Alison's Vancouver Trip Day 2: New Moon Cast Encounters

Oh yes Twifans, in the words of Ice was a good day! We managed to find some of the cast and I am so happy we have some pictures to share with you.

The beginning of the day started with excitement and disappointment in one session. While leaving to go biking in Stanley Park, while sitting in the started car, walks up Taylor Lautner. He was accompanied by 2 large gentlemen who said no to pictures even before Taylor had a chance to speak. We were so excited to see him in person and hear him say "what"? and "no" after his bodyguard and Dad said no that we didn't let it phase us but wished we got a picture.

Our bike ride was fun and freezing but a good distraction. We got back to the hotel to run into Josh Duhamel from the tv show "Las Vegas". He is currently shooting a movie with Selena Gomez called Ramona and Beezus.

We are pretty blown away. We have seen more stars in Vancouver in one day then we have seen in our whole life. Brooke Sheilds, Rob Corgy, Clark someone, and the guy that plays Daryl on "the office".

Then Jason says there goes the redhead. My head whips up and Savannah and I go running cause she is walking fast by the time it registers that we need to get a picture.

We catch up and ask for pictures and she says no problem and is extremely nice as I can't get the camera to work. She actually ends up helping Savannah work on the camera. She shows me a bunch of hair dye and says she is off to dye her hair since being in the pool all day filming has bleached the red out of her hair. Got the camera working and got a great picture. It's on my daughters camera though and she didn't bring her card reader. So I will load as soon as I am home.

We are on the high from meeting Rachelle and up walks Taylor again. Savannah runs and says excuse me, hi Taylor, can I have a photo with you. He asks us to come inside and we got the photo above. Mom is so star struck she forgets to jump in the photo or say a word. Let me just say wow. What a presence! And the most beautiful and white teeth I have ever seen.

Off we go to find the Cullen house. I will load those pictures tomorrow.

We get back to find fangirls in a large group outside. We of course wave and yell hi and then decide to find out what they know and have seen. All of a sudden Taylor and his agent come out and give the 20+ girls 30 seconds to get pictures. We didn't get in cause it was nuts.

We go in the hotel and who is there....Ashley Greene. It's hysterical watching her surrounded by older ladies handing her cell phones to call their daughters. Ashley is laughing and leaving voice mails and calls.

As soon as she was done we swooped in and asked to take pictures. We said hi and asked how she was. She said good and asked how we were.

And you are thinking how does it get any better...well it does. My daughter is hanging in the lobby and here comes Ashley and Rachelle. My daughter not being shy asks them to take a picture and they said okay but we are going to sandwhich ya. And we get this photo out of it. Thank god the concierge knows how to take a picture.

That is the end of our day...more tomorrow. It's late so sorry for any mispellings.
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xoxo alison

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Comment by Lisaa Ayton on April 29, 2009 at 3:57am
Your So So So So Lucky !!
Comment by Lisaa Ayton on April 30, 2009 at 5:35am
What Hotel Where You Staying At ?x
Comment by littleswon culler on May 3, 2009 at 5:18am
hello I'm may blog is so sweet bye


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