Yesterday I watched New Moon and have reviewed it, and those times I just can't help but notice some differences.

62! Those were the number of scenes from the New Moon movie i counted to have been altered or changed from the book. No, it wasn't my intention, it just happens. Midway in the movie i just found myself tracing a number and the next number after that of scenes I found to be different. I should expect that, of course, finding something new in the movie i mean. After all, that is always the case on books-turned-to-movie (like Harry Potter for instance, even True Blood), right?! And, it is also a normal reaction for some avid readers to feel that the movie is short or far from what they expected. Yes, but...

IMO, Melissa Rosenberg, did a good job; so does Director Chris Weitz. They had tried to put together important scenes from the book in just two hours and a half, tried to show some continuity from scenes that otherwise would take long for a movie. And, before i watched, I already readied myself for any surprises. :)

Another thing I noticed is on how they create new scenes for those who haven't read the book to understand, such as the dilemma and the crisis the characters experienced (like in the hands of the Volturi).

In the movie, Taylor shows his total hotness and good acting skills (he will definitely show more of his acting chops in Eclipse), Robert is doing good depicting Edward's restraint in the "breaking up " with Bella, and Kristen finally shows Bella's personality (compared in Twilight).

Anyway, here are just some of the 62 I've pointed out not found in the book... of course, not counting lines from the books that were also changed. [of course, i may have missed some.]

1. Edward wasn't waiting for Bella in school that morning of her birthday.
2. Angela and Eric are still together?!
3. Jacob arrives at Bella's school.
4. Jacob greets bella on her birthday at school.
5. Jacob giving Bella a gift (dreamweaver).
6. Bella and Edward talking about Romeo at school.
7. Tables of the Cullens and Bella's human friends in the cafeteria are still separated.
8. Charlie kept going to Bella's room every time Bella has a nightmare.
9. Jacob at Bella's during the search in the woods.
10. Bella riding with a biker from Old Pete's.
11. Bella's face supposed to be covered with dirt and the bike on top of her during her first ride.
12. Bella's bike was silver (not red, from the book).
13. The Volvo.
14. Jacob almost punching Mike at the theater.
15. Jacob pushing Bella away outside his house, not in the forest of La Push.
16. Bella confronts the wolf pack near Jacob's house, and was rescued by Bella.
17. Bella punching Paul.
18. There were six wolves (counting Sam) at the meadow when Quil isn't supposed to be part of the pack yet.
19. Harry Clearwater was in the house when Bella told Charlie about the wolves she saw.
20. Harry Clearwater attacked by Victoria.
21. Charlie talking to Bella about leaving Forks outside the house.
22. Alice's eyes were golden when she came to Bella's house.
23. Jacob begging Bella to stay and not go with Alice outside the house (not inside).
24. Edward crushing his phone and not throwing it into the trash.
25. Edward came out full under the sun.
26. Edward and Bella were inside the building (not in an alley) as Felix and Demetri approach.
27. Aro ordering the guards to kill them (Alice, Edward and Bella)
28. Marcus talking.
29. Fighting with the Volturi guards.
30. Edward proposing at the forest.
31. Jacob talking to Bella and Edward out far in the woods near the highway.
32. Jacob transforming and ready to fight Edward.

...and others...

so, what are your reviews...

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Comment by EMMA.!! on November 21, 2009 at 3:46am
I thought NEW MOON was just brilliant.,.!!!!
I did notice a few of the changes in the movie compared with the book that you mentioned above - not quite as many as you - I have to say.,.lol
I did feel at times tho as if some of the scenes were abit rushed and you were left wanting more.,.(especially after the last scene.,.lol.,.).,.I felt as tho I wanted to live the scenes out a little longer.,.!!! BUT absolutely loved the movie and I cant wait to watch it again - to take it all in.,.!!!!!! =D
Comment by Olympia on November 21, 2009 at 6:31am
i agree with EmMuff "Pattz" Raymond. the scenes were a bit rushed but that happened because Chris Weitz tried to put every single scene from the book to the movie, and i so love him for this! now about the scenes they changed.. i really don't care, they made it even more interesting to watch, especially the scene in voltera! I SO LOVED NEW MOON! I WANT TO SEE IT AGAIN! AND I WILL :D
Comment by Kelsie on November 21, 2009 at 7:15am
There are a lot of parts i dont think we needed but it worked well...i wish there was more little parts from the book but hey we cant always have what we want right?
Comment by Becky on November 21, 2009 at 1:49pm
i agree with Alicia Black this is a bit over the top i love the books and new moon followed the book mostly but you have to amalgamate certain things to fit them all in, there is a time scale you know, the movie got all the main points across and if my husband could follow it without having reading the books believe me it did the job well
Comment by Danielle<3 on November 22, 2009 at 6:38am
i think most of them are going into a bit too much detail, besides charlie doesn't go to check on bella when he is asleep on the sofa.. I agree Jacob going to punch Mike at the cinema was abit wierd though..


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