It Began like this, Jasper was with his family. But he wanted to go out to explore, Jasper went on his own way and didn't want anyone to know where he was going. Anyway He walked away from his family and went for a long hike in the woods and saw a figure ahead of him. He walked over to the figure. " Hello Can I Help You?" He asked the person. " Hello Jasper Whitlock It has been a very long time since we met before." Maria showed herself to him. " Well Maria I am changed thanks too you I am a vampire you happy about it now?" He asked her. Maria smsiled at him. " I do missed you Jasper I always wished you would come back to me I do miss the times when you and I both killed together." Maria said. Jasper looked at her and Maria was more beautiful than ever. " Jasper Sir I'm now very lonely and the reason I came here is to find you and tell you that Alice was killed by The Volturi hours ago." Jasper stared in shocked. " It was my fault Maria I did it not The Volturi I'm one of them, I killed Alice and I enjoyed it." He told her. Maria was livid. " Wow I did not know that Major Jasper." She had said. " The Volturi also has me I'm with them too." Maria said to him. " I guess that means we are working together now again." He said. She nodded. They both walked together. " This is like when back we both killed Lucy." Maria said. Jasper nodded. Rose and Emmett both were listening to their hushed conversation. Rose looked at him. " Let's take them by suprise." She told Emmett. He silently laughed and nodded.

So Emmett and Rose both leaned too far and they both fell out of the tree. " What are you both doing?" Maria asked them. " Let's drag them then we kill them." Jasper said. Rose got up as well as Emmett. " Wait We just wanted to well talk too you Jasper." They started to say. Jasper and Maria smiled at each other. " Nope you are going to die now." He said. His and Maria's burgundy eyes were glowing at them to make them scared. Jasper and Maria dragged them to Aro. " We found them Aro they were trying to escape from us." Maria said. Aro smiled. " Why Perfect 2 vampires to kill must be a delightful treat for us." Aro said. Rose and Emmett both looked at each other with alarm. " Aro Let us go please." They begged. Aro smiled. " Sorry Rose, Emmett its time for your own demise." He told them. Jasper and Maria were back working as a team again.

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Comment by princesskae on February 3, 2010 at 4:27am
wow. you are a really great writer. you know. if you post your stories in you will get reviews. and lots of them. if you want to continue this stories go and write them up. fanfiction is a place of free writers. write what you want whenever you want. you can even read some awesome stories about twilight there/


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