30 Days of Twilight: Day 19 - What Bugged You The Most?

30 Days of Twilight: Day 19 - What Bugged You The Most?

What bugged you the most about the books or movies? 

Obviously we are all HUGE Twilight fans and love, love, love the series!! But this is our chance to express something that maybe we were not super happy with. Maybe your favorite book part was left out of the movie? Maybe there was something added to a movie that you didn't think should have been? Maybe you didn't like a certain characters look or there wasn't enough of certain characters? Maybe the way they tried to shove the love triangle down our throats? Maybe there was too much Jacob?

What bugged me the most was the bad wigs, the wrong Volvo & Jacob imprinting on Renessme. Also, Edward was not the right kind of sparkly, especially in the first Twilight movie, it got better in the later movies. And one last thing, the scene in Eclipse where Bella jumps on the back of Jacob's motorcycle and leaves Edward in the school parking lot. No! No! No! That was just wrong. 


Now it's your turn! Let us know what bugged you! (please remember this isn't for arguing with each other.)

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Comment by Patty Presley on November 19, 2013 at 2:44pm

Sarah....I don't like the spider monkey line in twilight, either....but the proposal line in eclipse bothered me even more than that. 

Comment by Amy Cullen on November 19, 2013 at 2:48pm
All of you have made me think one other omitted scene in Eclipse that bugged me, Bella crying in the car after visiting Jacob and Edward coming to her even tho he was hurt, loved that and their talk :(
Comment by Lawsy89 on November 19, 2013 at 3:43pm

What bugged me the most about the movies was Melissa Rosenberg's treatment of the books to the screen. It was obvious from the first movie, with how rushed she made Edward and Bella's relationship and how they didn't say I love you to one another - a small fact that absolutely irritates me, that Melissa never understood why all us Twihards loved these books to begin with - Edward and Bella.

It was their relationship that won our hearts, but in the movies it was their relationship, their connection, that got pushed aside for the sake of Jacob. The triangle something I loathe in both the books and even more so the movies that became so Pro-Jacob that there are some scenes that I just can't watch - Eclipse where she leaves with Jacob on the motorcycle. Eclipse where she kisses Jacob after he threatens to kill himself. With Melissa's writing ruining all of Edward's best moments, making him a controlling jerk and then leaving all the sympathy for Jacob. Hating horribly the way Bella treated Edward throughout all of Eclipse, or how shamefully Jacob manipulates and guilt trips Bella in Eclipse, with neither of these two things being called out on.

With the way both the wolves and Jacob are also portrayed in the movies, as faster, stronger and better fighters then the Cullens, also irking me to no end. Absolutely hating how weak they made Edward as a fighter, especially when in the books he is known as being one of the best, second only to Jasper. Having believed from the start that MR and Catherine Hardwicke were the worst choices for this series, as were some of the casting choices in Nikki Reed and the hair and makeup choices that at times were just cringe worthy. 

Also correct me if i'm wrong, as it's been a while, but isn't the first time Edward and Bella say 'I Love You' to one another in Breaking Dawn Part 1, as I can't remember them saying it to each other before that. And as for all the missing scenes we never got or were substituted for something less, one of the major scenes that I hated that they cut was Edward's reaction to Jacob's imprinting on Renesmee. A situation that I hate in and of itself. And then again making Jacob the hero in the scene that followed and just having Edward accept that his manipulating jerk who was after his wife is now forever connected to his daughter. I hated it. As well as Jacob's selfish actions in telling Charlie what he was and all because he couldn't let Bella and Renesmee leave.

And I simply won't mention the lack of a true meadow scene in Twilight or the incredibly bad special effects that was Edward's sparkle, they simply go without mentioning.

Comment by Taylor Black on November 19, 2013 at 3:59pm
In eclipse I loved how Bella snuck out to see Jacob while Edward was away hunting. I would have liked the movies to be a bit closer to the books but it was okay how it turned out. I would have liked there to be more scenes between Bella and Edward at school in Twilight. That's where they do most of their conversations in the books. Plus the kiss scene between Jacob and Bella, In the books at first she fells nothing for it because she loves Edward which i liked but slowly as he pushes her and pushes her she opens up slightly. In the movie it made it seem like she had wanted that all the time and that she had no regret. She didn't even apologise to Edward. And in all the promos it was all about her making her choice. She never had a choice. She was always meant to be with Edward. I guess they used the love triangle to help advertise and sell the movie. I think there should have been more bonding scenes between Bella and Edward. I know they are pressed for time but it was hard to see how they fell in love. The movie made it seem like it appeared out of thin air and they only liked each other because Edward couldn't read her mind and because he was a vampire and she accepted that. Which is not true if you read Midnight Sun. Those who've seen the movies but haven't read the books wont get the appeal of Bella to Edward or how Bella feels about him. But I still love the books and the movies.
Comment by StephyLuvsB&E on November 19, 2013 at 5:09pm

I can honestly say there was really nothing in the books and movie that bothered me soo much, but I truly wished they incorporated more of the dialogue between Edward and Bella that was featured in some of the chapters in the "Twilight" book that are referred to as Ch.14 "Mind over Matter" and the beginning of Ch.15 "The Cullens". Also in the "New Moon" book, I loved their entire dialogue in Ch. 23 "The Truth". I find that these are the chapters I am constantly re-reading over and over again!

