5 Reasons Vanessa Hudgens Should Absolutely Not Be Cast in the Twilight Sequel

I have been trying to avoid the disney kid movie star Vanessa Hudgens subject because I want to just pretend there is no way this could happen to the book adaptation we all love. Now I know people who hate the movie and love the book. They aren't as excited/invested in what happens in New Moon right? Well people-I loved the first movie and I am so excited about New Moon that I could just burst into flames or rob a movie studio to get an advance copy!

But news/rumors of Vanessa Hudgens being cast as Leah in New Moon is almost enough bad news to put me into a deep depression. I was on the fence about Taylor Lautner, then decided he was the right guy after my girls in TwiChurch converted me. Then I got excited he was officially part of the cast. Now this! I keep chanting in my head it's just a rumor, it's just a rumor but everyone on every website is talking about it.

I try to find somewhat original blogs and this one below totally had me laughing and those of you that chat with me know I totally love to laugh!!!! Those of you that agree with the depression of this possible choice, might not have to take zanax to calm your nerves on this next casting choice issue!!!

5 Reasons Vanessa Hudgens Should Absolutely Not Be Cast in the Twilight Sequel
by Angel Cohn January 12, 2009 2:40 PM

1. The Internet Will Explode
Quite simply, if all the High School Musical fans start following the Twilight saga as intently as they do HSM, there isn't going to be enough bandwidth in the world to hold them all.

2. She's Supposed to be A Werewolf/Shape Shifter!!!
There was all this talk about sweet-faced Taylor Lautner not being able to be tough and big enough to fully embody the character of Jacob, and now they might cast Hudgens? Does this make any sense to anyone? Hudgens is one of the teeny tiniest most dainty little girly girls on the planet. While Leah isn't supposed to be as big as the guys, she does have to maintain a certain bit of muscle to take on the role. She'd need to be a badass chick, which I certainly cannot see Hudgens doing. She's too smiley, even when she's trying to pout.

3. Leah's Supposed To Be Heartbroken
Not saying that Hudgens doesn't have range (which she might, but we've yet to really see it) but this heart-broken character is in theory so upset that a guy dumped her for anothe girl that she's kind of a b****. One would imagine that you'd have to have some real relationship in your life to know that pain. Hudgens is living in the candy colored Zac Efron "dating" world right now, so doesn't seem like she's got a hell of a lot of experiences to draw on.

4. Did They Learn Nothing About Casting Thirteen People?
Aside from High School Musical, Hudgens's only other big screen role (we're purposefully ignoring Thunderbirds for her sake and ours) was in Thirteen. Twilight is already saddled with the horrible Nikki Reed, who is not the most beautiful woman in the world and not nearly right to play Rosalie. They just fired Twilight writer/director Catherine Hardwicke because she wasn't a good fit. Let's not make the same mistake again, OK?

5. The Inevitable Vanessa Hudgens Pop Track Saddled on to the Soundtrack
Since there's no singing in this movie, and Hudgens is a burgeoning pop star, it is not a huge leap to imagine that she'll go all Beyonce and ask to have a song included on the soundtrack... just because. Considering the normal Twilight fare is all angsty rock like Paramore and Muse, I can't imagine Hudgens's style being a good fit. Unless she does a total remake of her image between now and then.

On the plus side, she's got good hair. And that's a good thing for a werewolf to have. And there's a small part of her heritage that is Native American. So those are some things, though they don't personally change my mind.

So fellow Twilight fans... what do you think? Do you think she'll make a convincing Quileute pack member? Does this make you more inclined to see the next movie, or do you think that if they cast her it is just another nail in the coffin of this franchise? Sound off below.

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Comment by magicolour on January 13, 2009 at 12:00pm
I agree with pretty much every point made. I mean, personally, I used to hate rock music. But now, I can hardly stand most pop. I don't even like Vanessa's music, and if it turned up in the movie adaption of one of my favourite books, I swear, I would boycott any Summit related thing, including other movies (not that it would make much difference, or make them care, but anyway). I mean, she's perfect and all for Gabriella in (dare I say it) HSM, but for NM? Excusse me?! There is no word on this earth that could describe how I would feel.
The whole 'Internet would explode' thing is so true. I mean, Twilight meets HSM? Not only does that thought make me want to hurl, it just seems too huge to comprehend. I mean, MTV's sever crashed when too many Twilighters went looking for Twilight related photos. Next thing you know, HSM fans will start speculating if Zac will replace Edward or something (I know it sounds outrageous and all, but hey, people talk). I would do much worse than scream if that happened.
I'm not saying I hate Vanessa, I just CANT see her playing Leah in the moive (not that Leah's really in NM anyway). I doubt they'd cast her though; I bet they'll use someone that no one's ever heard of, just because:
a) it's cheaper
b) they'll make a star, and possibly get some credit for it
Summit hasn't comfirmed anything yet, and I'm not really surprised; it's all a money making scheme to them, and if NM getting publicity before they even start filming, then of course they'll let it carry on for a bit longer. I just hope they don't listen to the gossip and actually cast her...
Comment by Aimee on January 13, 2009 at 12:50pm
I really think that she would be a horrible choice. I just can't get my mind around it! Taylor is as young and bubbly as I'm willing to go! I think Summit should draw the line when it comes to Disney stars, unless the integrity of the books means nothing to them and they're just trying to draw in a whole new hoard of screaming tweens! Yuck, i think I just threw up in my mouth!
Comment by Alison Genet on January 13, 2009 at 1:22pm
AMEN to both and I just threw up in my mouth when I uttered the words rumored!!!! yes it's that bad summit! I hope you are reading this...
Comment by Brianna on January 13, 2009 at 1:37pm
i think that was a little harsh. i don't really like that person's reasons, they were hardly related to why she wouldn't be good as leah, but more like why we all shouldn't like her. granted, i think casting her would be a terrible idea, but those weren't good reasons not to cast someone. plus, the cheap shots at catherine and nikki were unnecessary. i don't know, i just didn't think that was a very tactful bit. i get that people are a lot about the movie, hell, i'm one of them, but personal attacks bug me. this is by no means an attack on you, alison, but whoever wrote that list. i totally agree that vanessa would be terrible for leah and would be pretty disgusted if she were cast. i just feel like some people criticize for the wrong reasons.
Comment by Brianna on January 13, 2009 at 1:38pm
that was supposed to be care** a lot about the movie
Comment by Catherine_Cookie(Team Dimitri) on January 13, 2009 at 3:02pm
I totally agree! She is definetly not the right person or actress to play Leah! She is way to preppy and omg valley girl! I just can't imagine her playing the part of Leah at all!
Comment by paige on January 13, 2009 at 11:25pm
i agree ! i hate vanessa hudgens ! she cant act or sing. the movie will be wrecked if she is in it !


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