10 Steps to Twilight Rehab newspaper article

I got our newspaper today and on the front page was an article about eclipse or twilight in general and i thought it was hilarious. It was called " 10 steps toward Twilight rehab"...some of things in here are just jokes so please do not be offended and just take it as a joke. I am a huge Twi-Hard myself and i thought that it was very funny! Okay what I'am trying to say is please dont leave mean comments...its all just joking. If you read these and you have been in some of these situations...like me... you are probably a true Twi-Hard. And let me just say now that i could never do anything like steps 6-10...that is harsh...lol! Please enjoy, and not get angry!

***sorry its side ways my computer was being stupid***


Intro which didn't matter


"all of us know that individual who read 'Twilight' and loved it, and REFUSES to shut up about it. Sadly, I was one of those people, and I destroyed people's lives by telling them to read it-because it was 'amazing'. Just like that friend who oofers you a cigarette when you've never tried one. So when your one friend or aquaintance comes up to you telling you to read 'twilight,' don't. You'll regret it if you do, because that is where obsession starts."


" If you didn't listen to my instructions from the first step, i'm sorry to infrom you that you are most likely an obsessed Twi-Hard right now, and you've done the equivalent of selling your soul to the devil. All you want to do is read the book. Just read. READ. READ. And read some more."


" Around now, you are going to begin making connections in your everyday life to "Twilight." Such as that kid, James, who sits next to you i a class, who you begin hating for no reason. Gingers suddenly become more attractive than ever, and you begin contemplating changing your name to Bella. Also, by now you've made countless attempts to pur sparkles on your boyfriend, or throw in in a vat of ice, or tell him to stop tanning. A few times you may have succeeded; this is normal at this stage."


"You have a shrine. You have plushies. You begin thinking they are real. Here is a secret: Your parents are filling out paper work for your admission into an insane asylum."


" You probably will be in the middle of sticking pins into your Bella voodoo doll, when a group of your friends bursts into your "Edward" shrine room and screams: 'You need to stop this' or 'Your addiction is out of contol.' And the will pull you from your shrine, as you grab onto your Edward plushy, and they will tell you 'They aren't real.' But you don't believe them, and you beg Edward to save you. Then they will sit you down, tell you that they care and that this needs to stop. You don't listen to them at first, saying you can stop anytime. But slowly, oh-so-slowl, as your friends begin leaving you, you realize it is time to stop."


" One of your close friends should be involved inthis step. If one of your friends is an ex Twi-Hard, she can be great help. It starts with most likely throwing out your "Twilight" stuff, setting it aflame or switching it to a secure storage location somewhere in the snow covered forests of Russia. This includes your posters, books, plush dolls, buttons, and those sparkles you threw on an unsuspecting, good-looking man in public."


" You know as you throw away your "Twlight" stuff that you are quitting this cold turkey. You can't help thinking about it, so it would be best to wear a rubber band around your wrist, and everytime you hae a thought about it, you sanp it on your wrist. If you begin to bleed switch wrists. Have a friend who, if you bring up "Twilight" or relate something back to it, will willingly spray you with a bottle of water."


" In this step, I suggest you should find a better book ( anything is better than "Twilight".) You could read "Mistborn," or "The Percy Jackson" series, or anything else. If you are feeling daring, or like you are ready to face your former adiction head-on, read a REAL vampire. Not "House of Night" or anything like that. "Dracula." Real vampires. One's who sucked blood or killed people for fun. The bad type-aka the awesome type."


" After making your way through your obsession, you find yourself in a better place, and that you you can function normally. Congratulations. You're free...for now."


" You could go ahead and look up some "Twilight" parodies such as "Nightlight" or "Vampires Suck." Also, now that you are out of recovery, you are allowed to read the books again. Actually, I suggest you do. Face your worst nightmares. Reead it. When you do, you may be like me, and just sit back and say: " What the hell was i thinking?" And if you are awesome, like a friend of mine is, you should go throught the book with a red pen, pointing out all the grmmatical errors, things that don't make sense, moments where Bella wa a Mary Sue, and things that should be romantic but are truly creepy and laughable."

I thought that last part was terrible and I would never be able to do such a thing. My family thinks i should follow this. This is just PART of my room right now!!

This article was written by: Rachel Harris and was published in "The Intelligencer" newspaper. Everything is owned by her. ****PLEASE DO NOT COPY THIS**** IT WAS HER IDEA AND WE SHOULD RESPECT HER!

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Comment by Michelle Law on December 9, 2010 at 9:18pm

For one thing, I don't think what we have is so bad.  Alcohol and crack, now that's bad.  Those addictions would destroy lives, not loving Twilight.  All in all, it was a funny read.

Comment by Marika Robitaille on December 9, 2010 at 9:25pm

OMG . I love your room , you didn't see mine , I've got like , 600 pictures on my wall and I have I don't know how many Twilight Stuff on my desk . I should put some pictures of it here, but people will think that I'm really crazy !

Comment by Mizzy Cullen on December 9, 2010 at 9:30pm

hahaha This is so True!! hahaha I have to say I'm step 2 or 3 LOL!!  This is Really Great!!

Comment by Pennybug Cullen on December 9, 2010 at 10:01pm

That was pretty funny. I definitely have problems w/#3.

Comment by Grace Stagg on December 9, 2010 at 10:39pm

It was pretty funny but the last part kind of hurt.

Comment by Karina Vestergaard Nielsen on December 9, 2010 at 11:57pm

Hahahaha OMG! That´s so funny! Well Im not going to Twilight rehab;D But this is a really really funny input. Thanks for posting.


Comment by Ulli Neumann on December 10, 2010 at 5:14am

haha - come on, everybody has a life of their own :-) im already at step 9, trying to get some more real interaction... if you know what i mean :-)

Comment by Kim on December 10, 2010 at 6:07am

Hilarius!!! Thanks for posting!

Comment by Susan on December 10, 2010 at 7:07am

Hi there...here is a link to that same article...



Thanks for posting it...I find it too funny!  Have a great weekend!


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