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MTV: 'Twilight' Big Focus of Movie Awards, Producer Mark Burnett Says

We already know that there are plenty of fans out there, but now MTV's Executive Producer Mark Burnett has just come out as a Twilight fan on MTV News and explains why.


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Pre-Order New Moon: The Complete Illustrated Movie Companion

You can now pre-order The Complete Illustrated Movie Companion for New Moon from all major book stores like Amazon and Barnes & Noble

It's set to be available October 6,… Continue

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Channing Tatum As Riley? We'll See...

The new GI Joe: The Rise of The Cobra Trailer with Channing Tatum --

As you may have heard, during a recent interview Melissa Rosenberg, screenwriter of both Twilight and New Moon, said this about Channing:

"There’s a very big battle at the end with Riley, and I think Channing would do that so well. And there are some complexities to… Continue

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FOX 4: Woman Finds "Twilight" Sequel Scripts in St. Louis; Returns Them to Studio

ST. LOUIS (AP) — A St. Louis beauty salon owner accidentally happened upon two of the hottest Hollywood scripts — the pages from the upcoming "Twilight" sequels.

Her decision to turn them over to the studio got her an invitation to the premieres.

Casey Ray spotted the scripts in a trash bin outside an upscale hotel where actors filming a different movie were staying. She considered leaking…

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New Moon Script Leaked

Word on the street hit Monday that the supposed New Moon script had been leaked. I was skimming through it during class, but by the time I got home to print it out it was already blocked. This makes me think that this was the real thing, or at least an early draft.

Anyway, other sites have come out with what they have though to be the scripts like A Twilight Kiss. Although it only has… Continue

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More From Melissa Rosenberg

Okay, so we all heard what Melissa Rosenberg, screenwriter of Twilight and New Moon, had to say in respond to David Slade, but how does she think New Moon is going currently? She let us know from her facebook page:

"Writing from the set of New Moon, a ridiculously happy place to be. Everyone is having a gas. Especially me. You'd expect at least one person to be snarky after working so hard for so long but I haven't… Continue

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Jacob's House Pre-New Moon

So here are a couple of pics of Jacob's House before New Moon was filmed there. Thanks to Malicious Mandy for posting them on her site. Who knew that she would have a co-worker that used to live in that house.

Before the house was painted red:

From inside looking out towards the barn:

And if you manage to find Jacob's… Continue

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Taylor Lautner & Selena Gomez Dating?

Ok, I know the drama should be cleared up by now with Selena's costar Jennifer Stone on Wizards of Waverly Place speaking out that Taylor and Selena are just friends. I just wanted to give my own thoughts on the subject.

So what if they are dating? These two are both totally cute and under 18, but no worries because they have had plenty of parental supervision. This is just like all the Kristen, Rob, and Nikki love triangle rumors. I… Continue

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Michael Angarano With No Baggage

So meeting fellow Twilighters in Vancouver was great. I met these two girls, Lisa and Strother, from Virginia at Bella's house on Friday afternoon. They spent some major time in customs after they flew in and guess who was there too - Michael Angarano (Kristen's current bf) with NO baggage. He came to spend the weekend with Kristen after she had a long week of filiming. Did he really say at a different hotel though? Hmm. I guess it's good… Continue

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More New Moon Set Photos

I had fun just seeing the locations. It makes it all the more real.

Jacob's house and garage. I like the goats the best though. American Pie 7 was filming just around the corner from this location in a park lodge.

I was a bit bummed that I missed the cliff diving scene shooting by a day. This was probably the easiest shoot to… Continue

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Getting Shut Down at Bella's House

This is a photo from the set of Bella's house taken on Friday before they shot for the night. My fav. was after this shot some older guy was sprinkling leaves all over the yard to give it a more realistic look.

Since I didn't get any car photos on Saturday morning, I decided to swing back by Bella's… Continue

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Ups and Downs but Ultimately Success in Vancouver!

So I was just in Vancouver randomly after checking out the Pacific Northwest for apartments as I'm moving in August. It was suggested by local friends that I visit before the 2010 Olympics. By the end of Thursday, I figured I'd try my luck and go by Sutton Place Hotel as mentioned in Life & Style magazine as to where the actors were staying. I, of course, was about 10 minutes too late for Taylor, but just in time to meet Alison and… Continue

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