Once, I hit the door everyone was all over me like I was fresh meat being
thrown to the hungry lions at feeding time. I walked into the class
room not knowing what to except. “Who the hell are you?” asked
some guy in the back off the class. “Her names Holly. She’s like
a skater who’s like way out of your league ok!” said Roxana.
“Whatever!!” After, that Mr. Cole walked in by now the fight had

I was still standing by the door before I was even noticed. “Alright, guys sit down and please turn your books to page 72 Jeff remember you
have a test with me in homeroom and who are you?” He looked at me
like he had never seen a new kid before.

Names, Holly Cole. I’m new here.” “Oh yes, Matthew Coles daughter. Well, let’s see you can sit in the back with Jayden. I promise he
won’t bite.” The whole class laughed.

I walked back to my seat. But the thing was he does bite I just didn’t know it yet. He sat there and stared at me before he even said hello.
“Ello, my name is Jayden Beck and you are Holly right?” asked

Yes that’s right.” Jayden looked at me with those deep blue-green eyes and I was melting.

You keep staring at me is there something on my face?” I asked bitter like. “No just staring at those ice blue eyes there so different
and the most beautiful pair I’ve laid eyes on. I mean your
beautiful as well miss holly”

I blushed mutli colors of red.

So, I noticed your carrying a skateboard that’s really….” Jayden started to say. “What gay, stupid, waste of valuable time…” I
asked like someone had crossed the line. Jayden smiled his 1,000
dollar smile “No, really cool. I skate to that’s why I was
inserted in your board. Don’t get all jumpy hun its ok. I’m not
going to judge when I don’t know you. They might through,” he
pointed towards Roxana and her friends. “How long have you been
skating?” Jayden really wanted to learn about me but why. “Hell,
I don’t know, maybe six to seven years now.” I said with a frown
on my face. “Cool!” He said with a lot of energy. “Holly and
Jayden will you please pay attention or at least act like it!”
yelled Mr. Cole.

I was shocked a preppie guy was so inserted in skating. Hell evens me for that matter. After, class I couldn’t wait to get out of his
site but, he ended up catching up. “Holly waits a minute please.”
I turned and faced his deep blue green eyes.

I’m sorry if I was being an ass back there. I was just trying to be nice trying to help a pretty girl out. You look like a girl lost in a
crowd of people. Who really could use a friend?” Said Jayden with a
smile. “We’ll I could use a friend around here. Even if it is a
preppie dude like you!” Jayden just laughed and his blue-green eyes
started to shine. “Alright then I’ll see you at lunch.”For the
next few weeks he walked me to my classes and ate lunch every day
with me. And believe me a preppie and a skater having lunch together
word gets around fast.

Friday finally arrived and it was the day a beautiful love blossomed. “Thank god Friday is here. I’m ready to just lay back and relax from
football.” said Ayden. That’s Roxanna man candy I told you about.
“Yea, I know thank god. Cheerleading is get so hard. Hey, Holly,
Jayden over here!!!” yelled Roxanna. Jayden looked up to see who
was yelling. “Oh, great here we go again!” said Jayden. I punched
him in his side. “Hey, Jayden I know I’ve been somewhat of a
b**** to you and all but I was wondering if wanted to go to Chris’s
party tonight?” Jayden thought about it for a moment. “Sure I’ll
go but, not as your date and another thing my girl Holly has to go

Roxanna looked at me then at Jayden. I noticed Ayden kept staring at me just like Jayden did when we first met.

What do you say beautiful? You want to come?” asked Ayden as he smiled from ear to ear. “Sure, I’ll go but one question who the hell is
Chris?” I asked. “Oh, she’s a freshman who loves to throw
parties for upper class men.” “Ok, enough with the small talk
let’s get down to business. What time does it start?” asked
Jayden. “8:00 sharp make sure you wear something hot, beautiful.”
said Ayden as he winked at me. The bell rang for P.E. to start.
Jayden just rolled his eyes and grab my hand and drugged me with him
to our next class. As the day flew by I didn’t think about anything
else but the party. All I thought was Jayden and his big amazing
blue-green eyes. The big party was tonight and I was lucky enough to
get invited so it was time to get my head out of the clouds. After,
school a note fell out of my locker the note read:

Holly baby,

Sup? N2m having you on my mind. But, I was wondering if you wanted to go to Chris party with me (as a date) call my cell

Truly yours,

Jayden (your preppie boy)

About five minutes after I found the note my cell phone rang. “Talk to me,” I answered. “Hey, girly I was just calling to see who you’re
going to the party with?” asked Roxanna.

Like it was any of her business anyway. “Maybe, Jayden why?” All you could hear was laughing. “That’s rich that boy can never get a
date to anything,” said Roxanna laughing. Holly hung up and dialed
Jayden cell number. “Hey, this is Jayden sorry I can’t get to
the cell but, if you leave your name, number, and a little message
I’m sure I’ll get back to ya. One more thing to my girl Holly
just because I’m different then you are doesn’t mean I can’t
love you the same.” Holly’s heart dropped then the phone beeped.
“Hey, I loved to go with you to Chris party.” That was the night
where the love train started. Well, later that night about 7:00
Jayden showed up. I didn’t have to worry about my parents asking
embarrassing questions or giving me a wacky curfew to be home. They
were out on business like always. Once, I opened the door to his 2007
Chevy truck and sat down he looked me up and down. “DAMN!!!” I
looked at him like he was nuts. “What?!!?” I asked him as I
looked myself up and down. “You know how to get dressed up to kill
don’t you skater girl? You look beautiful.” “Thanks, I guess…”
I had a baby blue belly shirt on with tight blue jeans, my blonde
hair was back in a ponytail and my ice blue eyes shined like stars(
well, in Jayden’s point of view.) As we hit the highway he started
asking questions.