In addition, I would have loved for Edward to call Bella "Love" throughout all of the movies as his character did in each book. 

Lastly, I wanted to see more kisses between Edward and Bella.

Overall, I truly enjoyed reading all of the books and seeing the movie, for it was simply awesome and incredible how our favorite actors and actresses brought our beloved characters to life on-screen. Oh, one more thing, I really, really would have wanted each movie to be much longer in length of time.

Comment by Titania Volturi~Cullen on November 19, 2013 at 6:45pm

Along with many fans, I was also bugged by Stephenie’s “I’m over it response.” Although I can understand being an author myself that sometimes a project can be overwhelming and take a lot out of you, but Twilight is what put Stephenie on the "map" so to speak.  But yes I don't think it was a good thing to say publically even if she felt that way privately.

But what bugged me the MOST about Twilight was the AWFUL the confrontation/fight scene "Breaking Dawn Part 2." For me it ruined the Twilight movie verse completely. I was devastated at how they portrayed Aro especially making him so mechanical, 2-dinmensional and way too evil.  I also thought Carlisle and Alice were portrayed badly also. That said, I still ADORE the actors. There's only so much fantastic actors can do with an awful script.  The characters were written into a corner where their actions sparked off the fight.  The Cullens and Volturi are my favourite Twi teams so I'm Team Switzerland :)  The characters would never have been so stupid as to start the fight knowing that it would cost lives.  One does not have to have visions to work out thumping Aro in to the air would NOT make him a happy camper.  Stephenie certainly didn’t write them like that.  She wrote deep, meaningful and insightful characters.  I hated how her characters were squished into black and white Hollywood molds of good VS evil.  The Volturi struck me as antagonists, rather than "bad guys." Caius and Jane seemed the most evil and sadistic of them.

Even Edward and Bella seemed flat to me in the fight scene.  In the book, Bella came into her own and realised her special power without having to resort to violence.  I know the saga revolves around Edward and Bella, whom I ADORE, but that does not mean the other characters have to be ruined especially when that severely deviated with how they were written in the book.  In the book it was *Cauis* who smiled when the Denali coven’s mother and immortal child were killed, *not* Aro. In the book, Caius also wanted the others killed, but Aro declared they were innocent. Though this scene was conveniently omitted from the movie and Aro smiling made him made to look cruel and evil, making it convenient to just make him the major bad guy.  Stephenie wrote characters so much more complex than that and the fight scene, which just made me feel sick and numb at the same time. Even Stephenie herself said later, was too one sided. Then why wasn't this seen to and amended in the script writing phase? I’m struggling to make ends meet when these Hollywood types make millions and we the fans deserved a way better movie than we got.  I was upset there was very little of Carlisle in the movie.  I especially wanted to see the scenes with him rousing Edward and the scene at the end where he was even prepared to forgive Aro.

I am OK with the typical-Hollywood invented 'fight vision' scene, as it was an interesting twist, however to stay truer to the book and Stephenie's characters it should have been Caius who started it as he wanted to in the book and tried to spark he other side off by killing Irina. This would have been another twist as the characters can all be waiting for Aro to start something and it’s Caius who shocks everyone (including Aro!) The Cullens and witnesses also seemed flat and 2-D in the fight scene, however the characters were portrayed well before that.  I adore Carlisle as he’s so sweet and kind and Aro as he’s so peppy and when I saw a poser of him with the release of New Moon, those deep red eyes, I fell in love with him because he needed love :)

When I saw Stephenie Meyer's name in BIG letters when BD2 started, I sat back in my cinema seat relieved (as I had worried since I read that book that they would ruin Aro's character) that the movie would not be ruined, and BOY was I wrong. I felt so betrayed by that and also Summit Entertainment for not making the move as epic as it should have been. As I sat watching the fight scene, I felt numb, sick betrayed and powerless. I also felt portraying Aro so way more overly crazy and overly evil (that he was in the book) is not a good thing for those suffering from mental challenges as it only serves to spread the fear that we’re all mad psychos, which is not the case. Things like that increase those with said challenges being called ‘freaks’ being hurt physically and emotionally and finding it even harder to be accepted in society. My Aspergers is a challenge and has definitely made my life very interesting and very painful, though does not make me want to go around harming people. It makes me more insightful and open-minded and I would not trade those special insights for the world.  If anything people like Aro, who in real life, are like frightened children who need nurture, love and understanding.

Twilight first came to me in a time of my life of severe depression and helped me out of it, that that epic love was still possible for me (I was 37 then.) It's a test of my strength that I've had to pull myself out once again of those devastating depressing depths since “Breaking Dawn 2” as I know the characters I loved were not so evil and foolish.  Sorry, it hurt so much and so deeply, it's been very hard to write about it and post until now.

