!

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People Magazine recently had a picture of Brad and Angie with comments stating how together they are, and their body language shows it. I thought of that when I saw the picture in People this week of Rob and Kristen at the MTV Movie Awards. If you look carefully, this may be the first actual posed picture where they didn't care. They are as close as they can be, both with their arms firmly around each other. So cute!…


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Rob at ACMs

Did anyone else notice? The seating chart online prior to the ACMs showed Rob sitting behind Reese on the aisle. I looked for them both all night. I know they had a lot of press to do, so maybe they were late. But after they presented the award, they did show Reese but Rob was not behind her. I think it was a "seat filler".  I wonder if Rob stayed back stage??? 

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Difference of One Year

Today, while watching New Moon on Showtime, it occurred to me what a difference one year made in the life of Bella Swan. During Christmas of New Moon, she was devastated by Edward leaving, and deep in depression. One year later in her life, she would celebrate Christmas with her husband, Edward, and with their daughter, Renesmee. And, Charlie would know all their secrets.

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Perfect Ending to BD

I was inspired recently by a fan video of the end of BD when Bella lets Edward read her mind. I've read BD many times but it wasn't until today that I realized what a perfect ending that will be to the entire Twilight series of movies. They can include the best and most important moments from all 5 movies for Bella to show Edward in those moments. It will be the perfect climax for the series.

I would love to see Bella's first vision of Edward, how she felt when he saved her…


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Which Eclipse DVD will you buy?

I know when they first announced the release date of December 4, I read all the information about the different versions. I believe at the time I determined that the BluRay version has everything. Since I have a BluRay player, I'll probably get that one. Which Eclipse DVD will you buy?

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Twilight Walls

One of my very dear friends - and fellow Twifan - just moved into her first apartment. One whole wall is dedicated to Twilight.

And of course, Rob has one whole area all to himself.…


Added by EdwardFan on October 26, 2010 at 11:48am — 25 Comments

New book cover with Twilight theme.

I was flipping through People magazine and saw what I thought was Twilight. Looking closer, I discovered a new book that ripped off the basic cover of Twilight. Here it is on Amazon. Can they do that?


Added by EdwardFan on September 28, 2010 at 5:49am — 3 Comments



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