So, not to be rude and all but why did you move here to Riverton I mean there’s like nothing here!”She laughed at his joke. “Well, I
didn’t move here against my free will if that’s what you’re
asking. My parents made me and second my family owns the factory
here.” He thought for moment and he finally said something. “Wow
that place! That must suck big time.” Holly rolled her eyes has if
he’d know what suck meant. “Well, yea we move around a lot to be
where ever my dad’s needed. I leave friends and well bits of my
life and heart everywhere.”

He looked at me with sympathy in his eyes as if he knew how I felt. “Yea must be rough. Well, at least it’s your last move, Right?” She
thought for a moment then spoke. “Maybe, we may move in the middle
of the year like last year right before my first prom. Sometimes I
wonder if I’ll ever get to be a teenager.” He was silent for a
moment and then spoke up… “Well, I hope you don’t move.
Because, I really like you and who am going to take to JR
prom?”Jayden said with a laugh. Holly smiled like there was no
tomorrow. “Are you asking me to prom already Mr. Parker? We haven’t
even had our first date yet.” Jayden laughed. “We can fix that.”
He grabbed my hand and I felt the sparks fly. After, another 5 miles
we arrived at Chris house. Jayden jumped out of the truck to open the
door for me.

While we started to walk towards the house he was still holding my hand. We heard someone scream at the top of their lungs. “Holly, over here
girly!” yelled Roxanna as she came running, “Sorry Jayden I’m
stealing her.” Jayden looked at me and then Roxanna. “Alright,
you can steal her. But, remember to return her.” Then he whispered
in my ear. “Whenever you’re ready to bail come find me. I’ll
drive the getaway car.” I giggled at his joke. Then he kissed my
forehead and sent me on my way. Roxanna was always so full of life
and my god did she have many friends. “Holly, this is Chris Smith,
James Jones, Max Jones, and Mimi Briggs” said Roxanna. “Nice to
meet all of you.” I looked around trying to find my bail out man.
Jayden saw I wasn't ready for what I was facing so he went and bailed
me out like he promised. Jayden came over and grabbed my arm and
tugged me along. “Sorry, but it's my turn with my girl.” said
Jayden. I love the sound of that His girl. So i just smiled as he
hooked arms with me and walked off. “Thanks for that I owe you.”
She said. “No, thank you!” said Jayden.

He locked eyes with me and I knew he was about to kiss me. His lips almost reached mine when Ayden ran into us. Ayden started laughing.
“Oh sorry man didn’t mean to intrude on ya.” Jayden rolled his

Holly, this is Matt Rice, Carter, Jeff Matthew, Brian Cox, Nick Parker and Jason flip. These happen to be most of our hockey team.” I study
each face trying to remember every name and as always they stared
just like Jayden did the first time we met. “Holly, over here
girl!” yelled some girl from my P.E. Class. I walked off for a
moment to speak with my class mate while I was gone Jayden's friends
started in. “Dude, you know how to pick them. She’s f******
smoking!!! How in the hell did you get a girl like that she’s like
so out of your lead!?” asked Carter. Jayden looked at him then
stared at holly from across the room. “I was nice and sweet well we
clicked by me being myself.” Nick looked at Jayden with a stupid
grin on his face. “So, buddy is she your gf yet?” Jayden gave him
a go to hell look. “I don’t know yet. I like her a lot but,
maybe. Why?” he asked. “We want her!!!” all the boys chimed in.
I heard them from half way across the room. I started walk back over
to them laughing. “That’s a first 7 guys fighting over me. But, 6
of you need to mop up your drool. Because I’m his girl now!”
Ayden was getting cocky now. “Aw s*** I’m not afraid to wait.”
as that was said I wrapped my arms around Jayden. Jayden look down
at me and smiled. After, that we partied for couple hrs then Jayden
had to take me home. Jayden stopped right in front of my house.

He turned the car off and turned and looked at me. “Thanks for coming out with me tonight, I had a lot of fun with you ….” I knew
Jayden was hiding something. “Ya I had fun to. Well, I'll see you
Monday at school.” Jayden was running out of time. “Holly wait!”
I turned and looked at him. “Look I really like you and I’d like
to see more of you…”said Jayden. “Ok where you going with
this? You see me all the time.” I was getting very impatient. “Not
like that! Holly I wanted to know if you do me the honor of being my
girlfriend.” The question was popped. Finally, now was that so
hard. “I would love to be you’re….” Right at that moment he
leaned over a kissed me on the lips with so much passion I knew it
was love. He tried to pull away but I didn’t want to let go. “Night
baby!” said Jayden. “Night!” He drove off down the blacken
street. “Finally, someone to call my own.”

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