Hey guys! Thi is my first post here! Ok first of all, Happy Valentine's Day!!! Like my computer is not working and I'm from my iPod, I can't post on fanfiction.net! :/
Ok, so this is a one-shot Robsten fanfic and them filming the first BD sex scene on the white bedroom at Isle Esme! It in 3rd person POV! there's no dialogue!!
Pls do not rad it if you are not mature enough for this kind of things or if you are younger than 16. Of course if you think you can handle it then read it! It's nit graphic but it involves suggestive themes!!
Ok pls read and review!! Tell me your thoughts about it via twitter : I'm @RobstenLovin btw I'm AbsoFuckingLutely4everTwilight on fanfiction.net and twilighted!!!
Enjoy and happy valentine's day everyone!!

3rd Person POV:

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, as Edward and Bella, were shooting the first sex scene where their characters lose both their virginities.
They were both nervous, specially Rob. One thing was having sex as Rob and Kristen and with no one looking, and a complete different thing was having a bunch of people and the crew watching you and your girlfriend, and on screen co-star, having to act a sex scene. So you would think they were happy, I mean, they could make a mistake on purpose just to have another round of hot sex with their other halves, but no. They were totally embarrassed and couldn't even look at each other. 
As soon as they entered the 'white room' where the scene would take place, both their overprotective/jealous instincts were on. It wasn't nice to have some girls staring at YOUR man in nothing but a loose robe that was soon to be discarded to leave him butt-ass naked. Poor Kristen having the female crew AND millions of crazy fans lusting after your boyfriend wasn't good. The same happened to Rob. In the instant his girlfriend, Kristen, appeared in nothing but a robe not only his manly instincts were on but also the need to claim what was his. Soon Kristen would be naked in front of those guys wanting to f*** her. The only thing capable of distracting him from his girlfriend's sensual body was the thoughts of what those men could do to HIS woman. He really felt pity in that moment for Edward, his mind-reader character.
So when Bill told them to get ready for the scene they took off their robes, they couldn't resist and not oggle at their lover's body, and climbed on that huge ass four-post bed. The director yelled 'action' and Rob and Kris got beneath the covers and embraced the other. They both got into character and started acting like Edward and Bella. It wasn't very diffucult; just a common sex scene that didn't really involved sex, just some kissing, fake humping and some strictly "above the collarbone" action. Yeah, ya-pee!! But the actors felt quite nervous it felt like they were doing some innocent porn/sex tape thing. It's not every day you have to PRETEND to have sex with your lover - when that's the difficult thing you just CAN'T pretend - under the glare of twenty-something people you don't even know.
They had to suck it up and start acting; and that's what they did. First Robert kissed Kristen passionately always obeying the 'no tongue, you're a vampire' rule, and that continued with Kristen tangling her hands in his gorgeous hair. Like they were allowed to do it, in a few seconds they were making out heavily, embracing the other and rolling all over the bed. Of course they had to keep their moans and whimpers to a minimum, but that didn't make them not forget the surroundings and completely give in to their desires. 
There was a moment when Kristen wrapped her beautiful, long legs around Rob's torso and both started humping each other, he of course, on top. From the outside it looked they were really having sex but they were only dry humping each other and acting like they were going at it in front of the whole Brazilian crew.
A real challenge for Rob was trying to hide the massive hard on that he was sporting at the moment. I mean he couldn't help himself but staring at his girlfriend's bouncing breasts. He was a man after all. But he was supposed to be Edward and not Robert, he had to act like a gentleman and not drool all over his girl.
The scene had to eventually come to an end, so they started to increase their fake-thrusts in speed. Rob didn't forget he was acting as a vampire so he started kissing Kristen's neck like a vampire wanting blood would do, and he acted like he was about to bite her neck when Kristen moaned an "Oh, Edward" and he appeared to come to his senses. Yeah, the 'having his girlfriend saying other guy's name no matter if it's a character or not, during sex' part was a a total turn off. He felt jealous. Why couldn't he have his girl scream his name so loud that it would be heard from Rio de Janeiro?
What was funny of this scene was that Rob was supposed to bite a pillow in order to not to bite his lover. So when the time came Robert groaned aloud like he'd do if he was c****** for real, and bit the feather-pillow next to Kristen's head, tearing it up, while Kristen moaned from pleasure.
Of course as soon as Bill Condon yelled 'Cut' they stopped and broke their embrace.
"Beautiful, guys. Enough for the day. I'll watch the scene again and tomorrow we'll re-do it and we'll also film the second sex scene", Bill said.
Both actors suspected Bill was sort of an evil perv. This was their first day on the island and the first scenes he wanted to shoot were the ones that involved sex. Not to mention how ironic the director's surname was; Condom, I mean, Condon.
What that scene didn't help though, no matter how sick their director was, was in the aroused state they both were at the moment. So as soon as they changed and started heading to their hotel, Rob cornered Kristen on the house's hallway and whispered, I'd say very suggestively and sexily, to go and finish where they'd left off at that king-sized bed; only this time as Rob and Kristen.

Hope u enjoyed it! Don't forget to tell me your thought and review!!! Cause reviews are almost better than steamy Robsten sex ;)

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Comment by sarah cullen on February 14, 2011 at 7:47am
all iam thinking , that i want to see the movie now !!!
Comment by ImPriNtEd*By*JaKe! on February 14, 2011 at 10:35am
its gonna be amazing i cant wait for BD!!!
Comment by StupidShinyVolvoOwner'sBella on February 14, 2011 at 12:03pm
Yeah me 2!! Can't wait!! I'm glad liked it!!
Happy valentine's day!!!
Comment by Tanja Santaoja on February 14, 2011 at 1:46pm
Oh My! Need a shower....cold one ; ) November can`t come fast enough!
Comment by StupidShinyVolvoOwner'sBella on February 14, 2011 at 2:34pm
Hahah LOL!! Robsten sex is the best!!!


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