A Twilight Addict and AA Member's Trip to FYE

So today my 15 year old daughter said she needed to see the modern version of Romeo + Juliet so I said let's go to FYE. And this is where the Twilight addict runs into major shopping trouble. New merchandise, DVD info, and collectors boxes. Oh what is a girl to do...

I know exactly what to do, come tell my twi-b****** where to get the same stuff I got because I know they have the same addiction.

Part 1 DVD

So we find the movie my daughter is looking for and somehow I am not noticing the thousand Twilight signs around FYE. But then the pictures registered...what is this? I say to myself, forgetting that FYE is also a major Twilight merchant. I don't know why I always forget about them but I do.

I see pre-order sign everywhere. Yes at FYE stores you can pre-order. And guess what!?! They are having a release party. Has anyone else heard this? Cause I have not.

A party on March 20th with prizes for costumes and trivia contest!!! Woo hoo sounds like a party.

Another DVD to add to the already confusing list. FYE has a 2 disc special edition version. With your DVD purchase you get a free tote bag AND a free DVD valued at 9.99 or lower. And that's not all. You also get $10.00 of bonus bucks with a $50.00 purchase. Now I know that last one wouldn't get me excited because what does FYE really have in the way of merchandise? Well I am about to blow your socks off.

Part 2 Merchandise

So in the DVD section is a pretty Twilight box just sitting in with the rest of the top selling DVDs for the week.

A Twilight photo & DVD collectors box for $9.99 that has 10 photos and a really cool case is the right size to fit a DVD. What a cool way to keep your DVD in mint condition to pass down to a Grand daughter.
**The clerk says while checking out that if you buy the DVD you get the photo box for $5.00 instead of $9.99.

Next we are walking to check out and I stopped dead in my tracks for the coolest Twilight item I have seen in person. Well 2 items. 2 beautiful Twilight lunchboxes. The kind I used to take to school in elementary school and the kind I used as a purse in high school. Okay so I was always a little bit funky.

The lunch boxes are shiny, and perfect. They each have a matching thermos and a latch to keep the thermos in place. My pictures don't do them an ounce of justice but I had to take photos and share. And yes I bought both of them!!!! DUH

Lunch box 1--And so the Lion Fell in Love with the lamb

The lunch box has Edward and Bella on the front and back. Identical pictures and phrases. On the right side is a picture of Edward.

And on the left side Bella.

The bottom says Twilight in the Twilight font.
The thermos for lunch box 1

Has Bella and Edward on one side and Twilight on the other.

Lunch box #2--When you can Live Forever What do you live for?
THis lunch box has the same picture as the Twifans banner. Edward & Bella, Alice & Emmett, and Jasper & Rosalie. The picture and phrase is the same on both sides.

On the right side it has a picture of Jacob.

The left side a picture of Edward.

The bottom says Twilight in the Twilight font. The thermos has the same picture as on the front of the lunch box and also says Twilight.

Now onto Twilight door hangers. You get 3 door hangers for $9.99 but the are double sided so you get 6 options for your door.
Team Edward
Team Jacob
Edward and Bella pose
Edward by himself
2 Twilight logos

Next NECO's Twilight conversation hearts called Sweethearts. With the tag line 'The forbidden fruit Tastes the Sweetest". They have made 3 collectors boxes. each box is double sided with the back side of each box having 4 facts about Twilight. They are just like other comversation heart but with different flavors.
Orange obsession
Tempting Apple
Passion fruit
Secret Strawberry
** After opening a box I found...I For one like the original conversation heart flavors better and the writing on the hearts could use some improvement.

Box 1 of 3

Box 2 of 3

Box 3 of 3

Which box do you think I opened???

Well that is everything I can think of. Twifans out!

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Comment by Michelle~ on March 4, 2009 at 4:55pm
love the lunch kit!!! I would open the Bella hearts since I couldnt damage my Edward boxes
Comment by Chelsea Cullen on March 4, 2009 at 5:20pm
its all so cute....i am going to have to buy a lunch box too.
i am so going to get made fun of at work. lol.

Comment by Edward's Eternity on March 4, 2009 at 10:12pm
I remember going to buy the conversation hearts and seeing all the Twilight stuff that FYE had. I about died. I must go back and buy some. LOL. As for the DVD, I still think I'm going to stick with my Borders copy. And eventually a Target special edition.
Comment by Caroline Broadbent on March 5, 2009 at 12:43am
You guys are so lucky. Haven't seen anything like these over here in the UK
Comment by Aimee on March 5, 2009 at 7:17pm
Crap! We don't have an FYE around here. I wonder if i can get it online? I NEED the lunch boxes. Not want, NEED!!!


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