A Drink with chicago interview with Nikki Reed


After spending so much time filming The Twilight Saga films, do you ever find yourself channeling your character Rosalie in real life?

The only time where that does happen is when we’re all sort of together in a group setting and when people start picking on Rosalie. I feel really defensive of her … I always wondered why people have always sort of talked about who’s friends with who and who has friction with who and then I realized it’s because that is what our characters are doing, you know what I mean? They don’t even know they are doing it but they assume it’s the same dynamic. It’s just kind of bizarre but it’s actually really fascinating.

You always hear stories of what it’s like as a ‘struggling actor’, so what’d you do with your first Twilight paycheck? Did you feel a little bit like, ‘I’ve made it!’?

I’ve always been a struggling actress and trust me I am fully aware that after Twilight, I’m so aware how fast this is going to go away. You know, I just don’t take any of it for granted. One small chunk of money isn’t going to last you a lifetime. I’ve tried to be smart with my money so the first thing I did was I invested in income property. Then, I did buy a home and I bought my mom a home. My dad was like, ‘At the end of the day, if you have nowhere to live because you’re super poor, if you have invested in some income property you might be okay.’ [Laughs] So that’s what I’ve done.

Last year you married Paul McDonald, who many people know from “American Idol”. How’s newlywed life so far?

As you can see Paul is here and it goes both ways, by the way. People think that he just travels with me wherever I go but they don’t realize that when he was on tour I went to 33 cities out of 50 when he was performing. So it really goes both ways and I think it’s important to make the other person your number one priority.

How did you know he was the one?

I just knew! [Smiles]

So it was love at first sight?

Yeah! Well, I didn’t know the second I met him but I knew within a couple days for sure. My mom is kind of a hopeless romantic and even though her and my father divorced when I was two she totally believes—because of her grandparents and parents—that when you marry, it stays strong forever. So she always hated that I would say I’m never getting married or that I’m never going to have kids. [Laughs] I’m sure some of it came from my upbringing and seeing my own parents get divorced and my anger about it but as soon as I met Paul I said, ‘I think I’m going to marry him’ and she was like, ‘What!? Has he asked you!?’ and I said, ‘No, but I just think I am.’ [Laughs]

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