1. Apparently, Emmett is a sore loser
2. You can't hurt a werewolf without breaking your hand.
3. Boys in Forks don't understand the concept of "Ladies Choice Dance"
4. Now we all really know how thunder is made..
5. Before cliff-diving, theres many factors to consider. Especially if you can't have a wolf by your side.
6. People get island's as presents.
7. Really pale people are secrety vampires.
8. There is a difference between shape-shifters and werewolves.
9. Hollywood never gets anything "mythical" right.
10. It's healthy to ditch class every once in a while.
11. Yellow Porsches make good bribes
12. If a fight happens to break out at your wedding between your vampire husband and your werewolf best friend, no one will even notice, so it's okay.
13.when your sister in law wants your baby more than she should and is planning to keep it once you're dead, it's okay.because in the end you're going to be turned into a vampire by your century year old husband.
14.If your boyfriend can't hear your thoughts, it means you're a shield
15. If your skin looks sparkly while in the sunlight you are automatically a vampire.
16. Not all vampires drink human blood.
17.Always have Alice plan your parties and special occasions.
18.Vampires feel the need for speed (going 100mph or faster)
19.If you see someone with reeeally pale skin & totally black eyes...RUN!
20. When in doubt as to what to name your child, mash up the names of your parents & in-laws together
21. DO NOT forget to pack your silky Victoria's Secret pajamas.
22. It's safe to be in Italy at all times!
23. Jacob Black does the BEST chainsaw impersonation.
24.get FAR away from werewolves when they are about to phase.
25.never let your dad cook,unless you want burn't spaguetti
26.always leave my window open in the night!!
28. In a world where mythical creatures don't exist, your best guy friend would be your soulmate. *
29.When the name you choose turns out to be too much of a mouthful, your daughter should be nicknamed after a mythical monster.
30. Some of the most wonderful and terrible things can happen in small towns
31. Always bet on Alice, not Edward
32. When camping in a blizzard, bring a space heater or a werewolf
30. Vampires are very Jealous
32. Having two guys (mythical creatures) fighting over you can take alot out of you
33. Motorcycles are not practical motor vehicles for Washington
34. If the guy that you like has eyes that change colors......when black do not mess with him!! When they are topez now is a good time to talk!!!
35. Not all minds can be read.....
36. Some of us are real clutzes and have trouble walking across a flat piece of ground!!
37. some girls are just magnets for trouble!!
38. Don't be surprised when vampires pay for everything and anything like college tuition, car payments, house payment, etc
39.use a crowbar or a bat when ur punching a werewolf
40. always have a half-naked guy to save you from drowning :)
41. 4 Books can make thousand.. (millions?) of people think about one thing EDWARD CULLEN
42. When you're being stalked and about to be kidnaped by random frat boys, don't worry, the hot guy you like is gonna save you.
43.I learned My life is meaningless now!
44. When its hot out, there is no need for A/C when you have Edward ;)
45. If stuck in a love triangle, have a child. That solves everything
46. Never tell when you buy clothes or when you cut your hair, but its especially important to remark how slow your computer is.
47. Being prepared makes everything easier, including becoming a vampire.
48.Jasper can be reather nasty to certion people
49. A paper cut can end life as you know it.
50.You can find the answer to anything on Google.
51.When in danger of being killed, get a whole new identity, some fake documents and flee to Rio de Janerio.
52.Don't make Rosalie MAD.
53.Adrenaline rushes are common
54.Getting married at 18 is apparently very funny to your dad.
55.Marcus needs some excitement in his life
56.Don't get caught thinking about Leah Clearwater naked.
57.You can drown a blonde by gluing a mirror to the bottom of a pool!
58.Blondes (especially Rosalie) get mad when you get food in their hair.
59.That beautiful boy in school is not being rude when he ignores you. He's being very polite and trying to resist your blood.
60.It is possible for a plain-looking, book-worm, klutz to get the man of her dreams... get the most amazing man in the world.
61.If a large native-american boy keeps insisting on baby-sitting your 2-year-old daughter, or attending her princess-themed birthday party... watch out.
62.Everyone remembers Taha Aki... but the woman who saves the day is remembered as "The Third Wife".
63.If your friends ditch you and start acting weird, it's okay because they're just becoming werewolves...No worries, you'll soon follow :)
64. There are actually 8 colors of the rainbow
65. The forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest
66. Vampires don't actually sleep in coffins or turn into bats.
67. the right man will love you no matter how badly you can/do hurt him (edward/jacob)
68. Being clutzy and accident prone is a good thing- it just means that a cute vampire will save you!
69. It's alright to be jelous of mythical creatures/fictional characters.
70. It's alright to love some mythical creatures/fictional characters!!
71. Dad's don't like "the specifics."
72.The Cullens never get speeding tickets
73. Always bring the pepper spray.
74. Morphine DOES NOT work! (sorry Carlisle!)
75. Let the vampires open the presents.
76. Never go to the overpriced mechanic for car troubles...just seek out the nearest werewolf
77.A lifetime of servitude is not worth a box of candy hearts.
78. Warm sodas are the best.
79. It's an off day without your vampire bf is telling you how edible you smell
80. Shiny Volvo owners are not ALL stupid.
81. Always consider ALL of the options when you hear voices (or just one voice) in your head.
82. it is always good to have a before and an after car
83. having friends around the world will benefit you someday
84. if the mysterious guy in school doesn't eat -- possible vampire
85. it's always a good idea to live near a meadow and a forest
86. take swimming lessons from a vampire
87. You don't need drugs to mellow out you just need Jasper.
88. If your boyfriend vampire leaves you don't freak out thinking he doesn't love you, he'll be back. He's would do anything to keep you safe.
89. My life seems so blah after reading these books.
90. redheads apparently always = evil in books/movies
91. boys are always grumpy when their hungry.
92. moms always know when the daughters boyfriend is willing to die for her.
93. when someone never at school on a sunny day,be careful you never know what he/she is!
94. biology could be the perfect place to meet the love of ur life
95. now volvo could possibly be the most popular car between the ages of 15-25
96. Sometimes baby vampires aren't really baby vampires.
97.Unfortuantly Edward perfers Burnetts but i'd go burnett any day for him!
98. Never look Jane directly in the eyes.
99.Rosalie has her reasons for being Rosalie.

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Comment by Anna on February 8, 2009 at 11:43am

Sorry Ms Monkey Man. I just found it somewhere so it's not really my fault.
Comment by Anna on February 8, 2009 at 11:49am
it is! XD


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