My name is Sarah Elizabeth, but Sarah is fine. Or, Sar-Bear.

I'm 21, but am often told I look 16, or 17. Which won't be so bad when I'm a little older than I am now, but it's an annoyance currently.

I have a couple best friends I grew up with in the small town I live in... that I have been best friends with for 16 years. One of them is MY personal gay man, whom I love and adore and if he were not gay I swear I'd marry him. (I love you Jerry <333)

I like using proper grammar, spelling, and writing or typing well. I HATE when people TyPe LyKe DiS. Lyke omg it makez u sound rlly not smrt. (I did that on purpose).

I LOVE music, if you can't tell by my playlist. I hardly watch tv really, which is probably why I'm one of the few whom has never watched True Blood.

I love Art. Although, I don't know how to draw or anything, but looking at something, being captivated, and possibly relating to it means alot to me.

I love body modification, but most of the piercings I've once had, I have taken out.

I love tattoos. I think they're the most amazing, beautiful thing on skin. I have 2. I wouldn't get tattoos if I didn't think they meant something to me.

I'm really REALLY shy.

I don't know how to flirt with boys. :P For real. I don't.

I can't seem to get along with girls. I'm nice on here though for real 'cause everyone else seems to be! So, don't be afraid to talk to me ^_^ .It's just the majority like to be in "cliques" or can just be stuck up, and can sometimes make me feel inferior, so I don't bother. I only have a few real girlfriends I can actually talk to.

I do like meeting new people...

I don't have high self-esteem, so I tend to think lowly of myself.

I love rainy weather.

I love Starbucks.

I didn't think I'd be into Twilight as much as I am now. I had no desire to see the movie, or read any of the books because I thought it looked ridiculous and thought it'd be cliche, of course look where I am now! I got sucked into it, by letting an acquaintance of mine, make me watch the movie. So... then I read the books a while after.

I'm all about Team Jasper! <33333

Alice is my favorite Cullen girl. :D

I still HATE reading, but the Twilight saga is definitely different. I think it's how Stephenie writes that draws me in, other than the lovey dovey romance stuff.

I hate spiders.

I hate death.

I hate driving long distance with this absurd fear I will somehow die in a car crash or get extremely lost somewhere.

I hate ignorance and rude people.

I hate immaturity, but it doesn't mean I don't know how to have fun. I just do in different ways.

I hate drama. Who wouldn't? I'm 21, so I definitely don't need that crap.

I hate my job. I work at a grocery store company here in Florida, called Publix. I'll be there for 3 years in December... Oh joy.

I greatly dislike when someone ALWAYS has to think they're right.

There's alot more loves and hates I can list, but it's 2:23 AM and I should be in bed. If you like I might be a cool friend to have or something, feel free to add and talk to me if you aren't on my friends list already. I won't bite. ;] That's me in a nutshell. I was bored, so decided to just start typing. Awesome.

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