One time, in Squamish...We found the 'Breaking Dawn' Cullen house and have pics to prove it!

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One time, at band camp in Squamish, B.C. we took a little aerial tour of the town and stumbled across a vampire casa, a 'Breaking Dawn' set, and a squee worthy river.


The Squamish hunting team (aka Alison & Dawn) knew that 'Breaking Dawn' filming was closed down on Saturday and Sunday and decided a "tour" of Squamish from the air would be a fun fact finding mission.  Before anyone freaks, we went on a day off so that we would not be in any danger of harming any audio or filming. 


Armed with our mega, 8 inch Nikon zoom lens for some "Twilight" nature pictures, we had no idea of what our adventure would uncover, but knew what general idea of where we wanted to look in. We boarded the TwiCopter to begin our hunt.  What did we find?  We found the Cullen home, the Cullen driveway, Cullen backyard, and the river that Bella jumps over on her first hunting trip as a newborn Vampire. 

In the TwiCopter we were given headphones to help with the sounds.  Little did our pilot realize that these headphones were for his protection not ours.  Dawn and I were screaming like a 12 year old boy flying in the Millineum Falcon with Han Solo.  The pilot was gracious or muted us and give us a tour that would make any Twifan scream with joy.


For most people the Air Raid of the "Breaking Dawn" set would have been be all end all of TwiOpportunities.  Not for us. As if risking our lives in the air wasn't enough the adventure continued (on the ground).


Locals were quite friendly.  Some really love the Twilight Saga and want to talk to fans all about it.  A few locals know where the sets are and we even meet a few that live very close by to them.  One local in particular befriended us.


For the sake of his privacy we shall call him Mr. D. from here on in.  Mr. D found us and told us about the Cullen house after we had already found it by air.  Mr. D said (and this is all hearsay) that not only is the Cullen house on the property but also a "cabin."  Mr. D has read all the Twilight Saga books but hasn't fully finished the 4th book.  He said the cabin is where Edward and Bella live with Renesmee.  We deduced that he was talking about the "cottage".


We believe (if he is accurate) that since the cottage location was found by fans, that possibly it was carefully removed and relocated to this very remote location for further un-interrupted filming.  But again this was all speculation. He could be a well read Serial Killer for all we knew.  He invited us on his property and a tour of the River.  This story is for another blog, at another time.  Since I am here writing this blog Mr. D did not turn out to be a well read Serial Killer and there was a lot of truth to what he was saying.


Since Mr. D "allegedly" lives near the set, he says he has been all the way up to the houses and has even looked into the windows.  He said when he looked into the Cullen house there was no furniture inside and it was likely under construction.  He said that this house was not built like a set but built like a real house.  In his words this means concrete bases (foundation) and built to last.  He thought the structure would be staying.  From the TwiCopter we could see that the roof was not complete or built to last. Our interest was  peeked how well Mr. D said the Cullen home was built.  We also thought that Bella's house was built to last too and yet it has been taken down every year.  So Mr. D might just be naive in the ways of Hollywood.  


We did not see any structures that looked like a cottage or a cabin in our 200+ pictures of the area.  So again Mr. D had our interest.


Mr. D also said that in this certain area, that homeowners all received letters from Summit wanting to lease property to build the set.  The property currently housing the Cullen home (according to Mr. D) is not owned by Summit Entertainment but is in fact leased.  Meaning this house will more than likely be taken down.    Someone could really make some money with tours of the Cullen house, I wonder if the person leasing the property realizes that?


Homeowners in the area also get a list of filming dates and times for their convenience.  He seemed to think they would be filming at this location for 2 weeks.  Thanks to Mr. D for all this info.

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This house is a full scale (almost exact) replica of the house in the first Twilight movie.  That house it located in Portland. Things we were wondering after seeing these pictures at our base of operations in Squamish (Starbucks)....

  1. We don't see a grassy outdoor area for a wood dance floor for the wedding reception dancing or tables.  But the largest Grey patio looked large enough to have a reception area.  The wood balconies are also very large and big enough for festivities.
  2. We also realized from pictures that the house is not exact to the Twilight Cullen house which resides in Portland, OR.  That original house seems to be one story taller than the Squamish replica and missing an outdoor patio outside of Eddie's bedroom.  Remember when Edward takes Bella on her "spider-monkey" ride and jumps to the tree?  They are jumping right out of french doors to a tree...not going over a patio to do so.
  3. The river behind the Cullen house is closer than it's shown in 'Eclipse' but the size and width of the river is exactly what I imagined when reading 'Breaking Dawn.'
  4. Check out the front steps of the Cullen house!
  5. There is lots of interesting patio furniture on the decks.  Some of it we have never seen before and some was seen in 'Eclipse.'  Seeing the Cullen style is so much fun.
  6. The river!!  Bella jumps over this river on her first trip out of the house as a newborn.  She also jumps back across it to see Jake for the first time as a test before she sees Renesmee for the first time.  We were very excited over this river.
      7.  The long driveway and the entrance to where the Cullens house their luxury vehicles.What do you think of the river TwiFans?  Is just what you imagined?  How about the full size Cullen replica???


I was excited to see Michael Welch tweeting about being inside of it!  I wonder if they used the same furniture.  I guess we will just have to wait for official stills, teasers, or the movie itself to know!!


Coming soon...more photos and video of the Cullen house set.   More exclusive filming info in the next coming days, so stay tuned.  In the meantime don't forget to see our "One time, in Squamish part 1 post here.


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No laws were broken is taking of these photographs.  No filming was interrupted or disturbed while taking these photos. does not condone fans being disrespectful or illegally trespassing in order to obtain set information or photos.


Worried about what directors think of visiting set locations?  Listen to what 'New Moon' director Chris Weitz thinks. asked Chris via twitter-- How do directors feel about fans at set locations?  Chris says, "I love it, it's cool and inspiring, so long as the audio stays clean."


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Comment by Audrey Stewart on April 7, 2011 at 10:22pm
AAAHHH!! this just gets me THAT much more excited for the movie!! :D i can't wait! :)
Comment by vidhi gupta on April 7, 2011 at 10:34pm
awesome ! wish I could be there
Comment by Julia Diatlova on April 15, 2011 at 2:50am
Comment by FUTUREalice on May 11, 2011 at 5:26pm
that house is sooo BEAUTIFUL!!!
Comment by isabellaedward on May 16, 2011 at 3:20am
OMG!!!!!11THIS IS SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment by Dominika on November 9, 2011 at 10:49am

Please send me pictures Cullen house in Squamish


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