1 when he was four his house in grand rapids burnt down. No one was in it but they lost everything :'(
2.he loves asparagus!!!
3.he's currently crushing on Megan fox >:(
4.he looovez b ball he plays it to relieve stress (I so can beat him lol)
5.his fave clothe brand is diesle I think???? Little help Tay!!!
6. He loves vans
7. He draws in his free time(not too bad either)
8. He loves the notebook!!!!! :D
9. He has to have his starbucks every morning(same here)
10.his fave dress shoes are his haan ones (that I know of)
11. His super cutie doggy is a Maltese named roxy!!!! (I love that little fur ball!!!)
12.our fave roller coaster is space mountain!!!! Whooo!!!!
13. We both loooove reeses puffs for breakfast!!!!
14. His current home adress is 1&&@&$&$$&$%}*#%|>,£| hehe wooooops!!!!
15.he hatttttezsss sushi!!! Blegh!!!!
16.he wears a size 11 shoe I think??? Again a little help here Tay!!!
17. In his eyes his dog roxy was the bestest x mas present ever!!!!
18. He eventually wants to become a director!!! Haha that would be cool my Tay!!!!
19. He's a smarty goody two shoes!!!!! He's never tasted alchohol or any of that and he's always gotten strait a's!!!! Wow iv never gotten anything that good!!!!
20.last but not least....... HE CANT STAND BEING BARE FOOT!!!! outa all things!!!! But hey, it's Tay and I love home either way (wow I rhymed!!!)

kk well I hope you enjoyed!!!! I lovve yaaa tayyyylooorrr muah hugs and kisses!!!!

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Comment by Ulli Neumann on July 30, 2010 at 12:54am
loved fact 14 :-) nice list btw
Comment by Skyler807 on July 30, 2010 at 9:32pm
I did enjoy your list...It's cute and funny! I did not know that his house in Grand Rapids burnt down and that they lost everything.. I am thankfull that nobody got hurt. pfiewwww. I wonder if you ever met him in person? How would you or did you react ?
Comment by avril black (aka avril cullen) on August 15, 2010 at 1:45am
um i know him so thats how i got all these things for the list well the things that he approved of!!!


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