30 Days of Twilight: Day 19 - What Bugged You The Most?

30 Days of Twilight: Day 19 - What Bugged You The Most?

What bugged you the most about the books or movies? 

Obviously we are all HUGE Twilight fans and love, love, love the series!! But this is our chance to express something that maybe we were not super happy with. Maybe your favorite book part was left out of the movie? Maybe there was something added to a movie that you didn't think should have been? Maybe you didn't like a certain characters look or there wasn't enough of certain characters? Maybe the way they tried to shove the love triangle down our throats? Maybe there was too much Jacob?

What bugged me the most was the bad wigs, the wrong Volvo & Jacob imprinting on Renessme. Also, Edward was not the right kind of sparkly, especially in the first Twilight movie, it got better in the later movies. And one last thing, the scene in Eclipse where Bella jumps on the back of Jacob's motorcycle and leaves Edward in the school parking lot. No! No! No! That was just wrong. 


Now it's your turn! Let us know what bugged you! (please remember this isn't for arguing with each other.)

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Comment by Jasper'sDarlinAngel on November 19, 2013 at 7:44am
Hands down, definitely not enough Jalice....... as a couple and indviduals....... they weren't at the prom in Twiight........ New Moon wasnt even worth watching, BUT I DO LOVE Eclipsr just for the simole fact that my man (Jasper obviously) is in there so much and his accent oh my Jadper, swoon, and lastly Breaking Dawn my man dies......... so i kinds have tiffs about them all, excepting Eclipse..........;);):):)
Comment by Amy Cullen on November 19, 2013 at 7:52am

I hated the way Bella repeatedly hurt Edward with the way she always ran to/defended Jacob.  His anguished looks both in the book and movies were heartbreaking.  I hated how they left out the scene of Bella collapsing in Edward's arms after their run in with the Volturi in New Moon.  I still cringe when I watch Seth's eyes roll back into his head after Jane kills him in the dream sequence in BD2, it was and still is a little too much for me.  The wigs were definitely bad, I agree there.  And I am sad that Midnight Sun was never finished.  On a brighter note, did everyone see Mike Welch (aka Mike Newton) on Friday's Grimm ;)

Comment by Christine Pincince on November 19, 2013 at 8:06am

In New Moon I thought the worst of all the movies was the over acted forced fake "Kiss me" by Bella on the fake flakes  mountain after being told by Jacob he would kill himself at the hands of the Voltari because she was marrying Edward. In fact I think it was one of the most embarrassing scenes I have ever seen in a movie. Really cringe worthy and I would assume as professionals it was embarrassing for them as well or at least it should have been. I was a ridicules huge fan with even the spare bedroom done just  like Bella's with the real purple bedspread and untold heaps of movies/books/dolls and gee gaws. And that is embarrassing as well, at least it should be, for a retired successful business woman who is a happily married 68 year old married to a sweet guy who doesn't mind my silliness. smile...I am pretty much over it.. the trampire bit was the end for me. looking for a buyer for my hundreds of dollars worth of fangirl stash.

Comment by BG Willis on November 19, 2013 at 8:19am

OMG where to start? I know it sounds silly since I do love the fact that the books were made into films but I have a list as long as my arm. There are the little things, some you mentioned, like the bad wigs, the wrong Volvo, bizarre Edward hairstyles and makeup, etc. But it's the content of the films that I hate the most: Edward and Bella never saying 'I love you' in the first film; Bella leaving with Jake on that damn bike; Bella acting like kissing Jake was no big deal, the stupid 'you're not the reason I want to be a vampire' speech at the end of Eclipse, etc. etc. There are multiple examples, all of which point to a screenwriter that never got it, never understood the reason why we are all here in the first place - Edward and Bella. They should have been the guiding force behind the films but I felt many times as though they were an afterthought. Their love was what made Twilight interesting, different and special. And I felt so many times as though no one connected to the films believed that. Yes, Jacob was in the books. But as infuriating as it was, I never felt that Edward and Bella lost their connection. The films tried to make Jacob a part of a triangle that never really was, make him a hero. And he wasn't. I never got the fun part of Eclipse, Edward and Bella being a couple, laughing together, flirty and fun. Instead we got Jacob trying to come between them. Again, I am glad we got at least some of what made Twilight special. And the last two films were much better. But the mistakes still make me wonder what could have been had we had a script that truly represented what Twilight was: a life changing, all consuming love between two people who had hurdles to overcome.

Comment by April Thompson on November 19, 2013 at 8:31am

I didn't like that they changed the Volvo in the movies, the C30 in the first movie was great even though it wasn't the one from the book, but the one in BDP1 and BDP2 was the one Stephenie described in the book didn't appeal to me. I think that the deleted scenes from BDP1 should have been in the film, Leah in BDP1 was left out e.g. her shouting at Bella. The talk between Edward and Jacob in BDP1 where Edward asks Jacob to talk to Bella was done wrong which annoys me a little. Basically the fact that a lot of the book content was not in the films, especially the fact that Bill Condon added 3 new characters into BDP2, Yvette, Henri and Toshiro, and erased Kachiri, even though she was the leader of the Amazons.

Comment by Jessica on November 19, 2013 at 8:35am

From the books what bugged me the most was how fast she took him back.  Which is why one of my favorite fanfics ever written is lolashoes' My Yes/My No.  About the movies the meadow scene was completely ruined in the movie.  So unfortunate.  Heck they never even say I love you in the movie!  The level of commitment doesn't come across well.  

