After breaking dawn: renesmee's birthday suprise part1

"after breaking dawn" is a mini series. it's just short stories. following breaking dawn. it's totally fan please don't take it so seriously. it's just something i made. each stories has different POV. so. please comment.

bellas's POV

** this is the eve of renesmee's first birthday, she looks physically like a 3 year old human child**

"good night renesmee." i told my darling daughter before i tuck her to bed. on my right edward was looking at us with great admiration in his eyes. he lean down and kissed renesmee on the cheek. and told her goodnight as well. "good night mama, papa, i love you". i smiled."love you too darling, now go to sleep, you'll have a long day tomorrow." her eyes fluttered. "why mama? what will happen tomorrow?" she asked. with her musical voice?. edward answered this one."renesmee. now, if we tell you,your aunt alice will get mad at us, you just have to sleep and when you wake up you'll see."uh, so unfair." she pauted. but she thought better of it. "okay, mama, papa. goodnight" as her eyes were closing Edward and i closed her tiny lamp lite and. made our way out our tiny cottage. we held hands as we ran as fast as we can. half way there we met up with jacob in his human form. "haya guys." he smiled my favorite smile. "jake renesmee looks like she's out for the night. but in any case if she wakes up. tell her that we just step out awhile. and if there is any problem call us immediately. okay?" i looked at him seriously. he rolled his eyes. "common bells. i can handle anything. but sure. i'll call if there is any problem." thanks jake. i know you out to be out with your pack right now. but i just want to surprise her." i looked at edward and he looked back and smiled my favorite crooked smile. ahem. jake cleared his throat in a mocking way. i looked at him. "it's okay bells.i have midterms to study for anyway." after the volturi incident i convinced jacob that returning to school is probably the best. and he agreed. he is now in his junior year. beside me edward shuddered. " what is it edward?" he looked at me and smiled. "it's alice she's waiting for us." "oh, right. anyway, see you later jake. we'll be home before sunrise okay?" "kay bells." he made his way past us not even bothering to phase because he has his books with him.
edward and i ran the opposite direction. and in less than two seconds we were at the house.
"finally" we heard alice say.
we came into the back door and saw alice already started decorating.
"thought you'll never come."obviously i can't see you since you're letting jacob babysit." i rolled my eyes. "renesmee was asking questions" edward said. he squeezed my hands.
"hmph" alice said. well.. edward you're in charge with the baloons. emmett is already upstairs in your room blowing them up. but you need to segregate them. the blue ones go in the front porch. the pink ones goes down here and the green ones goes in renesmee's room. " she stood up and went upstairs. i looked at edward. and he looked back. he leaned down and kissed me. " i'll see you later." then he dashed upstairs. then i heard emmett yell and curse. Rosalie laughed, just then allice descended down the grand staircase, holding two beautiful vases. "bella. can you arrange these flowers. ten pink roses and five lilies in one vase please" i smiled. and came to sit beside rosalie where she was wrapping up presents.
she looked up when i sat beside her and hugged me. "hi bella". " hi rose". i replied. ever since renesmee's was born i still can't believe the change in rosalie. i can't even imagine her anymore as the one who always hated me. those were buried along with my other human memories. now our friendship is as strong as mine and alice's. we continued for the rest of the night. alice keeping us so busy with the little things. making sure every little details is perfect. around six am edward and i ran home. to make sure we were there when renesmee wakes up. we quietly made our way inside. where we found jacob sleeping in a pile of books. i came up to him and shook him a little."hay jake." i whispered to him. he moved a little. and slowly opened his eyes. "haya bells" then he saw the sun light coming off the small windows. "oh. what time is it?' he asked as he stood up and began picking up his books. after ten seconds he had all his stuff ready. he was on his way out when he stopped. "hay edward. what time's the party?" edward smiled "it's at eight. " oh right. suddenly we heard renesmee stirring in her crib. we went to her room immediately while jacob quietly made his way home. we'll see him later this morning.
edward was already holding her when i came in her room. i reached for her. and edward gave her to me. she touched my face. "good morning mama" she spoke trough her head. her somewhat normal way of communicating.
i smiled at her. edward whipered to my ear "i'll be back". he must be getting her breakfast. renesmee touched myface again. and showed me she was hungry. "daddy's getting you breakfast honey.". just then edward came through the door holding a pink cup. i gave renesmee to him. while i went to her closet and pick -out the outfit alice gave me for her to wear today. it was a pink dress with beautiful lace patterns. and it is paired with a black little stiletto shoes . after edward was done feeding her, i took her to the bathroom and gave her a bath. then i arranged her hair in a perfect ponytail.
when we came out of her room we found edward standing near the front door windows.
"ready? i asked?" "no not yet" he said the flashed my favorite crooked smile.
"to go out" he said. renesmee must have asked. ready for what?
"what are we waiting for mama" she asked me.
"umm' i looked at edward. panic shot across my face.
"darling' it's still early and your aunt alice and aunt rosalie won't be home yet from hunting. and we would like to suprise them with your beautiful dress"he said it with so much sincerity that i almost believed him myself.
after five minutes. he reached for my hand and led me out. we ran to the house with renesmee cradled safely in my arms.

** i'm so sorry to do this guys but the other half have to wait. i'll just post it as soon as possible. please comment :)**

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Comment by Alice Cullen on December 8, 2009 at 12:30pm
This is really amazing... Can't wait to get the rest of it!!
Great Job
Comment by Olympia on December 9, 2009 at 7:54am
wow that was great! please write more :)
Comment by georgina on March 22, 2010 at 12:33pm
that was boss u have to do more lol :D


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