One time, in Squamish...we went hiking at Lake Murrin & stumbled across a 'Breaking Dawn' set

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One time, at band camp in Squamish, B.C...two city gals went for a hike.
While vacationing in Vancouver we heard rumours that there was some filming
around the Lake Murrin area near small town Squamish.  We were advised to follow the yellow brick road specifically the pink ribbons by our friend “VampireFreak101”.  She
claimed to have been to the location the day before and was told that
“Twilight” was filming by a security guard and allegedly saw a few “pink

So like we were scouting the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer route we went
hunting for pink ribbons.  From that point on, any time on our trip when
we saw pink ribbons, we got very excited.  Pink ribbons set off our
(<~Twidar is totally getting added to the Twivocabulary page.)

When we arrived at Lake Murrin there were some production vehicles in the
parking lot and two security guards.  The Lake is public land but
security seemed to be scoping people out before heading into the park
and hiking trails.  Being older, our freshly bought hiking attire, and
hiking maps helped us garner entrance to the park without too many
questions.  We thought we didn't look like TwiFans.  They probably
thought we were newlywed nature seekers.  Whatever it was we were just
happy to get thought the security.

We brought some Subway and ate at the picnic tables and tried to scope
out the area.  We spotted pink ribbons right away and we tried not to
squeal.  We also saw a few production crews coming and going.  We were
pretty certain that all the information we had gathered was correct.  We
figured they might not be filming since there was no make up trucks and
security was some-what light.  We figured we would stick to the trails
and hike around and see what we can find.

We started off on a trail in hopes that we would see something from one of
the other trails nearby.  We were pretty chicken and not brazen enough to head up the pink ribbon trail at first.  So we walked until our "walking" trail ended and never resurfaced. We were slightly scared that after an hour or so of being lost but could still hear the road so we weren't panicking about being lost forever yet.  I however felt like I was about to die.  I would have sold Dawn for a ride back to our car at this point.

All of a sudden we saw more pink ribbons!  Hallelujah!  We were instantly
revitalized.  Somehow dying on or near the set of "Twilight" did not seem
so bad.  Dawn and I had our praise sweet baby Jesus faces on.  At any
moment Jacob and his pack were going to come trotting by.

Back to reality, while on this new trail we passed some hikers coming out
with lots of climbing equipment strapped to their bodies.  I knew then
that I was in over my head but I wasn’t anywhere near dying.  As the
“real hikers” passed,  I giggled and asked if the hiking trail turned to
mountain hiking. The hikers didn't say hi and they actually scowled at
me. Their faces looked a little shocked when I mentioned mountain
As we kept heading back, we saw 2 white tents and 1 blue pop up.  As we
got closer we could see cables going up a rock face.  This rock face was
straight up and down.  Gorgeous and big, really big.  Essentially we
are face to face with a mountain that requires skill and equipment to

 This is looking straight up the rock face. Click to enlarge.
It was absolutely quiet as we approached and we kept talking so we could
alert anyone that they weren't alone anymore.  But no one ever surfaced.
We deduced that we were alone and all the pink ribbons indicated we
were likely near or on a set.

We took out our cameras and started taking some photos of the cables, rock
wall, and tent.  We really had no idea what we were looking at until we
got lost again.  Yes again.  As we headed out of this area we got lost
again.  It is thick back in the woods and even with trails you can get
lost.  I don't suggest anyone try this, we literally were lost again
and really out of our element.

   This is what being lost in the woods looks like!!!

While being lost two things happened.  One we made a big circle and ended up
back at the rock face with all the pink ribbons.  This time the filming
unit was back and we were not alone.  On our way back through the woods
we overheard a little something, something.  We heard the crew talking
about a cast member going up the rock face and an animal coming in from
the side.
To this day, after a week of debating what we heard, all we can imagine is that this is a hunting scene.  
Some ideas we came up with...

Bella and a Mountain Lion.  Maybe Bella could be
vampire climbing up the rock wall to get the Mountain Lion at the top.
The Mountain Lion could be walking across the top from one side to another.  
it's when Renesmee is out with Jacob and Bella.  Maybe Renesmee is the climber and that is what Irina sees that alerts her that the child is not human.
After seeing these pictures of a green screen behind a rock wall with a ledge of epic size proportions, I think, the Lake Murrin filming location and the Shannon Falls location are the same scene.  What do you think might be going on?
As we tried to find our way back to our car we could not help but discuss
what we heard and we lost track of time.  We eventually ended up where
we needed to be.  Then we discovered that we lost our keys.  We really
had no idea where they could have been and the sun was starting to set.
 I was in a panic and Dawn stayed calm.  There was no way I could endure
the hike again. So Dawn (the good “spouse” she is) headed back into the
woods to find the keys.  Security escorting her along the way.  How she
did not give away the fact that we were stalkers and not hikers is almost as
amazing as her actually finding the keys in the woods and saving us
from being stranded in a foreign country with all our money and identification inside the rental car.

There was no wolf-pack to save us.  Just Dawn and her amazing detective
skills.  The pictures that we were taking to document our last days on
this earth are here.  


Thanks to VampireFreak101 for the great information, thanks to Subway for what would have been a pretty good last meal and thanks to Dawn for saving the day.

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WOW! Awesome! I love these post! Thank you guys SO much! :D
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Wow!! . . . you guys were so bless. Thank u for sharing such great photos. Well thebestisyettocome!


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