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Nikki & Kellan attend the Express TXT L8R Campaign Launch

The event was held last night in LA.

I am so glad to see Nikki back around, especially in her classy, sexy look. I was beginning to think she would never get out of the rocker/grunge chick stage. It's fits Kristen, but I like her better this way. And Kellan, as always, never disappoints.

There's a lot of talk… Continue

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Rob Is Quite The Jet-Setter

Rob Pattinson is seen today at LAX. I wonder where he's going next. Eclipse doesn't start filming for 3 weeks. Do you think he's off to Vancouver already? Or maybe it's time for a small holiday?…


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Comic Con 2009 Interviews & Videos

From E! Online:

Interview with Taylor Lautner & Kristen Stewart…


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It's All About Vampires Lately: A-List of the Damned

It's amazing what a bit of photo shop can do. Worth1000.com had a recent art contest and here are some of the creations:…


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Xavier as Riley: "Seduced by the Villian Victoria, Who Manipulates Him in Order to Seek Her Revenge"

SA Actor Talks About Role In Third Twilight Film with News.com Australia:

ADELAIDE actor Xavier Samuel is on his way to stardom, landing a role in the massive Twilight movie franchise.

Xavier, 25, will star as new vampire Riley in Eclipse, the third film in the series based on Stephenie Meyer's books.

He… Continue

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Unmarked Photos of a Thinner Taylor

Unmarked pictures of TayTay from today at Chipotle

Is it just me or is Taylor looking a bit smaller? Or maybe it's just the plaid? I'm thinking he may be at Chipotle to keep up his bulk. Those burritos are more than 1,000 calories!

It looks like Sara has some Twilight spirit as I see her sporting a saints bracelet just like Bella.…


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More Pictures of Rob From Today

Rob filming for Remember Me near Grand Central Station in NYC.

Even though he's bloody, I can't get enough.

Source via Gossip… Continue

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HitFix's 'New Moon' Set Visit: Day Two

HitFix shares new details about their second visit to the set of New Moon. Some highlights include the scene where Jane throws Edward in pain onto the floor and, to my surprise, a mention of a flashback between Aro and Carlisle in the 18th century.

After getting an up close view of the sets for… Continue

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'New Moon' On The Rise: Director Chris Weitz talks with the LA Times

Chris Weitz talks about the complicated special effects, not to mention relationships, in the Twilight sequel with the LA Times.

I can't wait to see the Italy scenes, especailly the place where the Volturi reside as it has "Italianate marble hall complete with columns and engravings in Latin." Also, the most exciting mention in… Continue

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AG Squared?

A few new pictures of Ashley Greene from It's on With Alex Chung from July 16.

Here is Adrian Grenier on Alex Chung's show as well.

Ashley just happened to be interviewed the same day as… Continue

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Ashley On The Cover of Saturday Night Magazine

Since Ashley Greene is no stranger to high-profile Hollywood parties, it makes sense that she will be on October's cover of Saturday Night Magazine. Here are a few pics of Ashley's FIRST cover shoot in STK/Coco de Ville in West Hollywood:

Ashley with a SNMag contest winner Christine Chan… Continue

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'Bruno' Would Date Robert Pattinson Over Brad Pitt & Hugh Jackman

In this video, Sacha Baron Cohen arrives in style to the "Bruno" Hollywood premiere at Grauman's Chinese Theater on July 9 where he chats about his controversial new film. Plus, which sexy star would he love to wrap his legs around? You guessed it Robert Pattinson!!

I didn't think Borat was all that funny, but it looks like Bruno will be hilarious. For more Bruno opinions about Robert Pattinson you can fast forward to a minute into the… Continue

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Sam Bradley Playing in Hartford, CT TONIGHT and Recent Interview

Tonight in Hartford, Connecticut, Sam Bradley will be playing at Webster Stadium alongside Thriving Ivory, and to kick off the event, Bradley appeared on FOX 61 this morning to talk about his up-coming show and to give the good people in CT a little background information about himself. If you're in Hartford, be sure to stop over and see him tonight at 7:00 p.m. Tickets for the event are $15.00… Continue

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Cam On The Set of 'Easy A'

Cam Gigandet filmed scenes yesterday in Ojai, CA for 'Easy-A,' a movie about a clean-cut high school student who relies on the school's rumor mill to advance her social and financial standing. This movie stars Amanda Bynes from TV's What I Like About You and Penn Badgley from CW's Gossip Girl.

Did something happen to his little girl? Ear infection? That looks like a worried father face to me.…


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Ashley Back in LA After Stopping in at TwiTour Atlanta

Last night Ashley Greene attended a Cosmopolitian Magazine party last night at the W Hotel in the Westwood neighborhood of Los Angeles.

I really can't get over her style. Dressed up or dressed down she always looks fierce and fabulous.

Picture compliments to… Continue

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Rachelle Laughs Off Robsten Pregnancy Rumors

Rachelle interviewed with the London Free Press last Tuesday:

Cue the hyperventilating, we have breaking Twilight news: "Rob's not pregnant!"

This with a laugh from Montreal actor Rachelle Lefevre, well aware of the absurdity -- and intensity -- of the rumours surrounding the vampire book-to-film franchise and its…

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Where Has Marcus Been? New Interview with Christopher Heyerdahl.

We saw plenty of Aro, Caius, and Jane in Vancouver as well as Demetri and Felix in Italy, but where has Marcus been?

I'm thinking that maybe Marcus is in hiding because he is bitter that everyone seems to be coupled up except him. Did anyone else notice that in the back of Breaking Dawn in the vampire index that Marcus' love is dead. Plus, it must be kind of awkward that his supernatural talent is being able to see how strong relationship bonds… Continue

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Christian is PETA Pretty

Yesterday Christian Serratos did a photo shoot for PETA.

Christian spoke out against animal cruelity back in April. "Wearing fur is NOT sexy or cool. Taking a stance and being your own person is the coolest/sexiest thing you can do. I think fur belongs on the animal, your pet. Take notice. Take part. Don’t allow the slaughter."

Christian with her puppy Gigi.…


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Kellan Lutz Lives The Social Life

Kellan is featured in an upcoming Social Life magazine alongside heiress and model Lydia Hearst, great granddaughter of William Randolph Hearst. He will be hosting Social Life's Gatsby: American Royalty party at the magazine's Hamptons estate tomorrow for July 4th.

Here is an excerpt of his Social Life interview found at… Continue

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Taylor Out for Coffee & Apparently on the Outs With the Ladies

Socialite Life shares pictures today of Taylor out in Beverly Hills grabbing some Starbucks with his agent.

A source recently told the National Enquirer that Selena Gomez would not hang out with him unless he was single, so he dumped his high school girlfriend,… Continue

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