Comment by Lynn Chappell on November 19, 2013 at 9:05am

Wow, not sure where to start. Everyone has said ALOT of what I was going to write. My thing is this, I don't think Melissa should have written the movie.  I don't think she got it or captured it at all. I think she left out way too many important things, they may be small but important none the less. I am not happy that Stephenie let her write it the way she did and approved of it. Why would you let someone change what you worked so hard and long on?  None of the Harry Potter movies are less than 2 to 3 hours. I feel like we were cheated out of so much. Maybe it needs to be redone by the person that did Harry?   Just saying, alot may not be left out then. I would love to see the scene in the first one where there are blood samples done and Bella almost faints and has to go to the nurse and Edward had skipped class.  The conversation between Alice and Bella in Eclipse about the wedding and all. The tux and dress fittings for Charlie and Bella. Alice being her Maid of Honor while Rose plays the piano.  Little things that should be there.  The whole before car scene with Bella at the gas station. Would love to have seen that. My mom and I keep coming up with new scenes they should have put in. She said something about a scene in the first book with Edward and Bella in the cafeteria that is cute and not in the movie and one of her fave scenes. She would like to have seen it. I don't remember which one she is talking about personally. Bad me:(   I know the movies can't be exactly like the books but they should be darn close. Harry Potters movies are.  I know they probably didn't get everything there either but the movies are longer where they at least tried to get it in there is my point. Look how long the 2 Deathly Hollow movies are. We as fans were cheated, plain and simple.  I would love to see them redone a few years down the road and more content from the books the way they should have been done in the first place.  OK I'm done off my soapbox now.  You asked for it:) LOL

Comment by Cullenhalelover on November 19, 2013 at 10:22am

I love how so many of us are like, oh wow, where do I start, because that is what a twihard does. We love and support the books and films as much as we can, but that does not mean we cannot see the flaws and miscues. For me, I think there are a few things that stood out the most: Edward coming off as such a weak fighter, the love triangle being hyped up so much...along with Jacob, and the inconsistencies with the Cullens as a family and mates. 

Edward was so awesome in the books, especially Eclipse, and I loved when Bella finally saw him fight Victoria and realized, wow, Edward can throw down. Not only is he faster than most vampires, but he can read their moves in their mind before they do it, but in the films, to add "suspense" or whatever excuse they gave, we did not see any of that. In New Moon, they did not even give Edward a chance to show his ability during the Volturi scene and surprise, surprise Melissa Rosenberg refused to let Edward have his moment. Eclipse was the worst though when not only did Edward have a hard time with Victoria, but he gets his butt handed to him and Bella is seen as this hero. Rosenberg admitted that she wanted to make Bella seem "progressive" but even if she is a feminist, there is a fundamental issue when the only way you can make a woman seem "progressive" is if you have to weaken a man. 

The love triangle hype was an easy flaw to pick out. It was so obvious what they were trying to do with making Taylor a heartthrob, showing off his abs, and shoving the wolf pack and the triangle down our throats. I love that Taylor is such a sweetheart and dedicated enough to work out, but the fact that Summit tried to make building up some abs as the equivalent of being a tall, hulking, formidable wolf was laughable. They downplayed a lot to fit Taylor instead of making the actor fit the character, but I was fine with that until they made the love triangle so overblown thanks in part by omitting scenes....Bella crying and feeling remorse in the tent after kissing Jacob....and adding ridiculous ones....Bella taking off on the bike with Jake and leaving Edward. 

Last but certainly not least, all of the Cullens got the shaft in the films. Emmett and Rosalie, weren't passionate, mates rarely showed their protective side, and even Alice and Jasper were so different than in the books. What bugged me the most in general was a complete disregard for the books and Rosenberg and some of the directors feeling like they could change whatever they wanted because they knew we would watch anyways.

Comment by Eleeze26 on November 19, 2013 at 11:00am

Hello fellow fans!!

I'm so static for this series of posts!!

I totally agree with you about what bugged me, specially that scene in Eclipse with Jacob and the bike!! I also agree with the whole sparkliness and wholewordliness I had in my mind after reading the books for Edward that was seriously laking, it got better at Breaking Dawn I must recognize.

But what bothered me the most, and idk if I'm misinterpreting my book Bella, is that at the end of Eclipse she says in the movie that it wasn't all for Edward that she changed her mind about marryig him. For me she was always clear that what she wanted the most or even at all, was to be with Edward forever. But I guess, adapting the movie to the times or the broader audience appeal most be the producers intention, maybe...

Comment by Terri M on November 19, 2013 at 11:47am

I am sitting here laughing, because you all have said so much of what I was thinking and feeling.  What probably irritated me the VERY MOST, was all the good scenes that SHOULD have been put in, but instead (in my opinion) stupid useless scenes were put in.....i.e. in Twilight, when Bell comes back from the field trip (what field trip in the book????--was this supposed to take the place of the movie they watch in Biology??), and she talks with Charlie in the kitchen, drinks a glass of water (they discuss Renee and Phil; "what a good guy he is")---really that was the most stupid scene I remember; it seemed very awkward and in my opinion just "thrown in there to waste time".  All the rest of what you put, I second!!!!!!  And yes, I too wanted much more "I love you"s in the movie!!!!!


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