So lets begin to unpack my thoughts....

My whole name is sanna-elina rosenlund and i have been on this planet over 22 years now and i attempt to live here forever ( if i was vampire i would do that..) i like to think that there are vampires, werewolfs and shape shifters in this world. I love all this supernatural stuff, i think this world needs that.

I find that vampires are very interesting subject to talk about and the whole world of supernatural things have always been close to my heart. I dont remember the first book that i read related to vampires, but Anne Rice`s books were there at the beging when i first start to read about vampires.
I liked very much these books called Interview with the vampire, Vampire Lestat and the queen of the damned.

Music is also a big part of my life, I cant go anywhere without music. Life would be very boring place if there werent music that makes you feel better when you are sad or when you are happy. Music is the tool that i use when i feel that i have to be creative and it helps my imagination to fly. I also love to dance and it would be very difficult to dance if there isnt music with it. My taste of music is so simple. I just simply love all kind of music, it depends on my mood.

I love to lay down under the summer sky, feel the grass under me and smell the freshly cut grass while the sunlight gently touches my face. the sunlight is so warm and i can really feel that there isnt anything in this world that could hurt me or make me feel bad. In summer i love to go otuside and take my book with me and just simply get wrapped up in the imaginary world, where everybody could live happily ever after.

Stars that shines up in the nightsky makes you believe that there are mysterious things that you necessarily dont belive that there could exist. it creates this mysterious world around you and wrapps you in it. The moon is beautiful when it shines on to the sky. You could almost hear the howling of wolves and it echoes into the night. That how i feel sometimes when im awake at night when everybody else is sleeping.

these are the few things in my head that i thought that i could share with you... hopefully you liked it...

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