6 Things That Happened at the Twilight Wedding That Would Never Happen in Real Life (Besides Vampires Showing Up)

We all loved the wedding scene, but we have to admit that some things that happened would be impossible to happen in a 'normal' marriage  (apart from the fact that the groom and his family are vampires)...:D 

Check out Glamour 's list of ( 6 things that happened at Edward & Bella 's wedding but impossible to happen in real wedding )..


1-The mother of the bride seemed surprised to receive the wedding invitation in the mail.Yes, Bella lives with and is much closer with her dad. But COME ON. No bride I know would keep her wedding a secret from her own mother until wedding invitations went out. Plus, the wedding invitation text starts with “Together with their families.” If the families are mentioned on the invites, you’d think the mom would be in the loop.

2-Bella walks gracefully in gigundo heels at her wedding ceremony.She seems to practice walking in her wedding shoes for the first time the night before the wedding. And even though it’s been said she can barely walk in sneakers, she’s as graceful as a runway model at her wedding ceremony. And speaking of Bella’s shoes…

3-Her tall, skinny heels didn’t sink into the ground.Ask anyone who’s been to an outdoor wedding: the thinner your heels, the more likely you are to get stuck in the mud or the grass. But Bella’s spiky kicks are immune to the quicksandiness of the earthy wedding ceremony setting.

4-Bella’s wedding gown dragged on the grassy, muddy ground and didn't get dirty.All it took was a split second for my wedding gown to become filthy during my outdoor wedding photo session (thank goodness for my fabulous bridesmaid who brought the Tide Stick!). Not Bella: She walked slowly through a clearing in the woods, train sliding along the earth, and her wedding gown remained as pristine as the day it was sewn.

5-The bride left the wedding reception to, basically, talk to an ex-boyfriend.Oh, that Edward. He’s so understanding of Bella’s special relationship with Jacob that he has little problem with returning to his wedding reception alone to give his bride some privacy with a former flame. Yeah, like any groom would be cool with that on his wedding day.

6-Public frenemy number-one gives a wedding toast.It’s no secret that Jessica Stanley and Bella are not the best friends they sort of were in the beginning of the series. It’s not surprising that she’s invited to the wedding, but it makes zero sense that she’d give a speech, let alone one in which she admits to having a crush on the groom and not understanding why he went for the bride instead of her.

Which of the above was the most unbelievable part of the wedding to you? Do you think any of the above are actually passable for reality? 




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Comment by Bella on November 30, 2011 at 3:01pm

sorry but I don't agree with the points ...First, because Bella's mother is pleased with the invitation card just because it seems more officialy. We all knew that Bella Renee has dedicated in time.

2. and 3. I think Bella clings into Charlie's arm, so she can run as normal ...I think any idiot can do that, unless you use directly the heels, so you can't sink into the ground.

4...none of us have looked under her dress ....Let's go from the fact that she went down the hall and then a bit on the dance floor(which looked very clean by the way) I think it's ok, that Bella's dress was white ...

5. come on! Edward is not stupid and understands exactly why Jacob isimportant for Bella (best friends) and she have removed all doubt as good as in Edward. And besides, Edward wants to make Bella happy, and that's the reason why we all love him!

6. I think Jessica is so shallow that she really thinks Bella is her friend, maybe she is just like the focal point and she also tells everyone what they want to hear. the szene at the wedding cake for example...

But that is just my opinion guys!..


Comment by Jamie Giffin on November 30, 2011 at 8:52pm

I agree with Bella. 

Comment by Lacey on December 1, 2011 at 9:50pm

the only one i agree with is number 5. the rest can possibly happen really... and we dont reallly have enough details to support the rest. Nice thinking tho! :) I totally agree with the ex boyfriend type thing.... that was weirder to see in the film than to read in the book

Comment by Pennybug Cullen on December 1, 2011 at 9:58pm

I disagree w/Renee being surprised. Just because she said Phil it's happening doesn't mean they never talked about it. She probably just meant it's official the wedding invites have been sent out. 

I've always had mixed feelings on Bella dancing w/Jacob. 

Jessica just acts like a good friend to Bella because she wants the attention. 

Comment by Shaunta Adams on December 1, 2011 at 10:38pm
I agree with @lacey watching her dance with jacob was harder to watch than to read. I thought Jessica's toast was hilarious because she took jealousy to a whole new level which was sad.
Comment by Nellie Hjertstrand on December 1, 2011 at 11:05pm

Bella had SNEAKERS on her wedding, you can see it pretty clear when she's dancing with Jacob and he lift her up. That's why it was so easy for her to walk around and not get stuck in the mud.

Comment by Robertfanxxxx on December 2, 2011 at 1:03am

All these points are silly, 

1- If you read the Book Renee is involved with all Wedding planning with Esme and Bella says "No problem about the in laws getting on."

2- Bella does where lovely White lace ups its has already been said you can see them when she dances with Jacob.

3-Again Bella wheres Whit lace ups so She want sink into the ground.

4- Bella is only on the grass for a short period of Time so the Dress does not get dirty plus the dirt is dry so it wouldn't get dirty, also Bill Condon wants to give us the fans a Amazing shot of the Dress as Bella walks down the Alise as that's what we have all been waiting for and how would we feel the full impact of the Dress if Bella is holding it up. 

5- Jacob is not Bella ex they are best friends Edward is the one so Bella leaving to dance with Jacob is just the sort of relationship Jacob and Bella have, and Edward is mature and man enough to know He is the ONE!

6- Also Jessica speech is just for comedy effect and to show the true impact of Bella and Edwards love as Edward was never interested in any one in till Bella and this comes across in Jessica's speech.

People need to leave the Wedding Scene alone!

I wish Robsten a long, healthy and happy life and successful career. I will love you Robsten forever and always!! xxxxxxxxxx <3 <3 <3

Comment by miz. R-Pattz on December 2, 2011 at 1:48am

i totally agree with Bella  and  Robertfanxxxx ..........all of those things can absolutely happen in real life,......really like this- 5- Jacob is not Bella ex they are best friends Edward is the one so Bella leaving to dance with Jacob is just the sort of relationship Jacob and Bella have, and Edward is mature and man enough to know He is the ONE!

Comment by elizabeth hallsworth on December 2, 2011 at 2:53am

I actually agree with these points, thanx for bringing them up. still loved the film itself though xx

Comment by Tracy Goodwin on December 2, 2011 at 5:24am

At some point, I think it was during the dance with Jacob, you got a clear shot of white sneakers, defo not the shoes she was practicing in, so perhaps she got her own way and didn't wear them and they just cut that bit out that explained?
and I agree...in the book Renee wasn't surprised, only that it had taken so long, so I assume that was what waving the invite in the air was about. And getting the invite makes it official :)

But lets face it, how many brides do you know, has a family that moves an entire forest round so she can get married there lol. Its movieland...things are allowed to be perfect :)


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