A Translated Interview with Robert Pattinson From a French Magazine

From Jenny09123 From Rpatz Daily

I'm in the process of translating the Samedi Magazine, interview with Rob, which came out this week, into English. Bear with me because I do not speak fluent French. If there are any french speakers here/people from france, I'm sorry! I don't mean to ruin your language, I love your language, it's just hard! ahah


go here for the scan.

my not perfect translation:

SM: In the movie, twilight, you play Edward Cullen, a vampire. What attracted you to the character?
RP: its marginality. Edward is a marginal and marginalized are still attractive or a least fascinating. One wants to know why he’s alone and why he doesn’t integrate in a group. The story reminds me of A Rebel Without a Cause and if my character (I can absolutely not translate this but I try) reminds you of James Dean, it’s not an accident.

SM: Before you accepted the role, did you have some reservations?
RP: I liked Edward’s character, but reading the scenario, I asked myself if I was the right actor for the role. He is described as a rare beauty and that is not something I see in the mirror in the morning.

SM: Then, what made you accept this role?
RP: I passed the audition like everyone else, and then the author, SMEYER, and the director, CHARDWICKE called me. We spoke for two hours, and the whole two hours had been about how I could play Edward., since I had their endorsement (I guess like, I had their trust?) I said, “Why not!”

SM: But your selection was not a unanimous decision. The heads of the studio were reluctant to cast you, it seems.
RP: That’s right. When someone mentioned my name to the studio, someone shrugged and said, “Robert who?” They were not ready to bet on an unknown. They would have liked a 17 year od Leonardo DiCaprio.

SM: They must know that he cannot be found.
RP: Leonardo DiCaprios aren’t found in the streets!

SM: And since [you’ve been cast, I assume] [the fandom] has been madness! Teenagers run after you. There is a craze for twilight and a craze for Robert Pattinson, too. You are becoming a sex-symbol.
RP: Yes, and it’s scary because the teenagers are known to express their emotions. So I’m on my guard. You’d be surprised the propositions they’ve made me. Some were even made by girls younger than 10! It makes your hair stand on end.

SM: Speaking of hair, people talk a lot about your hair. It’s a big part of your character.
RP: Yeah, I was asked to grow my hair, and that’s what I did. I have not washed my hair for six weeks (LOL YEAH RIGHT). The results are visible on screen.

SM: On your own or not? (IDK SORRY) you’ve started a fashion. Teenagers go to their salons now and ask for a Robert Pattinson haircut.
RP: First, I’m surprised because I don’t know what it is. As far as my concern, I have long hair. “Awfully long hair” like my mother said.

PAGE 2: scan

SM: Surveys show that you are the most searched actor by the young. How did you become an actor?
RP: By accident. An accident my dad started. One day, my dad and I were at a restaurant when a group of young girls, all pretty, laughing entered. My dad noticed them and then got up and walked over to them. He asked them where they came from and one responded that they had left a drama club. My dad came back to our table and told me, “you have to join this club” I could not believe it.

SM: And what exactly you didn't believe
RP: Of my father's behavior. He usually is really reserved and in his place and really british when approaching people. It's the first time that I ever saw him act this way.

SM: It has neverless rendered a great service…
RP: Yes, I was 15 years old, and the drama club called, The Barnes Theater Company, located in the same town I live in. Everything is there? I played in a musical comedy in a drama and finally, the cinema took me.

SM: You have said that Jack Nicholson had been one of your main influences. Have you ever met him?
RP: No, I have not had the chance, I discovered in the film One Flew Over the Coocoo’s Nest. I knew then that I would be an actor one day. My life has changed dramatically. It is because of Jack I became an actor. No other actor has had that great of an impact on me. I liked James dean and I like the French actor Romain Duris, but no one pegged like Nicholson.

SM: Robert do you have a girl in your life at the moment.
RP: No, not at the moment.

Source RPatzDaily.com

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