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Rumor control, Walmart twilight parties

Ok, so here's what I heard today. Friends of mine went to the Wood Village Walmart in Portland, OR and had tshirts signed by the original Twilight wolfpack. At that even they had Sam, Embry and child Bella. Also in attendance was Edwards double and some behind the scenes people. Rumor has it that Carlisle Cullen was at the Hood River, OR Walmart party! True? Some scenes were shot not far from there so it could be true.

If anyone can confirm this news please let me know. Wish I had… Continue

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Glad I went to Blockbuster

I preordered my copy of the 2disc version around mid January, pretty much as soon as they would allow me to. So I went down there at 11:30, waited in line for about 30 minutes, talked with some really nice people there, laughed at the 3 hot studs there to get their preordered copies and got my movie. No party, no frills, sounds about like everything else but I didn't have to get there hours ahead. I declined my Edward poster as I am a team Jasper fan (shocking I turned it down, but I made… Continue

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borders calendar

I am having trouble getting the preorder button to work, both on IE and Opera...anyone else having issues? could it already be sold out? I missed it last time so I was really looking forward to it this time. And what is up with Borders having the corner on the calendar market? Sheesh.

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If you want truly official news

Check out Stephenie's page: www.stepheniemeyer.com
or www.myspace.com/stephenie_meyer

Those are her only two real authorized pages. Her brother runs her website. I can only guess she does the myspace when she can.

So all the rumors and such surrounding her books and films, she addresses directly on these two sites, ONLY.

Peace love and twilight

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It's ok, here's Midnight Sun update

Taken directly from stepheniemeyer.com:

"June 2008 Update: In response to the outrageous number of emails that I have received with questions concerning Midnight Sun, I talked to Stephenie this weekend and she asked me to let everyone know that Midnight Sun is her next project. She has not yet finished writing it (and there is no timeline set up, so we all need to put a lot of effort into being patient for a while longer), but she is definitely still planning on having it published.… Continue

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Shhhh, I'm trying to enjoy the movie

Dearest Twifans:

I don't know where to post this, so I am blogging it. Sorry if I offend

I know you love the movie as much as I do. Believe it or not, the movie is still showing 4 times a day at my local theater. I went today with my friend Starr (hi Starr!) for the 10th time. *sigh* It was ruined. By fellow twihards. So, I am asking, begging, pleading for us to all be respectful of others and their movie experience by NOT reciting the movie lines out loud. Not… Continue

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Hot Topic details

Starr went to Hot Topic today, here at the details of their midnight release party:
Special edition DVD, exclusive to HT that will include the 2 DVD disc movie plus the following -
5 headshots of RP, piece of actual film, making of photos plus special "secret" events that the employees aren't being told. It is word of mouth only. They will not be advertising this in any way.
Also in today, exclusive at HT, trading card packs.

And now we know

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I preordered my copy of the 2disc Twilight! Have you????

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Just a sidenote...

Yes, we all love the Twilight men. I am sitting here watching the Globes and Simon Baker is super hot. Has been since I noticed him in Devil Wears Prada. Just a sidenote.

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Edwards shoes

In the truck scene, you know it, he is wearing a pair of Adidas. I think they are Adidas. If anyone knows for sure let me know. If they are Adidas I can get them, hee hee hee.

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Music for New Moon/Eclipse, my humble opinion

Check out Chiodos. I think they are perfect for the next soundtrack. I can't believe Stephenie hasn't added them to her listening to list.

Their lyrics are perfect. Take a listen. I will try to get some songs on my page today, I have to figure out how to change them to the correct format.

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Change in filming location?

I wondered if they would return to my stomping grounds, looks like the answer is NO! Just like every other major film studio, Summit has decided that Vancouver BC is the place to film. I wonder how they will explain the different appearances of Charlie's house, FHS and such...or if they will just reuse old footage? Oh well, I had hoped they would return to St. Helens and the greater Portland OR area. How am I supposed to "stumble" upon filming while hiking when they are in the OTHER Vancouver?

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THE calendar

So, I think it is poor business practice for Borders to refuse to make any more of the calendars. Back when they had them I didn't really think anything of it. I figured I would wait, who would have thought they would sell out and refuse to make more. So all of you putting them on ebay and making us pay up to $200 for a calendar, shame on you.

Shame on Borders. Shame on everyone associated with this. Boycott Borders!

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