Then the night fell onto the sky taking the sun away. " Jasper I'm happy you came back to work with me again This is fun here and we shall enjoy it as we can." Maria said. Jasper smiled at her for the first time. " Well Maria If you agree no more violence and problems I would not mind this is better that we both share humans together." He said. Maria smiled and nodded. " Of Course Jazz, Edward can even join us we could get humans anytime we want here Oh Heidi brought us some let's go see if there is any left for us." Maria said as they both walked down. " Here yuo both can have 2 to share on." Felix said to her. They smiled. Maria, Edward and Jasper had their fill.

" Brother, This is amazing and being with Aro feels right to me this made me realliized I should have joined them the firs time I met them I wished Bella didn't exost to me." Edward told Jasper. " I Know Brother Edward this is fun I actually enjoy being here and being with Maria again feels good to me for the first time I actually wanted Maria for a mate now I changed my feelings for her." Jasper smiled. " Jazz you got the lovvebug in you I think you want Maria for a mate and shes twisted but she's got her hooks in you." Edward said.

Jasper laughed. As Aro and his brothers came up to them. " You both must be enjoying yourselves here I see." He said sweetly as Jasper and Edward nodded and smiled at Aro. Felix and Demetri were flirting with Heidi and Renata as they giggled at them. " Demetri We should see If Maria needs anything maybe she can go shopping with me?" Renata asked him. " Ask Aro that." Demetri said.

Renata went up to Aro and asked him. " Good Idea Renata My wife wants to go with you I have called her down and make sure Maria has fun that is important to my guards and my lovely wife." Aro said. Sulpicia came down. " Let's go I need more sexy stuff for Aro to see me in." Aro laughed. He kissed his wife. " Such a lovely sight for me my love." Sulpicia laughed. Maria went with them. " We are giving you the Volturi Treatment Maria you must carry our bags we carry yours got it?" Renata asked her. Maria smiled and nodded.

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