A Twilight fan Stalking the New Moon set with 3 videos

She shows us lost of props and inside the cafeteria. I haven't seen a lot of the stuff she shows us here.

From Tofu on video 1:
"Okay, this doesn't have any of the twilight ppl in it because they're still building the caf. and stuff. My sister goes to this school (Which I don't think I should mention =S ) and they were adding all this stuff to the cafeteria!! Turns out, it was NEW MOON, and it was a set of the cafeteria (since they're not filming in portland anymore) I don't wanna go into details 'cause its a long story lol... and not very interesting XD


Things that were changed in this school's caf. were:
-the lights
-they added salad bars (like the one in twilight apple scene)
-put different wallpaper over the walls
-added art
-added the international flags like the ones in twilight
-added circular tables
-added/built blue arches
and other stuff has been changed to look like the caf. in twilight but i'm not sure hahaha

Some pictures we've seen and some we haven't. TofuVampire510 did a great job.
From Touf about 2nd video:
"OKAY part 2, my sister got me more pics. Now its absolutely true that they're filming new moon at her school =D"

From Tofu on video 3:
"Gosh, i'm soo soo sorry that i couldn't get that many good pictures. My sis got to SEE Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Anna Kendrick and MIKE WELCH!! WOOT! However, most of these pics are kinda not that great because 1. my sis did NOT have a good spot to see them 2. the umbrella dudes did a great job at COVERING them up ='(

Stephenie Meyer was also there, however my sister didn't see her =(

this school is David Thompson Secondary School . =)

there are no pics of robert pattinson, if you wanted to know =) the only pics are of anna kendrick (wearing that striped green ish top) and mike welch..( one of those pics of him i zoomed in and cropped so it looks better =)

apparently there was a girl from Florida there. WOW.

they didn't give autographs either .. haha

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Comment by Karen Mc on April 11, 2009 at 9:31am
um... wow it's soo good to see the actual set pics i cannot wait for the film now at all :) i need to see it !!!!!! LOL


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