Man, I'd love to have the money to remake that scene into something that is much truer to the characters, a more realistic fight scene (which Caius starts) and a much deeper and more meaningful scene. I AM  envisioning Summit re-thinking that scene and re-making it for the fans and to be a forerunner in Hollywood for breaking that typical mold. Perhaps they can re-release the entire Twilight Saga at the movies with extra footage and do it as a huge charity drive, donating a portion of the profits to a nominated charity.

And to take Aro out of that godawful, hideous military uniform. It was rigid, ugly and mechanical.  Aro is supposed to be elegant and flowing, so I’d put him in something sinister, yet elegant, like a black old style waistcoat with a silver dragon, or silver and gold snakes. Did Summit actually *read* the books? 

They did a good job with the other movies and the costumes (bar some of the awful things they had Bella in like her birthday dress and prom outfit) The scenes leading up to the BD2 climax were little rushed, but very good.  I just wish with all my heart and soul that they had not ruined the entire saga with how they cheapened the charters and made the ending very cliched.  I loved the scene where Renesmee touched Aro’s face and he softened and we saw a gentler side to him.

And yes that military suit did make Aro look fat ;) A least I still have my sense of humour after all this :) and yes, Aro knows I tease him. As long as it's meant in fun, You're allowed to tease the ones you love. That’s the Law.  Even Caius will tell you that ;)

Comment by Alexis Silva on November 19, 2013 at 7:55pm

I think everyone in the comments section got it cover! Well what bugged me was when Bella made the long, whats-the-point speech, in Eclipse. It was kind of awkward. Also in the book New Moon, how Bella just took Edward back, just like a snap! Could she just played a little  hard to get? Also again Eclipse! How Bella took of with Jake! Pissed me off! I was like WHAT? That's so wrong! I was thinking 'get yo' get your act together girl!' DAMN!

Comment by barbaracorker on November 19, 2013 at 8:16pm

First of all, everyone who answered the question was right! What really bugged me were the clothes and hair as described in the book were so different in all the movies . In New Moon I wish they had more of Bellas and Edwards return from Italy on the plane incounter, the touching,longing they both shared was missed so much. I hated Bella riding off with Jacob on his motorcycle !! Boy is it hard to think off all the little things that made me smile in the book, Bella and Angela talking about boys and Angela not having Ben as her boyfriend...great question!

Comment by beacullen on November 19, 2013 at 11:33pm

Oh wow!!! Ok the meadow sucked, I know the trees were cool but come on the meadow scene in the book was HUGE.  It bugged me that where she took him to tell him was to walk behind the school.  I loved the look of the scene, but it wasn't Twilight.  I HATED how Bella didn't cry when Edward was leaving her in NM.  When he kissed her forehead he was so hurt looking and she didn't even cry.  But when Jacob threatened that he'd kill himself in Eclipse, OMG huge deal!!!  I hated that when Bella goes to save Edward in NM that his eyes were still golden, even though he hadn't fed for months.  I am so glad they have the extended version of BD1 because those little parts make a huge difference and should never have been cut.  OH and when Edward brings Bella to meet his family and some disembodied voice says "here comes the human"  but its not Esme and it sure as hell wasn't Rose LOL.  I couldn't believe there was no I love you in Twilight, it was like everyone else has said, they missed the whole point of the books.  But I would ...and do watch them over and over hahaha

Comment by Yaroslava on November 20, 2013 at 3:23am

It's not an easy topic to discuss,because it is hard to criticise something that you love that  much.I mean,The Saga's become a part of me and it feels like you're finding imperfections in yourself,at least this is how I feel. But at the same time I'm glad you decided to ask about it.

Well,to be honest I was a little bit dissappointed with the last film.I can't say the main reason why it's happened.I guess it's just that small details and imperfections that made me feel so.The main thing I was disappointed in was how they made Renesmee's face look like when she was a baby.I understand that it's not an easy thing to do,but I can't understand how the professionals let it happen.Her face looked so unnatural.

Another thing  that was sad for me to see(or,better,not to see) that the scene when Bella's driving the car Edward bought her wasn't included in the film.I was hoping I could see it,because it's one of my favourite moments from the book.

And the saddest thing of that all is that they didn't include that little coversation between vampire Bella and a man behind the building(where Bella wanted to get passports for Renesmee and Jacob,remember?).Bella said something like:'You know,my husband and I also concider...'I wanted to hear 'my husband and I' so badly that I had been waiting mostly for that scene!I almost started crying when I realised I'd never see it.

Oh,just remembered:that scene when Jacob speaks with Charlie in the forest and then starts to put his clothes off was so not as in the book!It turned out to be funny,buy it shouldn't be in my opinion.

And I definitely agree with Kim about the scene when 'Bella jumps on the back of Jacob's motorcycle and leaves Edward in the school parking lot'.It was completely wrong!When I saw the trailer,I was angry.I couldn't understand where did this scene even came from!What for?Did someone for real think it was not enough action and feelings in 'Eclipse' and decided to add this?


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